Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?: Chapter 99 - Mo Jingshen's Composed Mild Smile Was Hiding…

Chapter 99: Mo Jingshen's Composed Mild Smile Was Hiding…

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Ji Nuan's body tightened. Darkness and blurriness surrounded her in the quiet bathroom.

The sound of water dripping came from somewhere in the darkness, drip by drip, causing one's heart to quiver.

Also, what was that noise outside?

The sound of furtive movement seemed very near.

Ji Nuan reached her hands out to push the door open, only to discover that she could not open the originally functioning door.

Inside the bathroom, every cubicle could only be locked from inside. The lock was already opened by her, why was it that she could not open it?

A wave of uneasiness swept through her body. She raised her hand and knocked on the door several times with force, shouting, "Is anybody there?"

The light could not have malfunctioned so coincidentally in such a high-cla.s.s location like King's Court Hotel, especially with so many important guests from America. The employees must have already done the necessary checks to prevent any problems. This door was clearly blocked from the outside.

This meant only one thing, someone else had done it!

Who could it be?

Sheng Yihan definitely would not have brought her here and then locked her up. His actions would be contradictory. Furthermore, he lacked the motive, so it definitely was not him.

She clearly hid in a dark corner earlier on and encountered no one from the Mo family. No one should have noticed her, nor did she encounter anyone who had a grudge against her.

Someone who would be prepared in King's Court Hotel, who had the guts to do something like this…

Was definitely not simple!

The bathroom had no windows. The four walls were perfectly sealed, and with the lights not functioning, the air conditioning also stopped working. The electricity must have been completely cut off.

Ji Nuan was already feeling unwell. She did not know how long she would be locked here. Earlier on, she had shouted loudly, yet no one approached; it was likely no one had even heard her.

She gradually stepped backward, closing the lid on the toilet and sitting down to preserve her energy.

She raised her phone, gaining some sense of security from the light.

She was brought here so suddenly by Sheng Yihan and did not charge her phone. Right now, there was only four percent left of its battery.

Her phone had no signal, and it was running out of battery. She kept turning the screen back on, watching time pa.s.s.

Until eventually, the phone screen turned dark on its own…

At the evening party, while Mo Jingshen and Mo Shaoze spoke a few simple words to each other, An Shuyan was called to the side by Father An. The father and daughter quietly talked.

Not long after, Father An and An Shuyan walked over.

Mo Jingshen turned over, speaking with a clear and heavy voice, "I remember, when Shu Yan was young, she was once engaged to the Wilson family's eldest son. Afterward, because their family immigrated to England, this was never mentioned again."

Father An and An Shuyan's smile stiffened instantly.

Mo Jingshen smiled mildly. "The Wilson family has such close relations with the An family's business. Since both Shu Yan and Mr. Wilson's eldest son have yet to marry, and there are no other suitable candidates near them, now that the Wilson family has returned to America, why not let our Mo family act as the in-between to bring the two families together."

An Shuyan's face became slightly pale. She stared in disbelief at Mo Jingshen who remained composed from start to finish.

When Mo Jingshen spoke, Mr. Wilson, who was in attendance, was by his side. When he heard those words, he turned over to glance at them. He spoke in his not-so-fluent Chinese with a laugh, "Haha, that wedding contract was signed when Miss An was five years old. It has already been so many years, Mr. An is a busy man and must have forgotten. He surely could not bear to marry his daughter off early, so I never felt it was right to mention it."

An Shuyan muttered to herself for a second, opening her mouth. "Uncle Wilson, I…"

"I see that Shu Yan is now at a suitable age for marriage. Mr. Wilson's family is also staying in New York like the An family. Even if she marries over, it won't be too far from her home." Mo Jingshen's gaze was profound. The smile on his lips was perfect to the point where no one could find faults in it as he cut her off. "I heard that New York's government chief secretary was personally there when the marriage was decided. Now that he is a high official in New York, it will surely be most suitable if he hosted Shu Yan's wedding."

Father An furrowed his brows, hiding the flash of unhappiness in his eyes. "It has already been twenty years since this…"

"The Wilson and An family have over twenty years of relations. Not only are you two business partners, the elders are also close friends. If you were to let the children marry as soon as possible, wouldn't it be most suitable?" Mo Jingshen smiled, turning to glance at Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson clinked with Mo Jingshen, and politely said with his slightly poor Chinese, "Miss An is very outstanding. If you would marry over, we would, of course, be very honored! But we only worry that we will bring discomfort to Miss An. After all, ever since the few years our family struggled in England, we haven't been quite the same as before."

An Shuyan bit her lip harshly, her gaze shifting from the smiling Mr. Wilson's face to Mo Jingshen's face.

Every word spoken by Mo Jingshen prevented her from refusing.

Given that Mr. Wilson was already moved by his words, whatever she said right now would definitely offend the Wilson family.

Mr. Wilson right now had an att.i.tude of 'desiring but refraining from speaking.' He clearly wanted her to marry over but was intentionally downplaying his att.i.tude.

"Mr. Wilson is really too modest. You say that you are 'not quite like before,' but how many large financial players overseas dare to compare themselves to you?" Mo Jingshen acted as though he had not intended to, yet he was indeed shifting the conversation in that direction as he smiled mildly. "When Shu Yan was young, she once visited Hai Cheng and stayed briefly in the Mo family. However, because she was not used to the environment, she was sent back to America for treatment. Recently, I've realized that she seems to have slimmed down. She most likely still has trouble living here."

"CEO Mo." An Shuyan tried to open her mouth.

Mo Jingshen smiled mildly at her. "I know your focus is on your career, but you've reached a marriageable age. After signing this project, you should head back to America. When the wedding has been confirmed, remember to inform me."

An Shuyan's expression turned pale. She stared at him with wide eyes, her smooth fingers gripping her skirt tightly.

Under the guise of a composed and mild smile, this man was too shrewd, making it difficult for one to act before him.

Right now, Father An's expression must not be very good. Yet, because Mo Jingshen gave enough face to An Shuyan and the An family and because his words were too perfect, even if he was mad, he had no way to vent it, nor was there any reason for him to vent.

Mo Shaoze furrowed his brows coldly, watching things unfold. He realized that his son had thrown back his schemes on his face and felt extremely unhappy.

No wonder Mo Jingshen was so cooperative today. He only had one goal, and it was to return An Shuyan to America successfully and to tie her up with someone else.

His style was too perfect and thoughtful. It was impossible for anyone to find fault with it.

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