You Are My Unforgettable Love: Chapter 530

Chapter 530: The Grand Final (10)

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Qiao Lian immediately asked, “How did you know?”

A short pause. “Tomorrow is the grand final.”

Qiao Lian thought for a moment and then told him briefly the matter regarding Ancestor White Bones. “… We don't know where Ancestor White Bones lives and it's going to be hard, even if we wanted to look for her now. If she doesn't turn up at the match tomorrow, I'll have to play.”

Qiao Lian paused and asked him, “Will you be coming tomorrow?”

Then she anxiously waited to hear his answer.

It was just like how whenever she fought in team battles eight years ago, she would ask him, “Are you coming?”

With him around, she always felt a bit braver, a bit more confident.

Because whenever he was there, no matter how badly she fared, things would always turn around.


A pause. Shen Liangchuan said, “I'm in Hengdian near Hangzhou.”


Qiao Lian was surprised.

Shen Liangchuan continued, “I had to start filming… five days ago.”

Qiao Lian bit her lip, but no matter how hard she tried, the disappointment in her voice was unmistakable. “I see. Okay, I understand.”

Shen Liangchuan was now Best Actor Shen. He had ceased being Zi Chuan a long time ago.

Of course, his priority was filming now.

Perhaps he could tell how down she was, so he tried to comfort her, “You—”

She interrupted him before he could say anything, “Don't you worry. Even without you around, I'll play my best. I'm here, there's nothing to fear!”

She solemnly vowed this, but her eyes were on her slightly trembling right hand.


Shen Liangchuan, now in his hotel room, hung up the phone. He looked through the window.

The weather in Hangzhou was quite different from Beijing. It was extremely humid.

The only similarity, unfortunately, was the thick haze.

Shen Liangchuan thought for a while, then turned around and called Song Cheng. “Book me an air ticket for the next flight to Beijing.”

Song Cheng was taken aback. “But Brother Shen, didn't Director w.a.n.g say that he was taking you to see the investor firm tomorrow? It's an important banquet, especially since we've only just established our entertainment company… We need this sort of investors. You—”

“Book the ticket.”

His tone was final, there was no point negotiating.

Song Cheng could only say, “Okay.”

The next day came too soon.

Qiao Lian left from home, as it was nearer to the compet.i.tion venue. When she arrived at the venue, the rest of the team were still on their way.

She waited for them by the main entrance.

Behind her, Purple Fairy and her King team members stood respectfully, apparently waiting for someone.

After a while, a black nanny van pulled up slowly.

Dashingly opening the door from inside the car, there was none other than Sun Linan. He got out, bringing with him a thick air of elegance.

Purple Fairy immediately walked up to him. “Mr. Sun! You're here! I've got you the best seat of venue, so that you can see the match clearly later!”

Sun Linan nodded. “Yes. No matter what, the team has to win today!”

Purple Fairy nodded obediently. “I know. But yesterday we spent another 100,000 yet again—”

Sun Linan raised his palm. “We'll spend where we have to, I don't mind. All I want is for the team to come out tops!”

Purple Fairy stood tall and straight, a.s.suring him, “Mr. Sun, don't you worry about that.”

Satisfied with her a.s.surance, he turned to look around. Suddenly, he saw Qiao Lian's back not too far off. His eyes lit up and he told Purple Fairy with a dismissive wave, “You guys go in there, don't mind me. Please excuse me for a moment.”

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