Waste: Part 38

FRANCES. He was waiting this morning for Lord Horsham's note....

MRS. FARRANT. [_In real alarm._] Oh, it wasn't because of the Cabinet trouble ... you must persuade Cyril Horsham of that. You haven't told him ... he's so dreadfully upset as it is. I've been swearing it had nothing to do with that.

WEDGECROFT. [_Cutting her short, bitingly._] Has a time ever come to you when it was easier to die than to go on living? Oh ... I told Lord Horsham just what I thought.

_He leaves them, his men grief unexpressed._

FRANCES. [_Listlessly._] Does it matter why?

MRS. FARRANT. Need there be more suffering and reproaches? It's not as if even grief would do any good. [_Suddenly with nervous caution._] Walter, you don't know, do you?

WALTER _throws up his tear-marked face and a man's anger banishes the boyish grief._

WALTER. No, I don't know why he did it ... and I don't care. And grief is no use. I'm angry ... just angry at the waste of a good man. Look at the work undone ... think of it! Who is to do it! Oh ... the waste...!

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