The True Martial God Asura: 1 Chapter 1: God?!

Pitch black? Magnificently colourful? Grand? No! In a blank white s.p.a.ce sat a Young boy.

"where is this?"

He sat on a chair, a simple yet sufficient one, oak planks bound together as if they were one ent.i.ty.

Our protagonist spun around observing his surroundings in search for a speck of differentiation in the never ending sea of pure white.

"Welcome young one."


Whipping his head back, expecting to find a change or ripple in the area, he was met with the great disappointment as all he could see was the now familiar snow coloured s.p.a.ce.

"Who are you? where are you?"

"I am #N!2#?!#...."


"....forget it... on to the main reason you are here"


"Would you like to ascend to a paradise of bliss and pleasure or be embark on an adventure through reincarnation?"


"Hurry! I do not posses the luxury of wasting my time on you or would you like to be sent down to h.e.l.l and experience endless suffering for the rest of your life?"


"so boring, such a stereotypical choice... now choose where would you like to start?"

"Please can i start in the wuxia novel 'Martial G.o.d Asura' !"

"Hmm... no hesitation eh? ok! i shall permit this reincarnation"

"Thank you very much!"

" Do not thank me, focus more on how you shall survive in that world as it is nothing similar to you previous mortal domain."

"so.. mr G.o.d... do i get a any sort of cheat?"

"cheat?" *laughs* "good luck."


Following the boy's scream, a crack in s.p.a.ce appeared disturbing the state of area. The boy falls into the crack, which appearance wise looked horrifyingly dim.

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A jolt of electricity pa.s.sed through a miniature body, lying on lush green gra.s.s. Springing up aggressively, he spun his head around in search of light. It reached. Rather the light rays beamed on him triggering a rising sensation of happiness through his body.

"Where is this?"

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