The Rest Of My Life Is For You: Chapter 1283 - A Blow to the Face! the King of Strategy Is Here!

Chapter 1283: A Blow to the Face! the King of Strategy Is Here!

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It was better that he is not here. Seeing Mo Yongheng would make him angry and affect his mood for diagnosing.

The medical personnel in the ward were sent out.

Only Qi Yan, Tan Bengbeng and the butler were left in the huge ward. The butler was still standing at the door front, worried.

Qi Yan walked up, looked at Old Master’s condition and frowned.

Without further ado, he started his check-up. The series of checkups took a long time and Qi Yan did not say a word, however, his frown grew deeper as the check-up progressed.

Tan Bengbeng was ordered to sit on the chair to rest and she did not make any noises in fear of disturbing him. She was so anxious that she almost could no longer sit still.

“The check-up is done.”

After a while, Qi Yan spoke for the first time.

Tan Bengbeng quickly stood up from the chair, walked to him, and asked anxiously, “How is he? Can you cure him?”

“Xin… xin…”

Tan Bengbeng’s voice seemed to have agitated the person lying on the bed.

Mo Chengxian showed no signs of consciousness when Qi Yan was doing the check-up. But, the moment Tan Bengbeng spoke, Mo Chengxian’s eyelid started to move.

His mouth moved too…

Soon, his eyes opened a little. Upon seeing Tan Bengbeng, he got agitated.

He raised his hand and tried to grab something.

When Tan Bengbeng was just about to go forward, Qi Yan suddenly stopped her and said abruptly, “Don’t touch him! Go out now!”

Just as he finished his words, Mo Chengxian’s body started to twitch uncontrollably.

Qi Yan’s face changed and immediately went up to hold Mo Chengxian down. Meanwhile, he turned to ask Tan Bengbeng to get the tranquilizer.

Looking at Old Master who had lost control due to his agitated emotions. He lowered his voice.

“The Missy of the Mo Family is alright, Tan Bengbeng is alright as well. They have returned to the Mo Family. If you are really worried about your granddaughter then listen to me. Take a deep breath, calm yourself down. I will nurse you back to health and let all of you reunite!”


After Qi Yan had finished, either Old Master heard him or he was exhausted. He calmed down again and fell unconscious.

However, his face became really pale.

At one glance, it looked like he was dead.

When Tan Bengbeng came back with the tranquilizer, she saw Old Master and her eyes turned red instantly. She covered her mouth to stop herself from crying.

“Old Master saw me and was anxious to ask me about Xiao Mumu…” She sniffled.

After making sure that Mo Chengxian was alright, he walked towards Tan Bengbeng and hugged her.

“Stop crying, now, I want to cry with you. How am I going to take revenge on Mo Kun?”


Tan Bengbeng looked at him with her reddened eyes, confused.

Qi Yan did not explain. He asked someone to take care of Mo Chengxian and took Tan Bengbeng back to the living room.

No one in the living room had left.

When Qi Yan appeared again, they waited for him to talk about Mo Chengxian’s situation.

Mo Kun saw Qi Yan’s black face and Tan Bengbeng’s red eyes. He was sure that they had found out that Mo Chengxian was being poisoned. His eyes flickered and he curled his lips into a provocative smile.

“King of Medicine, after checking for so long, what is the conclusion?”

“I did manage to see many things!” Qi Yan cast him a glaze.

With that, Mo Kun was woken up.

He was just waiting for them to accuse him. Then, he would use it to his advantage and remove Mo Yongheng.

The next second, he heard Qi Yan speak.

“Old Master has had a stroke, he will be able to recover after some care!”

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