The Mightiest Little Peasant: Chapter 424

Chapter 424: One Hundred Million Yuan Profit

Tang Hao stood there, scratching his head.

He did not expect that he had a reputation of scaring people away just by the mention of his name.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman in his embrace showed no signs of getting up. He was feeling a little embarra.s.sed.

They were standing at the entrance of the office building, and many people were looking at them with curious looks on their faces. Those were all workers of Haotian Co. Ltd.

Especially female workers, who were chuckling while covering their mouths.

More importantly, it was hard for him to restrain his urges when he was hugging a charming and s.e.xy woman.

“Ahem!” He coughed lightly.

Han Yutong came to her senses. She quickly stood up and straightened her clothes. Her face was blushing red, and she dared not look at Tang Hao in the eye.

“Ahem, let's go!”

Tang Hao coughed again and walked into the building.

“President Tang!”

The workers that he met along the way stopped walking and greeted him courteously, though they still had that curious smile on their faces. Tang Hao was embarra.s.sed when he saw that.

He tried to keep a straight face while returning their greetings.

As they got out of the elevator, Tang Hao told Han Yutong, “Follow me…”

They went into Tang Hao's office. Tang Hao sat down, and Han Yutong followed inside. She was nibbling on the stuffed jianbing in her hands, looking a little confused.

“Is there anything, President Tang? Oh, you're here early today!” Han Yutong said.

At that moment, her expression was quite adorable.

“Oh, I'm quite busy today!” Tang Hao said.

“Oh! Are you still busy with the matter that has been occupying you for the past few weeks?” Han Yutong asked.

President Tang was very busy with other things before, and he rarely came to the company. Every time he went to the office, he seemed to be deep in thought about something.

“Yes, I'm done with that. We'll go back to Provincial City this afternoon. I've skipped for almost a month!” Tang Hao said.

“Oh!” Han Yutong replied.

“Close the door and sit down!” Tang Hao said.

Han Yutong was surprised but did what she was told. She closed the door and sat on the chair in front of Tang Hao.

“Is there anything, President Tang?” She asked softly. She seemed a little anxious.

Tang Hao smiled when he saw her like that. “It's nothing, don't worry. I want to give you something to protect yourself.”

“To protect myself?” Han Yutong remained clueless. She lowered her head and looked at her chest.

Under her clothes was a pendant with the blood jade bead Tang Hao had given her.

“But I already have this?” She pointed at her chest.

She blushed intensely after noticing that she might have gestured inappropriately.

“That's not powerful enough. This one is more powerful. However, you still have to wear that bead. Don't ever take it off,” Tang Hao said.

“Oh!” Han Yutong nodded.

Tang Hao took out a wooden box, placed it on the table, and pushed it toward Han Yutong. “You can open it and see for yourself!” He said.

Han Yutong wolfed down the remainder of her stuffed jianbing and pulled the wooden box closer to her.

A ray of light shone out from the box when she opened it.

She was bedazzled by the shimmering green light.

“Wow! It's so pretty!”

Han Yutong's eyes sparkled.

In front of her were a pair of bracelets and a necklace. They were crafted of brilliant green jade.

She could feel that the jade was filled with otherworldly energy. The necklace was crafted of plated gold and in the middle was a teardrop-shaped jade bead. It looked simple and elegant, but at the same time extravagant.

“This… This is… jade?” Han Yutong covered her mouth and exclaimed.

She had some knowledge of antiques and knew that jade of such a brilliant green color was imperial jade.

'Bracelets made of imperial jade? The price must be astronomical!'

Her eyes opened wider and wider. She could not contain the excitement in her heart.

“Are… Are you really giving all these to me?”

She lifted her head and looked incredulously at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao nodded. “Please take it!”

He suddenly thought of something and added, “Right, give me your hand.”

Han Yutong did what she was told.

“This might sting a bit!” Tang Hao focused his qi on his finger into a needle. He p.r.i.c.ked her finger and squeezed a drop of blood onto each of the jade items.

“Done! Next time if you're in danger, you can activate the powers in the Artifacts just by thinking of it,” Tang Hao said.

Han Yutong wore the Artifacts on her wrists and her neck. She was extremely happy as she looked at them.

“Thank you, President Tang!”

She stood up, leaned forward, and gently kissed Tang Hao's cheek. She chuckled mischievously and ran out of the door.

Tang Hao touched his cheek. He was shocked.

A while later, Liu Dajun and the others arrived.

“Hey, Lil Tang! Why did you call all of us here? Do you have something?” Liu Dajun said after he sat down.

When everyone sat down, Tang Hao took out a big sack, placed it on the table, and poured out all the wooden boxes from inside.

“What's that?” President Li and the others exclaimed.

“Good stuff!” Tang Hao said with a smile.

The bosses' eyes sparkled. If Lil Tang said that it was something good, then it must be something good.

Each of them went and took a wooden box. They were stunned when they saw what was inside.

“Jade pendant?”

“Jade bracelets?”

Liu Dajun seemed a little frustrated when he looked at the jade bracelets. “I'm a man, Lil Tang. I'm not going to wear jade bracelets! Oh? This jade seems different somehow, as though they have energy inside.”

“What's this, Lil Tang? They're not normal jade accessories, right?” President Li said.

“Of course now, they're an enhanced version of the jade talismans,” Tang Hao said, “They'll protect your life.”

Their eyes sparkled again, and they looked excited.

They knew very well the defensive properties of the jade talismans. Earlier, a relative of President Huang got into a serious car accident. He was unscathed because he carried a jade talisman with him.

If Tang Hao said that the jade accessories were an enhanced version of the talismans, then their defensive properties must be even stronger.

“I don't want the bracelets, but I want the pendant!” Liu Dajun shouted excitedly. He grabbed a jade pendant off the table and looked at it closely in his hands.

“This jade is not bad… oh, it's a treasure!” He could not stop smiling.

The other people also took a jade Artifact each.

“Hey, Lil Tang! Are you selling this? I want a few more!” Liu Dajun shouted.

He needed to get more of those rare treasures.

“This is very expensive though!” Tang Hao said.

“Ha, money is not an issue. Even if you sell them at ten million yuan each, I'll buy a dozen!” Liu Dajun said heartily.

He was already very wealthy, and he had recently received the dividends from his stake in Haotian Co. Ltd.

“That's right!” President Li and the others also shouted.

“Alright then!” Tang Hao smiled. “This isn't normal jade, so the material itself is very expensive, and the handiwork is by a master craftsman. It'll be five million each. That's not too much, right?”

“Not at all! It can't be as expensive as human life!”

Liu Dajun waved his hand. “I promised that I'll buy a dozen, so I'll buy a dozen. I'll transfer sixty million yuan to you.”

The others also bought many Artifacts for their respective families.

Very soon, all the jade bracelets and pendants were sold out. Tang Hao received two hundred million yuan from the sales. He recouped the cost of the materials and made another hundred million yuan in profit.

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