The Lord Is Empire: Chapter 467 – Great Battle

Chapter 467 – Great Battle

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At the same time, in order to prevent the players from fleeing once they saw the ocean of bones like last time, they started to give talks to develop their unity and battle sense.

This included praising the players who had joined for their righteousness and saying that they stood on the side of justice and were doing the will of the heavens. They listed all of the evils that Great Qin had committed, painting Great Qin out to be an incredibly evil faction that couldn't be forgiven for its crimes.

This was quite effective, because the Undead Disaster, Great Qin Writ, and Holy Daughter Writ had already caused many people to hate Great Qin, and now, that hatred fuelled the players' battle intent.

Moreover, this had also boosted the players' confidence, making them think that they could definitely win. As such, they also told them about all of the factions supporting them, making it seem as if the entire world was helping them.

These methods were all fairly effective, and the unity and confidence of the player army were far greater than the one from last time. This was of great importance because of their ma.s.sive numbers – if the players weren't unified and didn't want to fight, they would definitely lose.

The northern side's factions rapidly prepared, and suddenly, some people started to propose that since they had so many people gathered together and had a ma.s.sive advantage, they should take this advantage to attack Vietnam and Thailand; there would be no one who could stop them.

Those people said that perhaps they would be able to destroy the other nations, and even if they couldn't, they would be able to heavily injure those nations, making it impossible for them to resist China.

However, no one paid any attention to those people – right now, they only wanted to destroy Great Qin. No one was thinking about other countries right now, and they all believed that as long as they could destroy Great Qin, nothing else was important.

On Zhao Fu's side, he spent most of his time sitting on the ground. He would occasionally cut his wrist, causing blood to drip onto the ground. Zhao Fu's body would become thinner at a speed noticeable by the naked eye, and his face would become pale.

Great Qin was also working as fast as possible, continuously digging downward to create an underground city.

The four Skeleton waves had already pa.s.sed through the four regions, and Zhao Fu once again ordered for them to be gathered together to invade the next region before returning to the eighth region.

The northern side's factions and Great Qin were anxiously preparing, and the whole world was paying attention to them. No one dared to relax because they could feel the tense atmosphere spreading in China's northern side.

As for the battle that was about to erupt, almost everyone believed that Great Qin would lose, as it were facing simply too many enemies.

Of course, all of the foreign factions were watching with great interest, as Great Qin's Legatee was also a great threat to them. Currently, a big part of why they feared China was because of Great Qin's Legatee because he was simply too brilliant, making them feel quite weak.

Now, one of their greatest threats was about to be destroyed by his own people, allowing them to finally relax and breathe.

Another three days later, the northern side's factions grandiosely started their attack.

This time, they had gathered 170 million players, and with such a large force, it seemed enough to be able to kill a G.o.d.

Such a ma.s.sive gathering of players was simply terrifying, and at a glance, they seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see. The army seemed like an ocean of people, and its scale had already surpa.s.sed the ocean of bones' scale.

Su Yan personally came to this battle to direct the battle with the other leaders. Before, he had planned to directly go to the Forest of Horrors to destroy Great Qin in one fell swoop, but the eighth region blocked their way and all of the surrounding regions were cut off as if there was some sort of barrier preventing them from teleporting in. If they wanted to go around, it would be easy for the Undead army to flank them and destroy them, so they had to enter the eighth region and battle head-on with Great Qin.

Right now, the only thing that Great Qin had to stop the player army was the Undead Disaster. If they destroyed the Undead Disaster, Great Qin wouldn't have the power to resist, and it would be incredibly easy to destroy Great Qin.

Everyone agreed with Su Yan's decision and took the ma.s.sive player army into the eighth region. After returning to the eighth region and thinking about how their forces had been utterly destroyed last time, all of them wanted Great Qin to pay ten times over.

The eighth region had been occupied by the Undead army for a long time, making it so that there wasn't even a trace of life left. All of the gra.s.s and plants had withered and decayed, and the ground was now gray and gave off traces of a deathly aura.

The sky was covered by a gray layer of clouds, which didn't let even a bit of light to pa.s.s through. The surroundings were quite dark, and the entire region was filled with an eerie and chilly aura as if it was a true land of ghosts.

Because of the size of the ocean of players and the ocean of bones, they quickly met within the eighth region.

On one hand, the ocean of players gave off an incredible aura, and the players' voices yelling together sounded like berserk thunder. As they marched forward, the ground seemed to shake, and everything in front of them seemed incredibly weak.

On the other side, the boundless ocean of bones gave off a deathly aura that reached the skies, and their black spirit flames continuously flickered within their heads. Their eyeless sockets looked at their enemies ahead as they eerily laughed.


A ma.s.sive explosion sounded out as the ocean of bones attacked first. Countless Skeletons ferociously flew forwards, and ten black pillars of light shot out as a ma.s.sive black magic formation appeared in the sky, causing an aura of disaster to spread out.

The ocean of bones, which was charging forwards in a berserk manner, gave off a large amount of a black aura, instantly turning it into an ocean of black bones. The black Skeletons' auras became even more powerful and evil, and they gave off an overwhelming aura as they rushed ahead.

Facing the terrifying ocean of black bones, the ocean of players didn't show any weakness. Su Yan confidently smiled and said to the people beside him, “Everyone, it's time to act!”

The people nodded and brought teams of people to the center of the ocean of players.

A middle-aged Confucian man brought a group of people who gave off scholarly airs as he yelled, “Confucian disciples, heed my orders!”

All of the Confucian disciples' expressions became austere as they took out a book and flipped it open, and rays of azure light shot into the sky.


A deep explosion sounded out as a ma.s.sive book that gave off an azure-colored light appeared in the sky, giving off a boundless aura. There seemed to be the faint sound of a sage reading the words aloud, and those who were covered by the azure light felt an aura of righteousness cover them. They no longer felt as nervous or scared.

A kind-looking old monk also brought a group of people to the center. The old monk clasped his fingers together and said in a loud and resonant voice, “Amitabha!”

Buddha's light shined from the old monk, and the other monks also followed suit and radiated buddha's light as well.

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