The Lord Is Empire: Chapter 415 – Disaster Festival

Chapter 415 – Disaster Festival

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Now that it was winter, Zhao Fu wondered what sort of festival this was. He went to a system main city and looked around for information.

The situation in the system main city was different compared to the previous times when there were Festivals. Usually, there would be all sorts of celebrations, such as sticking things, hanging things, or selling festive items, and the streets would be packed with people.

Even for a terrifying festival like the Ghost Festival, the people first celebrated it before it actually arrived. However, there were no such celebrations this time, and not a single person looked excited.

Everyone hurried about, buying all sorts of things.

Some bought food, while others bought water tanks. Others bought things like firewood, umbrellas, and boats.

If Zhao Fu hadn't known that this was a festival, he would have thought that some calamity was about to strike. After all, all of the residents seemed like they were preparing for something terrible. Moreover, because of this, the prices of things were quickly rising.

Afterward, Zhao Fu found out that this festival was called the Disaster Festival, also known as the Suffering Festival. There would be all sorts of natural disasters, such as droughts, fires, and floods, and with natural disasters being the main theme of this festival, no one could be happy about it.

Like before, this festival would last for seven days and would begin at 12 AM. This festival was also more of a festival for individuals.

There would be all sorts of natural disasters during the festival, and if one could stop or defend against the natural disasters, one would receive Virtue Points.

For example, if a flood erupted, anyone who contributed to stopping it would obtain Virtue Points. Because it was a festival for individuals, the points would be directly given to whoever contributed. If any of Zhao Fu's soldiers stopped the flood, the points would belong to the soldiers, not him.

Anyone who helped or contributed would be given Virtue Points, which could be traded for items.

Because this festival was centered around natural disasters, it was a great threat to normal factions, large families' factions, and system factions because they would all be greatly affected. Even though they wouldn't be destroyed by the natural disasters, it would provide them with a great deal of trouble.

However, those with Legacies wouldn't be affected as much because they had Heaven Prayer Platforms and resistance against natural disasters.

This festival was quite advantageous towards the Legacy factions. While others wouldn't have food, the Legacy factions would have more than enough. They would naturally be able to reign above others – this was the advantage of those with a Legacy.

Moreover, the natural disaster resistance stat would even give bonus Virtue Points. The greater one's natural disaster resistance stat, the greater the bonus would be. This caused Zhao Fu to grin because this festival was incredibly good for Great Qin. After all, Great Qin had taken down four Legatees, and he had obtained the natural disaster resistance stats of each of those four factions, making Great Qin's natural disaster resistance stat quite powerful.

Right now, Zhao Fu didn't know exactly how much Great Qin's natural disaster stat was because there were some other things that added to it, including the Earth Temple and Water G.o.d Statue. Zhao Fu decided to take a look at the total after returning to the Great Qin City.

Next, Zhao Fu went to the Exchange Stone Stele to take a look at what rewards there were. The Ten Thousand Flower Festival was centered around equipment, the Ghost Festival was centered around professions, the Divine Fish Festival was centered around City Creation Stones, and the Disaster Festival was centered around medicinal pills.

The top ten pills were peak-level medicinal pills that had incredibly powerful effects, shocking those who saw them.

[Dao Comprehension Pill]: An incredibly rare Cultivation-type medicinal pill that has powerful effects. It can cause one to comprehend the Dao and control the world's source energy. This pill shouldn't be used by those with low cultivations, or their mind and spirit may be destroyed.

[Heavenly Sage Pill]: An incredibly rare Grade-type medicinal pill that has heaven-defying effects. It can cause someone with Human Grade to advance to Heaven Grade, change one's const.i.tution, and strengthen one's stats.

[Revival Pill]: An incredibly heaven-defying Recovery-type medicinal pill. Anyone who has been heavily injured or even died can be revived as long as the pill is consumed within eight hours of death.

[Berserker Pill]: A Battle-type medicinal pill that was refined through the fleshly essence of tens of thousands of bloodthirsty demons. Consuming it will give one immensely terrifying power, and all of one's stats will be boosted by tens of times. However, the side effect is that one will fall into boundless slaughter.

[All Poison Divine Pill]: A Const.i.tution-type medicinal pill that was refined using tens of thousands of poisonous spirit Consuming it will result in one having a Poison Spirit Const.i.tution, and one will be essentially immune to all types of poison. It will also give one great resistance to even the deadliest poisons.

[Vermillion Bird Blood Pill]: A Bloodline-type medicinal pill that was refined using a Vermillion Bird's fleshly essence. Consuming it will result in one obtaining the Vermillion Bird's Bloodline, and it allows one to control the Vermillion Bird's Flames. It will also give one great resistance towards all fire.

[Life Connecting Pill]: Ten Support-type medicinal pills. There is one Master pill and nine Subordinate pills. The one who consumes the Master pill will obtain half of the stats and lifeforce of those who consume the Subordinate pills. When the person who consumed the Master pill is injured, the damage will be shared with those who consumed the Subordinate pills.

[Stage Breaking Pill]: A Break-through medicinal pill that has powerful effects but requires a great price. The person who consumed it can break through from Stage 1 to Stage 5, but the person's cultivation will forever remain at Stage 5.

[Might Pill]: An Enhancement-type medicinal pill that basically doesn't have any side effects. The person who consumes it will be able to raise his stats by three times and obtain pure power. The person's body and const.i.tution will be greatly enhanced as well.

[Hundred Dragon Sun Pill]: A special Enhancement-type medicinal pill that countless men would dream of having. It was refined using all sorts of Yang-type spirit, and after consuming it, one's body will be greatly enhanced in a special way. The enhancement is permanent, and legends say that one will be able to conquer hundreds of women with it.

After looking at the top ten medicinal pills, Zhao Fu felt that they were all incredibly powerful. The top-ranked pill, the Dao Comprehension Pill, allowed one to control the world's source energy, so it was indescribably powerful.

The second-ranked pill, the Heavenly Sage Pill, was also incredibly valuable, and from the information Zhao Fu had obtained from G.o.d Kerr, he knew that only roughly one in ten billion people would have such a Grade. It was clear how rare it was.

The third-ranked pill, the Revival Pill, was also similarly powerful because it could even revive a dead person. This was the first time that Zhao Fu had encountered such a medicinal pill before.

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