The Lord Is Empire: Chapter 369 – General Statue

Chapter 369 – General Statue

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Long Night didn't turn away any of the factions that came to express their willingness to get along, and it even expressed some goodwill towards them, seeming incredibly amicable and easy to get along with.

This allowed the factions of Hundred Bamboo to let out a sigh of relief – the ferocious tiger had finally settled down. Now that they knew that Long Night didn't plan on attacking them, they stopped panicking like before.

Long Night was the chess piece that Zhao Fu had established in Hundred Bamboo; his main goal was to use others to fulfill his own goals. Of course, he couldn't be too domineering, or it would be difficult to use others. As such, Long Night was just a wolf in sheep's clothing for now.

After the situation in Hundred Bamboo gradually calmed down, Zhao Fu left Hundred Bamboo and returned to the Great Qin City because there was something special in Sun Wu's Town.

After returning to the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu saw a three-meter tall statue carved out of stone. It looked like a valiant General who had a full set of armor, a large saber by his waist, and a spear in his hands, and the General gave off a ferocious and bloodthirsty aura.

General Statue: A statue of a General that has stats and can raise the chance of sp.a.w.ning people with General professions at the Origin.

This statue was quite good because it increased the sp.a.w.n rate of people with General professions. Even though Zhao Fu now had many Towns and Villages and could have many Generals, experience wasn't easily obtainable.
The Generals sp.a.w.ned from the Origin were sp.a.w.ned with some battle experience, and they could be immediately put to use. Despite having so many Towns and Villages, Zhao Fu had only sp.a.w.ned a single person with a General profession. Now, with this General Statue, they would hopefully sp.a.w.n more.

There were three main ways that Zhao Fu obtained Generals: one was promoting a soldier, another was subduing enemy Generals, and the third was choosing them from the Rising Qin Academy's Martial Inst.i.tution.

The third type was still in development. Zhao Fu would choose a few well-performing students from the Martial Inst.i.tution and have them join the army to gain experience. Only by developing excellent Generals would one be able to bring about peace, and this was especially so in such a chaotic world.

After looking at the General Statue's stats, he headed to Red Plum Plains. Now, Red Plum Plains was the only place where he hadn't established anything. In order to facilitate Great Qin's future growth, he needed to start preparing now.

Red Plum Plains was a ma.s.sive plains region with red plums growing everywhere, which was how it obtained its name. All of the structures were those of a plains-style.

Zhao Fu hadn't come to Red Plum Plains in a long time, and he didn't know what had happened during that time. He came to Great Ancient City because he remembered that this was where he had found Tuoba Qing and the others.

At that moment, he received some information that there were people from a large faction making trouble at his restaurant by flirting with waitresses.

This was an opportunity for Zhao Fu. He wanted to find an opponent; all he had to do was destroy a faction to increase his fame before slowly developing. After solidifying his faction's position, it would be able to help Zhao Fu conquer Red Plum Plain.

As players' cultivations increased, the ten city guards that Zhao Fu had recruited essentially lost their effect. As the first player-owned restaurant in Red Plum Plains, business was still quite good, and most of the customers were return-customers. Adding on the fact that they could cook many dishes that weren't available elsewhere, they were still quite popular.

The restaurant gained ma.s.sive profits but didn't show any strength, which resulted in many factions scoping it out.

However, whether or not this time it was on purpose, the faction causing trouble was out of luck.

After reaching the restaurant, Zhao Fu saw a young man who was somewhat drunk pulling on a woman's hand. It was quite chaotic within the restaurant, and the ten city guards were blocked by 20 or so people outside.
What surprised Zhao Fu was the woman being pulled on was Sun Qin, the cla.s.smate from before Zhao Fu had accepted as a waitress.

“Hahaha… right now, Great Ancient City is the w.a.n.g family's domain. Apart from the system faction, we don't fear anyone. There's no use calling for help.”

The drunken young man wildly laughed and wrapped his arms around Sun Qin, and he pressed her against the table. He tried to force a kiss on her as tears streamed down her face and she desperately struggled, stopping him for now.


A slap sounded out as the young man furiously slapped Sun Qin, causing her face to turn red and swell. “You d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h, you dare to defy me? I'll get my men to screw you later!”

The entrance to the restaurant was crowded with people, and many people were furious but didn't dare to do anything. After all, there were 20 Stage 1 experts guarding the way, and the ten Stage 1 city guards couldn't do anything about it.

If they really fought, the ten city guards might not lose, but their chance of winning wasn't very high. There would most likely be quite a few injuries and casualties, and since they were responsible for protecting this place, they couldn't allow such a thing to happen.
Moreover, the w.a.n.g family was quite close to their higher-ups, and their higher-ups had ordered them to take care of them and not offend them.


Another slap fell on Sun Qin's face, causing a trace of blood to leak from her mouth. Her face was already swollen, and tears continuously streamed out of her eyes as she gritted her teeth and desperately struggled. She didn't plead because she knew that this man wouldn't let her go.

“d.a.m.n it, you dare to still struggle, you wh.o.r.e?” the young man once again slapped Sun Qin and cursed at her, giving up on kissing Sun Qin. He started to tear at her clothes – the waitresses' uniforms were dresses made of silk, and while they were quite beautiful, they were easily torn.

Very soon, the drunken young man had torn through Sun Qin's clothes, revealing part of her chest. Seeing this, the young man lewdly laughed while Sun Qin struggled and cried out, “Help!!”

Hearing this, the drunken young man stopped and wildly laughed as he yelled, “Who in Great Ancient City would dare to stop me, you wh.o.r.e? After I've played with you, I'll give you to my 20 subordinates so they can screw you to death!”

When they heard their young master's words, the 20 or so people standing at the door grinned and turned to look at Sun Qin's pretty face.

Everyone else outside looked furious, but none of them dared to do anything. In fact, some of them even wanted to see the young man defile Sun Qin.

Another tearing sound could be heard as the right side of Sun Qin's clothes was completely torn away, revealing her round b.r.e.a.s.t.s. This greatly stimulated the young man's b.e.s.t.i.a.l desires, and he loudly laughed as the 20 or so people in front of the door did as well.

By now, Sun Qin decided that she would rather die than let this young man violate her. However, the cruelest thing was that she didn't even have the opportunity to die.

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