The Lord Is Empire: 1090 Great Qin's Strength

After quickly conquering the five Kingdoms, Zhao Fu had the Lelai Kingdom go into full defensive mode. With just the Lelai Kingdom's strength, it was impossible to fully control the territory of five Kingdoms. As such, it had to go into defensive mode to defend against other Kingdoms.

However, it would be impossible to get back the territory that the surrounding Kingdoms had taken during the chaos; Zhao Fu could not go to war against them and could only allow them to take this small advantage.

At the same time, Zhao Fu helped the Blue Wolf Kingdom restore its Kingdom. The Blue Wolf Kingdom was a Half-Beast Kingdom, so if it took over the three other Half-Beast Kingdoms, there would be less resistance. The surrounding Kingdoms would not do much either, but if a Kingdom took over, the situation would be different.

After devouring two Kingdoms, the Lelai Kingdom's strength had become many times more powerful. As for the other Kingdom next to it, they could only leave it for now. After everything had stabilized, they would find an opportunity to destroy it.

Zhao Fu stayed here for about a month until the situation had fully stabilised. What Zhao Fu was quite happy about was that both the Lelai Kingdom and Blue Wolf Kingdom had become Level 1 Marquisate Kingdoms.

Because the regions they took over already belonged to Kingdoms, they were not as hard to clear out as regions in the wilderness; simply conquering them was enough.

The Blue Wolf Kingdom now had 1,020 regions, 3,100 City Lords, and 1.4 billion people. Its military was somewhat lacking, and because the original three Half-Beast Kingdoms' military had essentially been wiped out, they only had 30 million soldiers, so they quickly recruited more soldiers.

The Lelai Kingdom had 1,080 regions, 3,230 City Lords, and 1.5 billion people. They still had the same number of soldiers as before, which was 50 million. This was quite lacking when compared to its population, so it also quickly recruited soldiers.

The strength of a Marquisate Kingdom was many times more powerful than a Barony Kingdom. With these two Marquisate Kingdoms as chess pieces, Zhao Fu was naturally quite happy. Le Yuyu was also quite excited; this unimaginable goal had been achieved by Zhao Fu, and she felt incredibly grateful towards Zhao Fu.

At the same time, Bing Xuenu also felt immense grat.i.tude towards Zhao Fu. She had never thought that he would actually help her restore her Kingdom, and he had made it a Marquisate Kingdom. She had not done much, obtaining this easily, which she had never expected.

Seeing that the situation had stabilized, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin. Of course, he left some of Great Qin's City Lords in the Lelai Kingdom and Blue Wolf Kingdom to avoid any unexpected situations.

Zhao Fu took with him four Nation Armaments and three Barony Royal Cities. Two of the Kingdoms had been quite fast and relocated the Royal Cities away.

However, to be able to obtain four Nation Armaments and three Barony Royal Cities was already excellent; it was the first time Great Qin had obtained such great gains.

These Nation Armaments were the Nation Armaments of true Kingdoms, so they were much stronger than the Nation Armaments in the Legacy Lands. Refining them would be quite troublesome, but Zhao Fu had already prepared everything and refined them before placing them next to the Great Qin's City's City Heart.

Finally, Zhao Fu also brought back various concubines and young ladies of note to make concubines, providing the Emperor Phoenix Statue with a large amount of Phoenix Qi.

Zhao Fu then went to the frontlines where the regions were being cleared to have a look, when he suddenly thought about the hundred swordsmen he had placed in the Emperor Killing Sword World.

Zhao Fu cared a great deal about them because Great Qin had spent a great amount of effort to capture them, and all of them had terrifying talent in the way of the sword. They would be able to wield much of the power of Sword Obsession.

When Zhao Fu went to see them, he found that their appearances had greatly changed: The killing sword intent in their bodies was much stronger, the blood-red qi around their bodies was even denser, their eyes gave off a bright blood-red light, and their bodies seemed somewhat illusory.

They had already entered the Second Transformation of Sword Obsession. In order to kill someone in the Second Transformation, one had to destroy not only one's body but also one's soul, or else one could recover after a long time.

In the end, they would become an unkillable and undying existence, so their body already seemed to be somewhat illusory.

Zhao Fu also wanted to be unkillable and undying, but because this required him to give up his consciousness, Zhao Fu could only give up on that. Zhao Fu did not want to become a monster like that.

The Emperor Killing Sword World had also obtained a lot of killing power from them, causing it to go through changes. The Emperor Killing Sword World was now 10,000 kilometers wide and could have 1,000 people go into Sword Obsession, but that would take quite a while.

After taking a look at the people who went into Sword Obsession, Zhao Fu had wanted to rest for a few days. It was now February, and all sorts of flowers were blooming. However, at that moment, Zhao Fu received a piece of news.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This news regarded the Western Continent. Under Great Qin's terrifying threat, the Western Continent had become extremely united, wanting to obtain strength to resist Great Qin.

Right now, they only had Tina Pendragon to rely on because the Western Continent only had one Kingdom, which was the Great British Empire. As such, they could only support Tina Pendragon, as only she had a slight hope in resisting Great Qin.

With everyone's support, Tina Pendragon's Kingdom naturally developed incredibly quickly. Before, it had been a Level 1 Marquisate Kingdom, and it was now a Level 4 Marquisate Kingdom. It had 4,000 or so regions while the Western Continent only had 7,000 regions in total.

Zhao Fu felt that he could not allow them to continue like this as they would unify the Western Continent, and it would be even more difficult for Great Qin to destroy them.

It was not just the Western Continent: The Eastern Archipelagos were the same. Ramis, the Legatee of the Inca Empire, was one of the eight Legatees. He had also established a Kingdom, making it the third Kingdom in the human world, and it was currently a Level 5 Barony Kingdom.

The Eastern Archipelagos did not count as a Continent, and it had around 6,000 regions.

Right now, the Midland Continent, Northern Continent, and Southern Continent were all occupied by Great Qin, separating the Western Continent and Eastern Archipelagos. It was almost impossible for them to ally together, and they could at most only pincer Great Qin.

However, with Great Qin's current strength, Zhao Fu did not fear them at all, and instead he wanted them to attack. If they attacked, the losses Great Qin would suffer would be less than if Great Qin attacked.

Currently, Great Qin had only cleared out 80% of the regions it occupied, and it had not finished constructing the Great Wall in some places. The Western Continent had already gathered 50,000 City Lords and four billion soldiers, and this did not include the Eastern Archipelagos' forces.

The Eastern Archipelagos had 20,000 City Lords and one billion soldiers. Once Zhao Fu attacked the Western Continent, the Eastern Archipelagos would definitely attack.

Great Qin currently had 42 billion people and four billion soldiers. Of them, 2.9 billion were Stage 1, 100 million were Stage 2, six million were Stage 3, and 20,000 were Stage 4. Some of them still did not have Stage 1 Cultivation yet.

Great Qin originally controlled 27,570 regions, which included the Southern Continent and Netherwater Continent. With the Northern Continent's 7,000 regions and the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent, it had 46,570 regions in total.

Great Qin had one Marquisate Royal City, three Barony Royal Cities, nine Capital Cities, 45,000 Great Cities (which did not include the 20,000 from the Dark Demon world), 7,521 Cities, 14,860 Towns, and 8,589,489 Villages.

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