The Grand Elementalist: 21 The Sky Musketeer And The Hellblitz Knigh

Shōgeki: I'm sure Sora here hasn't told you the true reason she's rejecting you?? It's totally obvious that she wants to be with you.

Sora: Shōgeki please....

Kasai: Sora... please... tell me...

Shōgeki: For long, The heirs of the entire Kūki clan has always wielded the ability known as "Sky Dragon Blessing". Sora here is the current heir to the Kūki clan.

Many of the Elementalist wanted that power and countless Elementalist have already tried to steal the very power of the Kūki clan. That's why a branch from the Kūki clan was created, They're known to work in the shadows and do what's necessary to protect the power.

If you Kasai keep on continuing like this, You might get killed by the branch of the Kūki clan.

Kasai: Sora..... is.....this.....true??....

Sora: Shōgeki is even the.... captain of the very branch itself.....

Kasai: Sh-Sh-Shōgeki is the captain???!!!

Shōgeki: Of course you runt, The entire Kūki clan's future is up to us.

Kasai: But still!!! It's up to Sora to choose who she wants to be with!!!!

Sora: Kasai....

Shōgeki: I've had enough of your talking, I was gonna let you go unscratched. But you leave me no choice.

Kasai: Bring it on!!! I ain't afraid of you.

Shōgeki: How about a little wager then.

Kasai: A wager, What do you have in mind???

Shōgeki: If I win, You're not allowed to be with Sora anymore in any romantic means, You'll only be her Chīma. Nothing more nothing less.

Kasai: Fine then, If I win Sora is allowed to be with the one she loves.

Shōgeki: Agree, I hope you don't go back on your word.

Kasai: Don't worry I never go back on my word.

Sora: Shōgeki, Before you fight can I talk to Kasai for a second.

Shōgeki: Sure???

••• Sora then grabs Kasai with her face all red •••

Sora: What the h.e.l.l were you thinking?!!

Kasai: That stupid family rule of yours, It me off!!!

Sora: It me of too, Do you have any idea how much I've been through??!!! Kasai..... I don't want to loose you... Kasai if you lose this..... We won't be able to be together anymore.....

Kasai: You don't have to worry Sora, I won't lose this. I'll win and change this stupid family rule of yours.

••• Sora then begins to blush •••

Sora: Be at your best okay, It's Shōgeki here were talking about. You better be at your best.

Kasai: I know, I've heard it from Yuki before, There was a Chīma from her batch that only took on quest. Venom Shiori and Shōgeki Kūki The Cold Blooded duo of the Kingdom Ryūgū.

Sora: I'm glad you're aware of their status in the Kingdom, But be careful Shōgeki is the strongest Elementalist in the branch..... And I....I...I don't want to loose you....

••• Sora then begins to blush •••

Kasai: Don't worry, I won't lose to Shōgeki-

••• Sora then kisses Kasai in the cheek •••

••• At the spectators area •••

Prof. Volt: Oohhhhh, What do we have here, Forbidden Love I see

Prof. Hex: Shut it, You're making it weird.

••• Back to the arena •••

Kasai: S-S-S-Sora.... I.... Wha...

Sora: A gift.... t-t-to give you a little bit of motivation.

Kasai: I'll be going now

••• Kasai then approaches Shōgeki •••

Shōgeki: Done with your little chat, That little kiss she gave you will be the last.

Kasai: I won't lose Shōgeki, Sora is counting on me to win.

Shōgeki: Neither will I

Kasai: Fire Dragon Inferno Knuckle!!!!!

••• Kasai casted a spell and Fire Dragon energy began to gather in his fist releasing a flame surrounding his fist •••

••• Kasai then lauched an a.s.sault on Shōgeki •••

••• He then punches Shōgeki in his face and during the impact flame was released from the collision •••

Shōgeki: Is that the best you can do??

Kasai: Fire Dragon Inferno Knuckle!!!!

••• Kasai casted a spell and Fire Dragon energy began to gather in his fist releasing a flame surrounding his fist •••

••• Kasai then lauched an a.s.sault on Shōgeki •••

••• He punches Shōgeki over and over again and flame was released from each collision of the attacks •••

Shōgeki: It's now my turn

••• Shōgeki then launches an a.s.sault on Kasai, Luckily Kasai manages to block the punch •••

Kasai: That was-

••• Kasai then falls to the ground •••

Kasai: What was that..... Why was his punch so heavy. Even though I blocked the attack.....

Sora: Kasai are you okay??!!!!

Kasai: I'm fine, But his..... attacks were indeed.....heavy.

••• Kasai then slowly stands up •••

Kasai: I can see why they call you "Shōgeki the Death Blow". If I hadn't block that attack just now... who knows what would've happened to me. Worst part of it.... that's just your regular strength, You're still not even using your Elemental Art.

Shōgeki: I see you're are very observant, Now you see the difference in power-

Kasai: Still, I won't lose this.... Sora is counting on me to win.

••• Shōgeki then launches an a.s.sault on Kasai •••

••• Kasai manages to block the attack •••

••• Inside Kasai's mind •••

••• Kasai: Strange....It's heavy.....but not as heavy before •••

Kasai: Fire Dragon h.e.l.lfire Breath!!!!

••• Kasai casted a spell and a tremendous fire blast came out of his mouth •••

••• It his Shōgeki and knocks him back •••

Shōgeki: I'm impressed, But that isn't enough to take me down

••• As the fight goes on, Shōgeki and Kasai kept returning each other's blow after blow •••

••• Inside Kasai's mind •••

••• Kasai: Whenever I attack he counters me with an attack that's heavier than his usual attacks. It's like he's benefiting greatly whenever he receives an attack.

Come to think of it.... Sora has a pretty strong defensive ability, He must have an ability that's similar to Sora's ability in some way. •••

Shōgeki: Trying to figure out my ability


••• Shōgeki then hits Kasai knocking him back •••

Shōgeki: My ability is known as "Shock Pulse" it's a really complex ability but when mastered it can greatly enchanced an Elementalist.

It let's me store the damage I received from attacks and release it whenever I want causing my attacks heavier than usual.
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Kasai: Why would you tell me this??

Shōgeki: Even knowing my ability won't save you from losing. After all, We both know our abilities counter each other.

Your ability "Extreme Heat" allows you to increase the strength and the intensity of your spells as long as you keep casting spells.

It's a perfect match against my ability "Shock Pulse" which let's me store the damage I received from attacks and release it whenever I want causing my attacks heavier than usual.

Kasai: How do you know about my ability???

Shōgeki: Someone like you who accompanies the "Sky Musketeer" is bound to leave a somewhat rumor.

The Sky Musketeer is a female Elementalist who said to have a barrier blessed by the Sky Dragon itself.

Kasai: Your point is??

Shōgeki: The Sky Musketeer is accompanied by an Elementalist who said rivals the power of Arashi Ryūgū's "Scortcher" itself. It's said his flames are just as dangerous as Moyasu The Scortcher. The Knight who protects the Sky Musketeer from harm, The h.e.l.lblitz Knight.

Kasai: I see the rumors about me happened to spread.....

Shōgeki: Most of the rumors there aren't real anyway, I mean you can't even protect Sor

Sora: That's not true!!!!!

Kasai: Sora..... It's okay he's right.... I can't protect you-

Sora: I don't wanna hear it Kasai!!!! You've actually protected me several of times already!!! Don't listen to Shōgeki's words. He wasn't there when we spent are live together. He wasn't there when we risk our lives together. He also wasn't there whenever we protect each other.

Shōgeki: Protect each other??? He can't even protect you-

Sora: When we were on a quest to take down a terrorist base, I got reckless and let my guard down... I was about to get shot but Kasai pushed me out of harm and he got shot instead of me....

Kasai: Sora....

Sora: Shōgeki.... If being head of the Kūki clan means I can't be with Kasai.....

Then I-I-I'll quit being the head and I'll leave the Kūki clan.

Shōgeki: Looks like the my cousin really loves you, I give up it's your win, Kasai The h.e.l.lblitz Knight. I'll give you my blessing as the head of the branch, Just protect her with your life.

Kasai: I will, I promise to protect Sora with my life to the end.

Sora: Thanks Shōgeki

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