THE CEO's LOVE: Chapter 70: You're His Girlfriend {Ii}

They both settled on the couch.

"The salary s.p.a.ce is blank. Now you fill it yourself. Whatever it is you want. I promise to pay. You don't have to be scared." She pa.s.sed the pen to Yuxi and with shaky hands Yuxi accepted it.

Yuxi stared down at the file. Whatever she writes here will be her salary. She is greedy for wealth but right now that it was offered on a platter of gold, she didn't know what to write. 

Yuxi closed her eyes and thought about how much they have suffered, how she was almost bullied by everyone as they thought she was a weakling, how Xueyan was... Even her father had been bullied at the place of work.

And then, how their mother thought them never to be greedy and be contented with whatever they have and always appreciate it. She can't possibly be greedy now? Not after all the Morales that was instilled in her. Not after being educated by her mother. She couldn't possibly let them all go to waste.

After thinking it all through, she opened those glistening eyes, smiled happily and wrote $1000 then pa.s.sed the file back to the woman. 

"Hunh?" The woman was taken aback by what she saw. "What is this? No way! I'm not hiring you as my maid. Or to wash my toes when I feel like it..."

"I know ma'am. That's what I want!" Yuxi stated, smiling.

"Just a thousand? You're my Shenshen's hired girlfriend..."

At this moment there was a shuffling sound and Qiangshen who had been sitting quietly stood up and strode towards them and the two women at the table turned to him in surprise.

When he got closer, he took the files from the woman, inspected it then kept it in front of Yuxi, he pulled the fountain pen from his grandma's grasp and positioned it in Yuxi's hand, bent closer and held her hand. It looked like an adult a.s.sisting a child in his or her a.s.signment but now... It was the matter of two adults and it looked like they were lovers deciding on something.

This sudden act surprised Mrs Xing and sent Chu Feng's head buzzing, he nearly fainted due to shock. Qiangshen had never gotten close to any woman in his life. Even sometimes angle shooting are used for his movies. But now? He's so close to my love that he could probably perceive her scent. The sweet fragrance of her shampoo... What is really going on? Mrs Xing III said Yuxi is Qiangshen's girlfriend... But she was just an a.s.sistant moments ago... Noooo!  Chu Feng felt like crying.

Qiangshen's hand moved alongside Yuxi's until he was done, he then stood straight, dusted his hands and put them in his pockets. He didn't have a change in expression but something said he was satisfied with whatever it is he had done.

Yuxi's eyes popped and the granny giraffed to see what it was.

The woman couldn't see it and had to grab the file and when she saw it, "Omo! Omo! Omo!" Her grandson had added three zeros to the actual figure Yuxi wrote. She raised her eyes to meet his gaze... Qiangshen might really end up liking this woman.

Qiangshen rubbed his nose then strode out.

Chu Feng went forward to look at file and when he saw the figure he was stupefied. "Th... This mu... Much? F...f... For the first month?" He stammered.

Mrs Xing chuckled and s.n.a.t.c.hed the file away from Chu Feng and went after her grandson. She was smiling like she had won a jackpot and more like a young girl in love.

She looked satisfied as well.

Yuxi looked down at her hand that had been held, he had left her hand almost two minutes ago but why did it seem like he was still guiding her? Her hand was still... Very warm from his grasp. She rubbed her hand slowly. Her heart missed a beat, that much money?

She had no time to react in whatever that had just happened. 

Chu Feng slumped on the couch...  What is Qiangshen planning? I know for a fact he doesn't like women around him. He totally doesn't like women getting close to him... But now, he was the one that got close to her. Does that mean? No! No! I shouldn't imagine this.  I would die if... If she's s.n.a.t.c.hed from me.

At the hotel,

Xueyan was busy tucking in the bed when the door to the room opened. She turned thinking it was the room owner but it was Anna Ming. 

"Someone outside is waiting for you." Her tone was filled with much arrogance. She eyed Xueyan before turning around to leave.

Someone outside waiting for her?  She straightened her skirt and followed Anna.

When they arrived at the manager's office and Xueyan saw who it was, she felt like rolling her eyes. She composed herself and greeted politely, "Miss I heard you were waiting on me."

Qingnuan beamed and walked forward to give Xueyan a hug. Xueyan was shocked as she didn't hug Qingnuan back.

"Long time friend. Why are you standing on ceremony with me?" Qingnuan asked. "Hunh? Or you don't want to see me? You don't want me to know you work in a hotel? There's nothing bad in you working here though I was shocked at first, I know you as one strong girl. But if you had asked me for help, I would have easily gotten you a better paying job. But it's alright if you've decided on this." Qingnuan sighed and  continued blabbering. "I only dropped by to say h.e.l.lo and see how you are doing..." She trailed off, perhaps on purpose and giggled. 

Xueyan smiled, more like a smirk. "Thank you so much. And yes, you are right. I'm a very strong girl and that's why I decided to work here. I can't depend on anyone especially since you are always busy and rarely in the country... Once again, thank you but I'd like to get back to work." Xueyan didn't want to waste another second here.

Qingnuan's smile disgusted her. Qingnuan's lies made her want to puke.

Anna who had been standing beside the door gasped,  What is wrong with this foolish girl. She has such a caring person around her to call a friend and she's busy acting all high and mighty...


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