THE CEO's LOVE: 91 Do You Ever Plan On Falling For Her?

"What do you like doing in your spare time?" The interviewer asked.

Qiangshen pretended to think. "... Play the piano."

"That's interesting." The interviewer beamed. "If you weren't famous, what would you be up to right now?"

"Well," Qiangshen pressed his lips together. "I think I'd still be popular. I'm very good at playing the piano, so I'd be behind a mask to hide my face."

"Hahaha, is that you praising yourself?"

Qiangshen gave a heart warming wink.

"Where would you like to visit?"


Gasps in the air had him smiling. "I've visited everywhere I wished for, so the next place I'd like to visit is Antarctica."

"Wow! You mean everywhere you ever wished?"

Qiangshen nodded.

"It's time to check your questions," the camera moved to Qiangshen shooting kisses to his fans. And then there was a quick ad of him thirsting and then a water bottle appears out of no where. It had mineral waters as well. He picked one up and gulped down, with a drop trailing down his neck as he had his face directly to the sun.

Yuxi smiled when she saw it. It was one of his recent ad. It had came out well with the first shot. Xing Qiangshen was really talented. She agreed.

"Yay! We're back." The excited interviewer announced. "The first question here..." She paused and laughed. "Not sure its a question, but anyway. It goes "Darling Shen, why are you so cute?" Her mouth formed an O.

"Well, I'm a creature of the Almighty..." He paused and raised his hands high above his head. "Created specially."

"He exaggerates." Yuxi mumbled.

"Do you speak any other language?" The interviewer continued.

"Yeah, remember learning Sweden, j.a.pan, Korea and German."

The lady wowed. "Interesting!"

"Yeah," Qiangshen nodded.

"How would someone get your special attention? Your fan asks."

"... Erm, a little bit of sweetness would do."

The camera zoomed in on him chuckling.

"Another fan asks, when do you plan to retire and plan a family?"

Qiangshen raised his two brows up as his lips twitched. "Retire to plan a family? If I ever fall in love, I will still continue with my career and plan my family as well."

"What is your type of girl?" The interviewer asked.

Qiangshen looked down and revealed his long lashes. "A very hardworking girl. Can cook, and knows a little bit of my work."

The interviewer shot a glance towards the unconcerned Yuxi. "Is she around you now?"

Yuxi heard it and looked up from her cellphone.

Qiangshen scratched his head, "No," his answer straight.

The interviewer seemed to be satisfied as she heaved.

Yuxi almost laughed out.

"Hi, I'm Yang Shangxi. Please Shen, mention my name and tell me you love me." The interviewer giggled.

"Hi Yang Shangxi," Qiangshen used his hands to form love. "I love you." It was so heart warming with a very sincere smile on his face.

"Three last questions and we'd be done for the day." The interviewer announced. "Are you featuring in any new drama?"

"A guest appearance,"

"Who is your celebrity crush?"

Qiangshen shut one eyes. "No one." His sincere answer will shock a lot of his fans as they had always shipped him with the female leads of any of his drama, both historical. Who would have thought he didn't take another look at them?

The interviewer seemed to be shocked as well. "What is one message, you would give to your fans?"

He raised his two hands up, together as if about to pray. "To always support me. To love and cherish me amidst all my shortcomings and I will always bring smile to your faces."

"Whoa! Good one." Yuxi mumbled. Time up.

"Ok, bye." Qiangshen and the interviewer waved at the camera as the live cam was immediately turned off.

Yuxi and Qiangshen headed back to the company, at the company inside the elevator. Linda the lanky girl and her group was in the elevator. When they saw the two people coming they immediately pushed the b.u.t.ton from closing.

Qiangshen saw that little gesture and smiled but he urged them on with his hand. Signifying he'd wait for the other lift to drop. The smiling faces of the girls turned sour.

"Are you comfortable sharing this one?" He turned to ask Yuxi. She was taken by surprise but then realized he hated crowded places so she shook her head. "Not really. Let's wait for the other." She immediately pressed the number one b.u.t.ton on the other side so it wouldn't be stopped in any of the floors. She stood straight to see Linda shutting a deadly look at her. Yuxi rolled her eyes and looked away.

Qiangshen pouted as he apologized with a smile.

The heavy metal doors closed. And Qiangshen nodded, she must have learnt more about me. He didn't want to be amidst ladies with heavy scent just like the interviewer. He had dealt with that but didn't want to deal with more of them. He was thankful Yuxi didn't wear any.

The second lift arrived and they entered.

Chu Feng was surprised they kept to time. He had watched the live noting the questions and making sure no one was out of proportion.

"Have this, you only drank coffee there. Too much coffee intake isn't safe for you." He uncapped a mineral water and gave it to him. He pa.s.sed one to Yuxi too. "You did a good job by merely keeping to the time."

Yuxi accepted it and gulped till she was filled.

"Tell me what you'd like for brunch," she said to Qiangshen.

"Anything." He replied.

Chu Feng glared at him. "Get him light food."

Yuxi bowed and left.

"Do you enjoy her by your side?" Chu Feng asked once she left.

Qiangshen was taken by surprise. "What do you mean?"

Chu Feng felt like rolling his eyes. "You know what I mean. Or does it mean something else to you?"

Qiangshen turned away. "She's very fast at learning things. That's the best she can do so far."

"Do you ever plan on falling for her?" Chu Feng bent near Qiangshen.

"Chu Feng!"

"Answer me, if its a no then you have to keep to that forever!" Chu Feng weighed in.

Qiangshen frowned. "And if its a yes?"

This time it was Chu Feng's turn to frown. "Then...then you must be by her side forever!"

Qiangshen moved from his sitting position to the other side if the sofa. "Get away from me." He whined.

"Ok," Chu Feng said and returned to his desk.

Yuxi returned with a tray filled with snacks. She served Qiangshen and Chu Feng.

Her phone started ringing and the two men turned towards her. She reached for it on the sofa and looked at Qiangshen.

She took a step away from them and picked up. "Good evening,"

"Oh evening my dear Yuxi." The woman's excited voice came through. "How is it going?"

"Good," she replied.

"Will you be free tomorrow?" Grandma Xing asked.

Yuxi thought for a while. "Yes, I guess."

"I planned a dinner with Shen's mom, its to introduce you."

Yuxi eyes widened. Introduce her? To Qiangshen's mom? She turned to look at Qiangshen who was busy picking the snacks.

"h.e.l.lo, are you still dear?" The woman asked.

"Yes, yes."

"Yes what? Its by eight, tomorrow. Ensure to be well dressed. You have to impress that daughter-in-law of mine. I will send Shen to pick you. Bye."

The woman hung up after speaking leaving Yuxi to wonder why she was meant to meet his family.

It was all for a show, why go as far as introducing her to his mother?

"Did you know about the dinner?" Yuxi enquired.

Qiangshen who was in the midst of swallowing his snacks stopped and tilted his head to her. "What dinner?" He returned the question with his filled mouth.

"Forget it." Yuxi said with a light frown.

Chu Feng watched the two, then raised an eyebrow to Qiangshen. Qiangshen avoided Chu Feng's eyes.

I pray this isn't dragged too far. Since it's all a show it should end soon.


He parked the car at the restaurant and turned to her.

"Where is it?" Shiya asked.

He was a man of six feet two inch and towered over Shiya.

He grinned mischievously, "Here." He pa.s.sed her an envelope which she hastily took and opened it.

When she opened it, she pulled out the items. The were photos and a folded sheets.

The first was a photo of Xueyan dressed in the mercury coloured gown, the second was of her at the hotel's main gate. There was also a photo of her with another young lady.

Shiya opened the sheets but didn't read through it. She folded it back into the envelope.

She looked up at the man, "Do you have a tail on her?"

"No, haven't gotten a chance to." He took a step forward then stretched out his palm and she handed him the car keys. "Are you in?" He grinned and his eyes glinted. He had waited for this time like forever. He was already growing impatient.

Shiya gave a slight nod and that was enough to motivate him. He started up the car and zoomed out of the restaurant premises.

Earlier she had met up with Jiu. She wanted to find out more about Xueyan but Jiuwen only whined. There was no single information she could give but with this... It was  a futile attempt trying to get words out of her mouth. She looked down at the envelope in her hands, she could find out more.

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