THE CEO's LOVE: 89 Another Master

Good then... I won't be given my pay truly!

"Xueyan, room number."

"Oh. 1056."

"He he." The woman chuckled. "It's over there by your right."

Over there? That is... That is obviously his room.

Du Xiujun's room. Oh Gracious Lord... You truly want me to live with this guilt.

Oh wow!

"C'mon get to work." Manager Fu still had a light smile on her face.

"Yes manager Fu." She proceeded forward. She hadn't taken the third step when she remembered something.

"Oh..." She went back and pushed the truck forward.


At this time, Du Xiujun had changed into a track pant and a loose hoodie. He held onto a tea cup with his left hand. It must have gone cold since it wasn't bringing out steams. He leaned lazily against the window pane and was looking down at the hotel.

Pots of flowers divided the road leading to the hotel into two equal parts. He calculated the distance from the main gate to the hotel, it will probably take a total of five minutes from the gate to get to the hotel.

A big Monteros Tiered outdoor water fountain sat firmly in the middle with flowers surrounding it. The scenery looked cool.

His lips curved forming a very cool smile.

Knock, knock. The sound of a knock came in.

He Jingtang who sat dejectedly on the sofa looked back at the door. He had just cancelled the meeting with the crew members and another meeting they were meant to have in the evening with the executives. He was bound on receiving series of call from them, he was waiting patiently for that. He would certainly have to deal with a lot of questions today.

He wondered if they sent someone to the hotel instead.

He causally strode to the door and pulled it, he poked his head in between the door and the wall. "Yes..." He was surprised to see who it was. "What are you doing here?"

"...Erm... I am a chambermaid..."

"It's obvious you are." Jingtang was mad.

"I'm meant to clean here." Xueyan said.

"Clean here?" He showed a look of surprise then turned back to look into the room. "Did you ask for the housekeeping service?" But the person he asked gave no reply. "Xiujun!"

"Yes?" Xiujun turned.

"Did you ask for a housekeeping service?"

"I don't remember but I don't need to request before they are sent obviously."

Jingtang glared at Xiujun. He turned back to Xueyan. "You could have done it if we had left," he paused waiting for his meaning to down on Xueyan.


"We will send for you once we go out!" He slammed the door shut.

Hmph. Xueyan snorted. Does he have to treat me that way? What does he think of himself? I know I was at fault but I regret it deeply and also apologized but he is still bearing a deep grudge.

I knew it. Actors might be nice but their managers are living monsters.

She walked away with her lips pouted.


In the changing room,

Mei Han was the last to come in for a change. Xueyan was out already, dressed in her gown.

"You look good." Mei Han complimented.

Xueyan gave a light smile.

"So expensive... We haven't received our first pay of the month." Jia said and everyone turned to her. As if being controlled by a remote they all turned to Xueyan. "I bet you have a very rich lover..." Jia faced Xueyan this time. "It will be between us here... Is it one of the wealthy old men?"

"What are you saying, Jia?" Mei Han asked.

"Are you involved with one too?" The question was thrown at Mei Han. It was Anna.

Mei Han took light steps towards Anna.

Par! A slap. An unexpected one.

It was so heavy that it made Anna stagger back a bit.

There was gasps in the room.

"What did you just do?" Jia ran to where Anna was.

"She was trying to paint a white paper black. I don't know what she was talking about." Mei Han defended.

Anna raised her head up, her eyes glistened with unshed tears. "Mei Han!" She screamed.

Mei Han smiled. "I need to change." She walked away.

Anna chest rose and fell as the tears started dropping. She have never been humiliated by anyone in her entire life. And Mei Han did just that and planning to get away with it. She dried her tears and sniffed in.

Meanwhile Xueyan was still in shock, everything happened so fast that there was no time for reaction.

Mei Han changed into a jean trouser, and a fitting pullover. When she came out she pulled a shock Xueyan along with her.

"I just retaliated, she was the one that had asked Jia to lock the door on me."

Xueyan turned to her. "How did you find out?"

"I watched the clip. I went to clean the camera room."

Xueyan said nothing more.


In Zhaolin's office,

Jiang Zhiyang and Feng Riuwen sat in front of Zhaolin. They were discussing about the new design.

Zhiyang went out to call one of the team designer.

In the midst of all these, Zhaolin picked up his phone typed something and sent out.

He continued with work again.


Xueyan came into the room and saw the phone lit up.

Out of sight, isn't out of love.

You're part of me, no matter the distance.

I love you, and miss you greatly.>

Xueyan almost smiled but then as if remembering something she frowned instead.

A call came in, it was an unknown number.

She hesitated before picking up.

"h.e.l.lo, is this Miss Xueyan?" It was a man's voice.

"Who are you?" Xueyan asked instead.

"He Jingtang. You are hereby invited by the management for questioning. You had slammed into Du Xiujun today, out of your carelessness... You now have to answer to the management."

"What are you doing?" There was a scuffle in the background before the phone beeped thrice.

Was it that bad? Did I hit him that hard? Xueyan heart pound against her chest. Every management protected their actor and wouldn't want them to get an injury... It was his right hand... Did it break?

Xueyan immediately ran out as the doorbell rang, it was Yuxi. She pulled her with force and jammed the door to their room once they got in.

"Xueyan don't pull with so much force... You might end up pulling out the cartilage joining my arm and my wrist together." Yuxi complained.

"Yuxi, I think I'm in trouble..."

"What trouble?" Yuxi stopped frowning and made Xueyan sit on the bed.

"I went to clean the presidential suite for the first time today and had an accident... I hit someone."


"Du Xiujun."

"How's that an accident?"

"I hit him with the housekeeping truck. I think I broke his hand... He kept rubbing it. They didn't say anything then but I just received a call informing me that I'm wanted by the management..."

"Let me have the number." Yuxi said and pulled out her laptop from the drawer.

Powered it on and typed in her pa.s.s lock.

Xueyan showed it to her. And watched Yuxi type something in her laptop, it was confusing.

After ten minutes, Yuxi finally looked up from the laptop. "It was his manager that called you. I bet you're truly wanted by the management." Yuxi said. "I will go with you." 


In Xiujun's hotel room.

"Why did you report it to the company?"

"They called to know why I cancelled the meeting with the executives... For sure I couldn't lie. They would have found out anyway."

Xiujun shot daggers at Jingtang.

On the floor, lay Jingtang's phone with a broken screen.

Xiujun ran his fingers through his hair. "You're useless!"

"I was only doing my job!" Jingtang retorted.

Xiujun turned to look at him, "By reporting a helpless chambermaid?"

"I would have been the one to receive all the blames..."

"Are you tired of receiving them?" Xiujun asked. "Then quit!" He strode to the door then turned to look back at Jingtang. "Be ready to take on another master!" He finished and strode out.

"Be ready to take on another master? What master?" Something seemed to down on Jingtang, "No, way!" He ran after Xiujun.

The next day, Yuxi picked out Xueyan's dress.

A dark green off the shoulder dress. It had a slit and line shape.

"This extravagantly?" Xueyan asked.

"You're going to All Stars Media... You shouldn't look like a beggar!" Yuxi pa.s.sed Xueyan a pair of nude heels.

Yuxi helped Xueyan apply a light makeup on her face. And brushed her hair.

Yuxi had her hair in a neat up do.

"Let's go." Yuxi was dressed in Skirt and suit. A pair of stilettos and sungla.s.s.

Where are you going to?" Shihuan asked with doubt when he saw his two sisters.

"To the office," Yuxi replied.

Shihuan pointed at Xueyan. "Alongside Xueyan?"

"Yes. We are running late." Yuxi opened the door and Xueyan went out. Mrs Bai came out and saw a disappearing figure.

Yuxi immediately shut the door. "Hi mom. Bye."


The door slammed shut before Mrs Bai could complete her statement.

"That was Xueyan... They are heading out together." Shihuan flopped on the couch.

"Together?" Mrs Bai asked. "What are those two up to?"

Shihuan shrugged.


All Stars Media.

A black Four Wheel car pulled to a stop. And two young ladies stepped down. The two security guards bowed. They recognized Yuxi but the other person was so identical to her that they almost mistook them.

They used the elevator and stopped at the last floor.

Once they stepped through the metal doors, eyes turned to them. Yuxi was at the front and Xueyan at the back.

He Jingtang happened to be in the camera room when they both arrived. He dashed out of the room and headed towards the chairman's office.

"She's here, sir!"

A knock on the door.

"Sir, there's a Miss Xueyan here to see you." His secretary informed him.

"Let them in."

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