THE CEO's LOVE: 47 You're Selfish

The next day, Xueyan opened her lazy eyes. She yawned and stretched lazily, she sat up on the bed that's when it dawned on her that she was in an unfamiliar room. 

The luxurious decor of the room amazed her beyond word. Her jaw fell open instantly. 

She thought of how she got here but no idea came, as if remembering something, she looked down to see herself dressed in a sky blue silk pajamas and her heart jumped out of her body. 

What is going on!?

She pulled the first b.u.t.ton open and peered into the clothe. Her bra was in place, she pulled the pant open, her underwear was in place as well. 

Who changed my clothes? 

I'm going to bash the person...  Then she remembered that last night he had suddenly kissed her and after that she fainted. 

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Her eyes misted, sparkling with tears. She got down from the bed and looked around. The room seemed empty. 

She went to the sitting room,  Am I in a hotel room? Why didn't he think of sending me home? Why did he bring me here? 

In the sitting room, at the east was a long curtain,  That must be the outside view.  

She parted the curtain a bit,  Oh, it's actually a balcony. 

She opened it fully and saw him, he was on the phone and was wearing a white shirt that the whole b.u.t.ton was undone. He had a white pant on too. 

So he is truly the one that brought me here? Shameless man. 

He felt the chilly eyes on him and spun around to see her glaring at him with.  If only eyes could kill, I would have spluttered out blood the instant her eyes fell on me. I would be nothing but a piece of shredded human. 

He smiled at her, then strode towards her. 

Immediately he got inside she questioned, "Why did you bring me here? Why didn't you take me home?"

"You fainted, how could I possibly take you home when you were unconscious? Do I look that stupid?"

"Yes, you are that stupid. You could have poured a  bucket of water over me... Why here? Do you know what it means for a man to take a woman to a hotel? It means that we are having a relationship but it can't be considered relationship since you are married, it will be called fornication!"

She just woke up and he was already receiving lectures?  

Zhaolin smiled, "You don't need to worry about that. Our fate has been sealed by the heaven, so it can't be considered  fornication."

Her lips formed a straight line.  I shouldn't argue with him, it's too early.

The alarm clock rang and Xueyan turned to it. Nine, o'clock.  Wait, what? Ni... Nine o'clock? That's impossible! My... My work... 

"What have you done!? Do you want to get me killed? Do you want me to become jobless once again?"

She looked around the room with a panicky eye and couldn't find her cloth, anywhere in sight.

"Will you work for me then?"

She spun around and glared at him, "Who wants to work for you?  WHERE IS MY CLOTH?"

"I don't know." His tone firm, like he was telling the truth. 

This is getting too much!  He said he doesn't know. OK then. 

"OK, I will leave then."

He a.s.sessed her, "You are going no where!"

"Really? Stop me if you can!"  I will bear you to a pulp.  Her hands balled into fist as she tried to walk past him to the door. He stopped her, she raised her hand to hit him but he dodged just in time. 

"Whoa. You must have been really busy all these years... To be able to dare raise your hand..."

She wasn't finding this funny. "Just tell me where my cloth is then. I'm late for work."

"Work for me then, I will pay ten times the amount. You don't have to do anything, just accept the phone, pick my calls, reply to my texts and go out with me. That's all."

She would have easily agreed if it was back then, but now? No. 

"Return my cloth."

"What do you say? Do you like the job offer?"

"I'm not interested. There are many girls out there, willing to take on this job. Happily do it and be proud. But not me. I do not care nor do I want to work for you... Even if the hotel is yours, your father is running it and it's not personal. So it's different from working right under you or for you."

Other girls, she said.  He hadn't gotten mad at what she said to him but Other girls? 

I don't want other or many girls. I want you. 

"Xueyan, I don't want other girls or the many girls you speak of. I want you."

"Why are you doing this? My family must be worried sick about me and you don't wish to tell me where my cloth is. This is the reason I agreed on you being stupid. You're selfish as well."

"I'm not." He denied. 

"Give my cloth to me then."

"I didn't like them, so I threw it away. Hold on a minute, I ordered for a fresh set. Yours looks worn-out."

She was taken by surprise. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out so she shut them close. She paced round the room, thinking about her job. 

After making the call he walked up to her and pa.s.sed her the little bag. "Please just accept this." There was no smile on his face, nor his eyes. He looked serious. No more mischief dancing in his eyes. 

Yes, he's mischievous. 

She didn't accept immediately, instead held his gaze. "Then will you leave me alone?"

His eyes darkened and his throat bobbed, "If that's what you want. Then I will happily fulfill that wish."

After standing there, looking up in his eyes. He sounded sincere,  she noted, then took out her hand slowly and accepted the bag. 

He smiled but it was bitter filled. He went to the bathroom to take a bathe. He came out clad in a white suit. He looked angelic. 

He didn't take another glance at her until he left. He didn't even stop at the door. 

She heard the sound of her heart break...

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