THE CEO's LOVE: 29 Campaigning?

Feng Jiu Who hadn't gone to work was busy flipping through the channels looking for what will keep her glued but was not interested in any of the thing she saw. She was about to drop the TV control out of annoyance when she got to the last station. The news had just changed from where the anchor was speaking to where a man was being interviewed. "Sir, we all know your position as the new president is being shaken by the other opposing party, what can you say on that?""No matter what happens, we win or lose we are still going to support the country... They are a lot of bad guys out there, it doesn't matter who looses or wins as long as we are heading there to perform the same duty. Then there's nothing to be sad about." The man answered with a light smile on his lips. Oh, something nice. He is campaigning? Look at his insincere smile, who is he fooling? You all are the same! You are even on a higher level if I call the others liars. Jiu hissed and turned off the TV, she didn't want to hear more of those lies.That man must be a liar just like his daughter, they said that whatever character a child carries, he or she got it from their parents! Feng Riu must be at the Four Wheels, I need to be there. *She arrived at the company and looked up, Brother Zhao has proved to have the blood of the Xings running through him time and time again. *The elevator seemed to have a problem since the door closed but it wouldn't budge. The metallic door opened to let a man dressed in brown suit in. He glanced at her then looked away. She had her hand folded on her chest, the look on her face wasn't gentle. "Shouldn't you be apologizing?"The man turned to look at her then turned back to face the door again. "You must have ear problems, it's clear that's what it is...""Are... Are you talking to me?" The man pointed at himself. "I must look crazy to you then... You delayed me, so you should apologize!"He found her familiar, but who had this same features? He shook his head and turned again. "Fool." She cursed in English. This time the aura in the elevator was terrifying. "Miss, are you an employee of this company?""And how is that your business Mr Employer?""I don't think you are."Feng Jiu decided to ignore him. Ding! The elevator door sounded and they both stepped out. At the same floor? What is she doing here? He was busy questioning himself when she strode straight to Feng Riu's office. "Miss, who are you looking for?"Feng Jiu ignored him and reached for the doork.n.o.b but before her hand could touch it someone grabbed her hand from behind, flinging her around to face him. "You have some guts," She can't possibly be Riu's girlfriend can she? Why would she dress up like this? Or she might be a bank worker. He thought. Feng Jiu eyes darkened immediately, she used her other free hand to shove him. "How dare you touch me you disgusting pig!?"Hunh? Disgusting? Pig? She must be crazy! "Why did the security allow such a mad person in?"She closed her eyes to take a deep breath, trying to suppress the fury in her heart. She turned the doork.n.o.b and saw no one inside, Where did he go? He might be in Xiao Zhao's office. He watched her match straight to Zhaolin's office, Is she really mad? "Hey..." He felt like someone had sealed his mouth when she turned to glare at him. *His office door opened and he looked up, "Feng Jiu?""Xiao Zhao, what kind of people do you employ to work for you?"He slanted his head with a raised eyebrow he asked, "Who annoyed you?""This moron," she pointed her thumb to the door. The person standing at his door right now was his secretary. "Are you talking about him?""Yes!""That's Jiang Zhiyang, my secretary."What? His secretary? He has no respect for women! "Zhiyang, this is Jiuwen. Feng Jiuwen." Feng Jiuwen? Feng Riuwen? Oh, no wonder they had such striking resemblance. But where has she been all this while. He introduced the two and walked to the fridge to get water, when he felt something wasn't right, he turned to see the two staring at each other in an unfriendly manner.Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes dangerously at him.Zhaolin sat down on his armchair and watched the two. He chuckled softly and nodded at them.Feng Jiu fought back the urge to hit this man right in the nose. She brought out her hand and shook him, "Feng Jiu."Secretary Jiang was surprised he had never thought Feng Riu had a sister.Reality dawned on him when he felt his hand being crushed by a soft palm. He looked down at their hands clasped together and something stirred up inside him, he looked back up at her to see her smirking at him."Jiang Zhiyang..." she dropped his hand with a force and turned to see Zhaolin legs crossed as he beamed at her. The corner of her lips went down and Zhaolin's smile widened. "Little Zhao'er, why are you smiling sheepishly?"The Secretary turned to her and remarked, "You sure have a back bone...""Be quiet dumbo...""Pfft" The usual stiff master of his had laughed and he turned to look closely. The laugh was for real and not his normal forced smile...Amazing."You still have to apologize to me! You have no respect for women but it wouldn't be a bad idea to teach you one or two... Don't you think so?"Zhiyang was embarra.s.sed, he had truly gone overboard some minutes ago. But with her character and domineering aura, she looked like someone with some real training. When she shove him earlier on, he staggered a bit before stabilizing himself. He hadn't expected it, truth be told. "Excuse me," he left.

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