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Riu who was at the door the whole time finally came in. He didn't want to be there to watch his sister cry talk more of the woman they call mother.

He could remember vividly what happened years ago and how much of a cry baby he was.

If he had come in and watched them cry he would surely cry himself because he was a human after all. He wasn't made of iron.

He looked down at the basket of fruits in his hand and greeted, "Grandpa..."

Grandpa Xing turned to him and nodded. The man might be old but he always wore on a poker face. "Grandma... Mother... Father."

Grandma Xing smiled at him, "You brought her back... Well-done... Well-done... You've done something remarkable." She turned to the Butler. "Ring Ah'Zhao and tell him to come over."

Xiaocan made a s.p.a.ce for Riu and patted it for him to sit. He did just that and pa.s.sed the basket to a maid close by.


At the New World Inn, Bar and Club.

"Where's Shiya?" Xiangyang asked grinning.

"Did you invite me or Shiya?"

"I expected you to come along with her." Xiangyang said still grinning.

"Xiangyang, if I remember clearly you have Shiya's number and back in high school you two got along so well that I thought you were in a relationship."

"..." Xiangyang was left Speechless as the grin on his face turned awkward.

Jingyao laughed but turned serious almost at once. 'These two will never change, they bicker alot and can even get mad at each other but that wouldn't stop Xiangyang from running to him when he needed favour. He'd act cute and pitiful. I should probably learn that from him.' Dai Jingyao thought. He shook his head and smiled.

Zhaolin turned to Jingyao after looking around and beamed at him.

The latter was shocked silly as he turned to look behind him before confirming the smile was for him.

Zhaolin furrowed his brows as his smile disappeared. "Fool."

"Pfft... He truly is a FOOL!" Xiangyang turned to wink at Jingyao.

Zhaolin who never moved from where he was standing turned and faced the exit.

"What's here to be seen that hasn't been seen?"

Jingyao: "..."

"Bro, it's been ages we last had fun... Can you spare some time for us and stay a little longer?" Xiangyang asked looking over at their booth.

Zhaolin shrugged. "Not forgetting. I brought a little gift for you. It's a congratulatory gift." He dipped his hand into his suit pocket to retrieve a box. He pulled the lid open and inside the box was a glistening diamond wrist.w.a.tch and a pair of earrings. Dai Jingyao who had the aura of a gentleman wasn't actually one. He is same as Li Xiangyang who enjoyed the company of women and lived a *I don't care* lifestyle. He was in fact a thug with a higher level than the normal street thugs.

Dai Jingyao might be orphaned but he made his way through the society and wherever he is today is all thanks to his persistence and determination.

"Oh f-uck!!!" Xiangyang gasped at the watch with 25 carats of diamonds. The Rolex Rose Gold(RRG) watch which was sold at 60,000$ and it just happened to be launched a month ago.

"Life is so unfair, I hope my birthday comes soon so I can receive such elaborate gifts from my bro..."

Zhaolin: "Why are you so greedy? For a fact I know you can afford five of it."

Xiangyang: =_==_= "Life is truly unfair to the poor."

"Master," Dai Jingyao who was shocked and speechless at the gift finally spoke up.

Dai Jingyao genuflected to Zhaolin, turning to Xiangyang he bowed slightly & flashed him his ever cute smile.

"Don't give me that with your insincere smile." Xiangyang said in a hollow, vibrating voice.

"Happiness is sharing the warmth of friends in the cool of an evening." Zhaolin stated.

Li Xiangyang: "But forgetting you have two friends is called what?"

Dai Jingyao: "Pfft."

Li Xiangyang: "I wonder what's so funny."

"You are." Zhaolin answered.

Li Xiangyang expression sank immediately.

Dai Jingyao led them to their exclusive booth. He got there first and watched the two girls who were busy gossiping with delight as his own expression turned sour. 'Young master Zhao wouldn't be happy seeing these two and that's a fact.' He ma.s.saged his forehead and turned to give Xiangyang a nod. The latter understood immediately. "Ah'Zhao... Why didn't you bring Shiya along? I really want to know."

"Don't ever use such coy voice for me, ever!"

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"If you so much want to see her why don't you give her a call, you are still here anyway."

"Don't get me wrong bro, it's just that I haven't seen her in a longtime so I was just asking." Xiangyang felt like biting his own tongue. "Actually there are two unexpected guests here tonight..."

Unexpectedly they've gotten to the entrance of the booth as Zhaolin's cool aura changed instantly.

Cui Yao was the first to see the shadows at the entrance and her face lit up.

Zhaolin walked in alongside Xiangyang and Jingyao with an oppressive aura surrounding him.

"Brother Zhao..." The two ladies said in unison.

'I shouldn't have agreed on coming here...I forgot these two pests.'

He sat gracefully on his s.p.a.ce ignoring the two ladies.

A waiter came in with a bucket of Champagne and another following behind closely with a tray of wine.

Chen Qing and Cui Yao looked at each other using the sign language to communicate, before the courageous Cui Yao spoke up. "Brother Zhao... It's been a long time." She tried to start a conversation. "Didn't you come along with Shishi?"

"Yes, brother Zhao... I thought she'd come along with you and we could all have a good time." Chen Qing chimed in.

"Brother Zhao, have this." Jingyao pa.s.sed him a gla.s.s of wine and shot the two ladies a warning glare.

Cui Yao ignored him and continued. "Young master Zhaolin... How come Shiya didn't come along with you? She is supposed to be your wife, she should be here with you."


The shock on their faces couldn't be hidden.

'I knew he wasn't going to answer but then answering them with...' Jingyao thought.

He walked up to Zhaolin once again taking the gla.s.s and replacing with another chilled one.

Dai Jingyao: "I inspected the making of this wine specially for your sake, try tasting it."

Li Xiangyang: "Try it out bro..."

Chen Qing and Cui Yao felt embarra.s.sed and stupid.

"It seems you didn't invite only me but also some unknown women to keep you company but truth be told I don't enjoy their company." Zhaolin lifted the gla.s.s to his lips and tasted it.

He would have left if it was someone else but it was his friend launching his first business into the world and he was in full support of it.

Being friends since a very little age with Xiangyang who later introduced him to Jingyao.

He respected their friendship alot and held it in a high place. He wouldn't use because of some pests and abandon his friends.

The wine which had sour and bitter taste at first changed to something very sweet and the sweetness lasted long.

"The wine is too sweet for a man!"

Xiangyang: =_=

Dai Jingyao: =_= T_T

He smirked watching their expressions and couldn't help but smile.

'These two fools!'

The two ladies were easily forgotten.

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