THE CEO's LOVE: 21 Weekend Vibe Ii

Dressed in a tailored made suit, a burgundy suede suit with a black leather shoe.

He had wanted to put on a tie but his a.s.sistant stopped him reminding him he was going to a night club not some official meeting.

He arrived at New World Inn, Bar and Club.

Zhaolin stared at the name tag at the entrance door and smiled.

He made a great entrance when the people on the dance floor turned to know what was distracting the DJ and were immediately captured by the handsome man, he strode in with his two hands in his suit pocket and with a straight face. His hair well laid back but this time a side parting could be seen in his hair. He wore on this aloof aura which spoke about his intelligence and riches.

The ladies couldn't keep their eyes off, a man of integrity from an aristocrat family. The heartthrob of the nation, every woman's dream man, but his status was way too high and certainly all that they can do is dream and dream.

Dai Jingyao raised his eyes from his phone to know why the DJ had quit his job but then heard a sheer of excitement coming from the ladies.

Behold the son of wealth striding towards him with his long legs. He smiled but bitterly. "He always steals the show," Dai Jingyao sobbed, turning to his side he saw Xiangyang smiling widely at him. 'Who wouldn't be happy at this man presence?' He questioned himself.

"Sorry bro... He has stolen your show and might actually buy your a.s.sets and take over your night club." Xiangyang teased.

"Com'on man. That's no joke..."

"Easy there... He doesn't look good."

"We both know he always looks like that."

"No! This mood is really high I say,"

"Shut up! Or he might hear us..."

"And he'd turn back to leave... haha." Xiangyang completed the statement.

'Cough cough' Everyone turned to see a girl in a grunge outfit having a war with cough and Xiangyang laughed at her cute way of grabbing attention.
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"What is wrong?" Her friend asked her.

"I swallowed my wine wrongly..."

"Sorry." Her friend said patting her back.

"Oh man... Welcome." Dai Jingyao said when he walked up to Zhaolin.

"I thought you changed your mind—instead you came to grab attention." Xiangyang said with all seriousness.

Dai Jingyao: "That's okay! He's here now and that's all that matters."

Xiangyang: "Shut up! You own the night club but Xing Zhaolin made an entrance and stole the limelight."

"Why is it so noisy here?" Zhaolin suddenly spoke up.

The two other young men were stupefied by his sudden question and Xiangyang was, "Pfft..."

Dai Jingyao felt like laughing but then held it back.

"It's noisy because it's a night club and not your company... but what can i say you have been cool for some years now and you think that's how the world is..." Dai Jingyao elbowed him telling him to be quiet.

"Xiangyang... what are you?" Jingyao asked. "Do you want to send my guru[1] away? Com'on sir... let's go this way."

"Where's Shiya?" Xiangyang asked.

=_= Dai Jingyao felt like hitting him.


Meanwhile at the Xings great manor the door bell rang and the head maid rushed to open it.

She wondered who it would be since the master and ma'am were home already. 'If the person was able to get pa.s.s the main gate and the second then it must be a family member.' She concluded. She pressed the lock and the thick marbled door opened, rolling to the right side.

And they stood a very familiar face with a basket of fresh flower. "Jiu..." The older woman trailed off.

"Aunt. How have you been?"

"Oh..." The woman paused to take a proper breath. "I have been good." This is going to be reunion after some years. "The ma'am is in."

"That's ok."

Feng Jiu walked into the ma.s.sive sitting room and there she saw Mrs Xings II watching TV.

Xing Xiaocan was a big fan of the entertainment industry. If she hadn't married into the greatest family in the whole of City B, S and also M she would have been an actress.

She had always wanted to be seen on the screen with lots of fan always complimenting her every move. She wasn't greedy, she only had that one wish but then her father had married her off. Not for business purposes but to continue the legacy of the friendship he had with Xing Zhaohao. Her father and Rong Bo's father were best friends and wanted it to continue through their children, so they got them both married.

After her marriage she didn't want anything to do with her so called husband, but Rong Bo was a selfless man and put her as his first priority.

He had once bought her plane ticket to leave the country and their marriage, but her mother-in-law found out and told her parents and her father disowned her, thinking she had a lover but all that was a big lie.

It took her long to accept her marriage and Rong Bo.

Back to the present.

"Madam." The head maid called out.

Xiaocan was having a cup of hou kui when she heard a whisper, she turned to her back and saw a young woman dressed in a simple knee length gown. She recognized the pair of long legs immediately before raising her wide opened eyes to see if her instinct was correct.

"Feng...Feng Jiu..." Xiaocan stuttered. "Don't tell me it's... it's Jiu..." She couldn't help but stutter as tears welled up in her beautiful black eyes.

"It's... it's me..." Jiu said in-between sobs.

"Wait...I think it's been seven years already or more... Wait Jiu, is it really you?"


Xiaocan who couldn't believe it shook her head nonstop as she walked slowly towards Feng Jiu.


Guru: A Hindu or Sikh religious teacher or leader. A person who is an expert on a particular subject or who is very good at doing something.

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