THE CEO's LOVE: 20 Weekend Vibe I

In a recently opened night club consisting of inn and bar, two dashing young man were sitting together and chatting. The two sat in a corner table: they had a great view of the whole place, but it was rather hidden from other people's sight. Dressed in tuxedos and neatly pressed pants, it revealed their long legs in an amazing way. The two had an aura of a ceo swirling around them. It was weekend already, the cool evening breeze blowing all around.

"Hehe, you should get more girls. I can only see a few."

"You can't have all the 'few' here so be contented."

"Jingyao I am the King of all the clubs in the country so get more when I say so! Girls flock around me like pests and I don't want to deprive them off that opportunity." Li Xiangyang said, picking up his gla.s.s of wine.

Dai Jingyao shook his head at the womanizer remark.

At the entrance of the club an expensive sports car pulled to a stop and the doors opened to reveal two different slender white legs. The legs belonged to two beautiful women of City S. They were in their mid-twenties and with a single glance at them you'd know they were from prestigious family.

Chen Qing circled the car and came to stand beside Cui Yao, smiling at her they both entered with no need of checking their invite cards the giant security man let them in immediately.

Clothed in a tube lace gown Chen Qing looked astounding by her side stood the tall and elegant Cui Yao who was dressed in an off-the-shoulder peach knee length gown. Cui Yao pulled her gla.s.s and scanned the area, firstly her eyes landed on the counter where different girls and boys smoked and drank to their heart desire.

'It was opened just today...'

Then it went to the tightly filled up dance floor and everyone dancing like there was no tomorrow. Chen Qing tapped her shoulder and she turned to see her smiling to a place enclosed with gla.s.s and two handsome young men clicking their gla.s.s of wine together as the other winked at the other and they burst out laughing.

Cui Yao heart swelled as her lips spread into a beautiful smile.

"Let's go." Chen Qing said.


They arrived at the booth and at the same time Li Xiangyang turned to look out and saw the two women, he gave them both a carefree smile and the two women smiled back. These two handsome young men were their only goal and target, but the game isn't being easy to achieve.

Noticing his distraction Dai Jingyao turned to see what he was looking at and almost immediately his smiling face vanished and returned before he growled. 'These troubles.' He muttered to himself.

Finally inside the booth Cui Yao and Chen Qing gave the two men hugs before claiming the two seats around the table.

"Excuse me, young ladies. What would you like to have?" Xiangyang asked with a playful tone.

"It's been so long and you two don't bother contacting any of us... How unfair." Chen Qing sniveled. "It's unfair that you don't want to check up on your long time friends."

"Yes, which is very wrong. How can you call us your friends and you don't even care how we are fairing..." Cui Yao chimed in.

"Oh! Apologies my ladies..." Xiangyang said with the same sad face the ladies wore on.

Dai Jingyao watched the two ladies whine and his demeanour changed. "Been busy." He said almost murmuring.

"Oh that's OK. Why don't we go camping maybe then I'd consider forgiving you two." Chen Qing gave Cui Yao a side glance and saw the latter smiling at her.

Xiangyang: "How can you only consider forgiving us? Remember young ma'am I'm a doctor, professional at that and can't leave my patients waiting. I don't really think there will be chance for that..." This time he made a more sadder face than before.

"And sorry too, I just opened my night club. I will be busier than ever now." Dai Jingyao said, raising his gla.s.s to his mouth he caught a glimpse of the ladies faces taking in a darker color before closing his eyes to down and savour his wine. He stood up and giving a slight bow he excused himself to go get more wines. He left Xiangyang to handle the ladies because he was good at it.

He also wanted to find out why Zhaolin hasn't arrived.


The day was getting darker by the minute, Zhaolin who had some work to do in the office hasn't come out. He locked his office door telling his secretary not to interrupt him.
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It was weekend but that doesn't mean that office work doesn't continue for Zhaolin and his secretary.

The Secretary knocked but no one answered so he turned the doork.n.o.b and entered.

The office was very dark expect for the lights coming from the computer on his boss's desk and the window.

He could see Zhaolin's well built body in the dark office. This handsome man standing near the window, he was long-legged, well built and very tall and exuded honours and grace around him. He was desired by many women and fancied by a lot of men even old and young.

"Sir, it's 21:25pm already, you had an appointment with your friends."

He turned around and went for the light switch and turned it on, blinding them both instantly. They closed their eyes before Zhaolin opened his slowly.

Secretary Jiang Zhiyang opened his eyes to see his master's disheveled hair and blank less expression. "Sir, it's late already. If you are still going to hook up with your friends we need to get you changed first."

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