THE CEO's LOVE: 17 Hunter Hunted Ii

Back in Shanghai China the morning weather was warm with the sun shining brightly from above.

It was a beautiful scenery.

At the Four Wheels company, it was chaotic as the staffs ran helter-skelter, getting in each other's way.

The big gla.s.s door opened wildly as Zhaolin stood there watching everyone with a calm expression, some of the staffs noticed him and bowed in greeting. He raised two fingers signalling for them to be calm and by his side stood his heir who was clad in a tailor-made Swedish suit as his father, the Navy blue suit fitted perfectly with the father and son skin colour. The suit augmented their skin in a great way.

Zhaolin looked down to see the little figure beside him, he had his hands in his pockets, his dominant aura spread through his high raised shoulders.

Zhihao felt his father gaze and looked up to flash him a smile.

Zhaolin returned the favor. It was the perfect image to look at.

The staffs watched this with love falling out of their eyes.

"Look, that is young master Zhihao..." A lady said.

"He is so handsome." Her friend answered

"What is your problem? He is just a child." The man beside them sneered.

"So what if he's a child? He's still handsome and cute... We can't get enough of the CEO's handsomeness now we have to face the little master as well." Another woman said.

"Hmph." The man walked away from the three ladies.

Zhihao wondered if the girls were plain stupid or just acting, 'They spoke so loud that even a dead person could jolt awake' he thought.

Zhaolin brushed it off and took long strides to his private elevator with Zhihao matching up to his pace.

"Dad... Something's wrong."

"Hehe. Didn't you read the papers this morning?" Zhihao was intelligent to begin with and has been following in his footsteps, so he wasn't surprised to see him so calm as himself.

Even if he hadn't lived a good life before, he was determined to change people's perspective about him.

"I did but I just discovered it was serious, look how worried the employees are." Zhihao shook his head.

"Like you just said... it's not serious." Zhaolin stated.

If his father said it was ok then it was ok. He believes in him and trusts him.


The conference room wasn't calm as well, as some shareholders was busy talking to their own manager.

Zhaolin arrived at the top floor and his mood changed immediately due to the stupid noise coming out of the conference room.

Secretary Jiang walked up to him and bowed.

"Young master is here as well... please this way." He led Zhihao to the boss's office and walked back out.

"Sir, everything is ready."

"Did Feng Riu contact you?"

"No." He answered and felt the temperature get humid.

He opened the door to the conference room and announced the President's presence, everyone kept murm immediately and some retired to their sit.

Zhaolin sat like a king he is in his chair and indicated for Jiang to begin the meeting.

"Good morning," Secretary Jiang greeted with a smile on his not so handsome face.

"Go straight to the point." One of the shareholders said.

"Is this a child's play?" The second voice belonged to none other than Zhaolin's uncle Xing Jingze.

"Stop smiling already." The woman seated at Zhaolin's left hand side said. Jiayi was fuming with anger but kept on a cool face.

"It was said yesterday that you all could go home and think of something tangible," Secretary Jiang said sweeping his eyes around the s.p.a.cious room. "We have decided to use another idea which the president has come up with which means the previous idea can still be used on one of our previous car and make it into a new model since all the idea wasn't given out."

The manager watched from the sideline as his expression changed constantly.

"So we will just let them be?" Iris Chen asked from the back as all eyes turned to him. He felt like he have achieved it all in life.

"How can we have been soo careless? What if we loose our staffs to that company?" Long Tian chimed in.

"You don't have to worry because we've just found out who is behind it all." Secretary Jiang said and looked at the man straight in the eye.

"Mr Long, you must teach that a.s.sistant of yours not to speak without permission." Jiayi eyed the young man dangerously.

Iris Chen felt himself loosing his cool after what the Secretary said.

Long Tian ears must have been blocked as he couldn't hear a thing Ru Jiayi just said to him.

He turned to look at the Secretary fiercely before looking back at his a.s.sistant.

"The main reason why the new car brand managed to hog the spotlight was because one of our very own gave the information out... Selling our company for a penny, not only that but also wants to steal our capable staffs for himself if anything was bound to happen..." He paused and sighed. He raised a file and looked intently on it before smiling again. "We've found out who is leaking information and also who the CEO of the new car brand is but before that I'd like him to get up and say it out himself." He swept his eyes once more around the room as everyone started murmuring, he watched as his boss twirled a tennis ball in his hand and wondered to himself where the h.e.l.l he got it from.

Zhaolin who was seated comfortably on his chair played with the tennis ball Zhihao had pa.s.sed to him inside the elevator.

"What nonsense is all this?!?" Jingze barked.

This uncle of his sure knows how to lose his temper alot.

Jingze turned to Zhaolin and watched as the latter stared nonstop at the little ball in his hand.

"Jiang, just say who it is already." Jiayi pressed.

"Ok, since there was enough time but he couldn't muster up the courage...I will help him."

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