THE CEO's LOVE: 13 Trouble Looming Ii

Feng Riu trotted into the president office and bowed. "You sent for me."

"Yes, take this." Zhaolin said and pa.s.sed him a piece of folded sheet.

Feng Riu took it and unfolded only to find three words written on it... actually it was a name he was familiar with. He frowned a little and looked up at his boss who gave him an affirmation nod.

"Yes get me information."

"Reappeared?" Riu asked.

"Find out yourself..." He paused due to the sudden noise outside before the door to his office was kicked open with a force. He turned to see an enraged looking man.

"How dare those idiots try to stop me?" He questioned. "Zhaolin seems like you've grown wings...You now placed idiots as securities" He dressed his suit properly and turned to glare at Feng Riu who had his head bowed.

"What is going on? How come the new idea was stolen under your watch? You've turned the company to your playground..."

Zhaolin gave Riu a nod indicating for him to leave them alone.

"Welcome sir." Feng Riu greeted.

"Spare me the courtesy, young man." The man said as he watched Riu exit the room.

"Uncle? Or should I say...Xing Jingze?" Zhaolin finally spoke up. "Where are your manners? You must have forgotten that I'm the current CEO,"

"CEO? I seem to be missing something here... you are only here because your father decided to switch positions."

"That doesn't mean you have the right to barge into my office in whatever way that pleases you."

"This is what happens when you allow incompetent people to rule...A lot of damages has been caused under your watch."

"I don't seem to recall any damages so far." Zhaolin state firmly.

"The damage which we have received today is enough to cover any other lose we could think of!" He snorted. "Besides why did Li Xiangyang come here? This is the Four Wheels not a child's playground."

"You must be keeping tab on me to know who visits and who doesn't."

"Of course. What do you expect me to do when a company is been handled by a child?"

Zhao Lin phone rang and he turned to look at the caller ID before looking back up at his uncle. "You don't have to worry, you only have a little share in the company and will be compensated well if anything was to happen to the company."

Bang! Jingze slapped the oak table with full force.

Secretary Jiang rushed in and tried to speak but received a signal from Zhaolin.


Outside the office a young man of thirty-years-old smirked and strode off into the employees building, he took some files and went into an office.

"Good news, I guess?" The man behind the table asked before turning to meet with his right hand man.

"Yes sir. There's an uproar and Jingze is here." Iris Chen reported.

"That's is good news indeed. I wonder how displeased Xing Jiayi will be... hahahahha.

They should know that this nephew of theirs is incompetent and no match for me. Rong Bo should return to his position soon because I can't fight a little child who doesn't have any experience in the business world."


"Jiayi must be boiling right now, you know the best part of it all?" He asked and answered all the same. "She doesn't like that nephew of hers."

"Because he is the heir I guess..."

"Hahahahha," he laughed out loud.


Zhaolin office...

The Secretary phone rang and Xing Jingze turned to give him a scornful look.

Seeing the caller ID he picked up immediately. "h.e.l.lo..." He held on to the phone speaker "It's Hao Bin...sir."

Jingze smirked at Zhaolin who in return gave him a deathly glare. 'If only it was someone else, he or she would have shuddered.'

"Hand it over—Ok." He gave the phone back to his secretary before giving his uncle a great smile and sat back in his chair.

"Go answer to him. And make sure to give him details. You shouldn't be here young man instead go back to your stupid horrible life which you used to live." Jingze said and left, he looked at the damaged door and turned back, "I hope you still have your beautiful nightmares son." He stomped off.

Zhaolin frown deepened. "Get people to work on the door." He said and left the office.


At the hotel, Xing Rong Bo was seated sipping a cup of tea when Xing Jiayi came in without a knock.

"Here you are Rong Bo sitting and sipping a cup of tea, haven't you seen the headlines?"

"The headlines? What about it?" After saying that he turned to see Ru Yuanzheng at the door with an ugly expression.

"Your dear son is busy playing with the company's name..." She paused to take a deep breath.

"Calm down Jiayi..." Ru Yuanzheng said as he walked in and bowed inform of greeting to Rong Bo.

"Be quiet..." She commanded Ru Yuanzheng "We will loose our head not only the company if this goes on,"

"You are still young Jiayi, you will surely get your blood pressure high if this goes on..." He paused, taking a deep breath, he dropped the mug without a click.

Jiayi: "I should be calm? The idea of the new car has been leaked online and not only was it leaked, another company has stolen it."

Rong Bo was a little shocked to hear such news but didn't allow it to consume him.

"Be calm Jiayi, remember your health isn't strong enough..."

"Stop telling me to be calm!!!"

"Jiayi! Be quiet, don't talk to my brother-in-law with that tone!" Rong Bo commanded. "He might be your husband but don't forget he's my brother as well!"

"Brother..." Ru Yuanzheng trailed off. "You don't have to be p.i.s.sed about that, I will take her home...

"Home? We should resolve this before other problems crop up..." Xing Jiayi retorted. "The car hasn't even come out but has been retrenched greatly."

Rong Bo: "Then you should have gone to the company not come here to throw your silly tantrums."

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