Strongest Abandoned Son: Chapter 2166 - Human Race Still Exists

Chapter 2166 Human Race Still Exists

This demon divine immediately stared at Ye Mo. When he saw that Ye Mo was a human dao actualisation divine emperor, his murderous force materialised cracking up the nearby restrictions.

Not only him but all the other divine emperors in the square looked at Ye Mo in shock. They didn’t get it. Ye Mo was a dao actualisation divine emperor and dared to speak like this to a dao essence divine emperor? This was suicide. Even if Ye Mo was a human too, such actions weren’t appreciated by them.

Luo Qinghe also looked at Ye Mo in confusion. He didn’t expect there to be such hot blooded divine emperor. He knew it was suicide and still dared to curse a dao essence divine emperor.

“Pill divine Ye, it’s a mere dao essence, leave it to me.” Qiao He saw the opportunity to help Ye Mo and immediately said.

With this, the demon divine immediately calmed down. Qiao He was dao essence divine emperor peak stage and seemed much stronger than him. Qiao He’s blue color also materialised around him. That would only form through constant slaughter. Plus, he knew Qiao he. Qiao He had been in the Void Marketplace for more than 100 years. He killed G.o.d rank 127 Baili Hong as a dao essence divine emperor but no one looked for his trouble.

“Qiao He, I’m demon race Gong Xiang. You’re a dao essence divine emperor. Are you going to help such rude human dao actualisation?” Gong Xiang slightly collected his red chi.

The nearby people realised. No wonder this dao actualisation divine emperor dared to speak to Gong Xiang like this. He had a dao essence divine emperor to back him up.

Ye Mo signalled Qiao He to not talk. He walked up and said “This has nothing to do with the rest of the people. Gong Xiang, you’re a dao essence divine emperor and you’re oppressing a dao actualisation divine emperor. Do you have no shame?”

Ye Mo didn’t want to owe Qiao He yet. If Qiao He helped him and he didn’t help concoct pills, he would owe Qiao He a huge favour. Ye Mo hated owing people favours.

Plus, he really didn’t consider this demon dao essence a threat.

Hearing this, Gong Xiang rejoiced and spoke before Qiao He could “I’m the representative for the demon race at this spot distribution gathering. Wu Kang and Luo Qinghe were fighting for the G.o.d rank but that’s also for a spot entering the dao fruit tower. Of course I have the right to manage this. Who are you, are you planning to intervene too?”

Because Qiao He was watching on the side, Gong Xiang didn’t dare to be too harsh. He started to speak with reason. If he gained a foothold there and Qiao He still dared to attack, he would immediately ask the dao essence masters of the square to attack. Meanwhile, he could kill Ye Mo and Luo Qinghe.

Some people have recognised pill divine Ye and started discussing on the side.

Ye Mo smiled “You’re right. I’m the person representing the human race for this gathering. How come you have the right to intervene but I don’t? Do you think your demon race is going to oppress all the races? Do you think you’re the strongest?”

“What? You’re the one representing the human race?” Gong Xiang didn’t dare to believe this. Did Ye Mo desperately want to die?

Although there was Qiao He on the side, he couldn’t help in this. Only people of their own races could help them. Qiao He clearly wasn’t human race. He wouldn’t even be able to enter.

“What, there’s someone to represent the human race for this gathering?”

“Human race re-entering the dao fruit tower distribution gathering…”

“Human dao actualisation pill divine partic.i.p.ating the dao fruit tower distribution.”

In a short while, this news spread out.

In the Void Marketplace, all those humans who heard this headed to the G.o.d rank square. This was the first time they had heard in countless years that there was someone representing the human race.

This was definitely a shocking news. Even if they only got one spot, this would mean that human race was speaking up amongst the races. They would no longer be abused and just tolerate it.

Luo Qinghe was shaking in excitement. He wanted to reach dao essence quickly just so he could represent the human race and partic.i.p.ate in this gathering. Although he knew that even if he reached dao essence, he wouldn’t be able to get a spot at the gathering, he was long sick of humans being oppressed in the Void Marketplace. He might not be able to change the status of the human race but he would let all the other races know that human race still existed.

Gong Xiang immediately realised that Ye Mo wasn’t joking. He was overjoyed upon realisation, “Okay, since you’re representing the human race, then I formally challenge you now. We’ll talk on the stage.”

Gong Xiang breathed out his annoyance. He finally had a proper reason to kill Ye Mo. Even Qiao He didn’t dare to stop him.

Ye Mo was waiting for Gong Xiang to say this. Even if Gong Xiang didn’t say this, he would kill this demon dao essence divine emperor in front of everyone. He killed a demon race divine emperor when he was only dao nourishment. Now that he was dao actualisation peak stage, how could there be a problem?

Just when Ye Mo was about to fight with Gong Xiang, a voice sounded in everyone’s ears. “All the divine emperors representing their races for this gathering please enter the square now. The gathering shall begin.”

A sliver of disappointment flashed across Gong Xiang’s eyes but then he smiled to Ye Mo “Very well, you can live a little longer. I will still come after you on this gathering. Leave behind your last wishes unless you cower on the side and not even take one spot.”

Then Gong Xiang flew towards the largest building on the left of the square.

Qiao He saluted with his fists to Ye Mo “Pill divine Ye I will wait for you at the door.”

Ye Mo glanced at Qiao he strangely “You’re not worried that I can’t come out?”

Qiao He immediately said “No, pill divine Ye’s power is probably on par with mine.”

He had fought with Ye Mo before. He already had an estimate for Ye Mo’s power. He was certain that if Ye Mo fought with Gong Xiang, Gong Xiang wouldn’t be able to take out Ye Mo for sure.

“Okay, then wait for me.” Ye Mo said and wakled towards that door. He would come find Luo Qinghe later.

Luo Qinghe sped up to Ye Mo and said “Thank you for helping pill divine Ye, or I might’ve died already.”

Hearing people call Ye Mo pill divine Ye at the square, he called Ye Mo pill divine Ye too.

Ye Mo smiled “Wait for me on the square. After the gathering I’ll come talk to you, I have some things to ask you.”

Luo Qinghe quickly said “Pill divine Ye, each race can bring two members of their race to the gathering. If pill divine Ye is alone, I’m willing to go with pill divine Ye.”

Ye Mo was very happy with Luo Qinghe’s words. Clearly, he wasn’t scared of dying.

“Okay, then come with me.” Ye Mo immediately agreed.

“Brother Ye, I’m willing to come too.” Another female voice sounded. w.a.n.g Nanshuang had come up to them. There was Ji Xi and two other women behind her.

w.a.n.g Nanshuang was from the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect but in Ye Mo’s impression, she was a good person. However, there was no need for her to join the gathering. Even though she was dao actualisation divine emperor, her power was far weaker than Luo Qinghe.

“No need.” Ye Mo was blunt.

w.a.n.g Nanshuang was desperate and quickly said “Brother Ye, now’s not the time for personal conflicts. I know brother Ye has bad views of the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect but if there’s the chance to contribute to the human race, the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect will not fall behind. Since I said that I will be joining this gathering then I won’t retreat no matter how hard it is. At most, it’s just death. Plus, other races have three people going. If we only have two, it won’t seem good.”

Ye Mo thought for a moment and said “You’re right, then let’s go together.”

“Brother Ye, I’ll go with you too.” Dong An came over too.

Ye Mo smiled “Each race is only allowed to have three in total going. We already have three now. just wait outside for our good news.