Shinigamihime no Saikon: Chapter 3

Shinigami hime no saikon (死神姫の再婚) Chapter 3

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Main girl: Alicia
Lolicon: Raisen
Honkers: Nora
Angry: Theonardo

New Addition ~ ♪( ´▽`)

p.u.s.s.y Lamington: Yuulan (*named after Disgaea‘s Master Lamington, due to their uncanny likeness)

Honkers takes Main Chick for a tour of the Haunted Mansion. Naturally, girl is allomfoiajf;agl;kahjgjahgkhnikahliesj so wonderful ~ She notices a door in the gardens and gets excited because her favorite horror story mentioned a rose garden and SHE WANTS TO SEE! But Honkers flips – OFJAEOIGHAGHAFSDJ;LAJ don’t open that door! Scary s.h.i.t down there man. Just take mah word for it bro.

Main chick goes aw shucks but let’s the subject drop. It’s now night time. Honkers is preparing main chick’s bed. Main chick starts thinking, huh what do you do after a wedding? Mom taught me about wedding stuff but not about the after part. Something about…spending the night together but…what does that mean?

Hmmmmmmmm (・ε・)

Since she herself cannot find the answer, Main chick asks Honkers what do married couples do on their first night being…married?

Honkers: (●ε´●)…wtf?

Main chick hopes it’s quick and easy like the wedding ceremony was.

Honkers: (◎ε´◎ ) DUR!?

[Love that Honkers was like, well s.h.i.t, if you don’t want foreplay and just want him to stick you with his….ajfpoiwet osea WHAT AM I SAYING!? (#> ε

Honkers tries to joke that Lolicon is going to be late so no point in worrying about that now, but main chick tells Honkers she heard he was going to be back later :)

Honkers: ¬ __¬ d.a.m.n for a r.e.t.a.r.d, she’s smart

That plan gone, Honkers tells main chick that she doesn’t have to worry about anything. As Lolicon’s lover, she’ll take care of everything ~

And pretty much the rest of the chapter is about Honkers and Lolicon talking about politics ~ Lolicon says he’s going to be waxing his own pee pee now that he’s married so Honkers (and any other chicks that try to make moves on him) needs to back off.

(I’m pretty sure Honkers and Lolicon aren’t an item. On the j.a.panese wiki page for Shinigami-Hime no Saikon, it describes Honkers as Lolicon’s “self-proclaimed lover,” who is only interested in Lolicon for his money. Lolol to who she gets with ~)

Also Angry comes over but then leaves, leaving his man guardian – p.u.s.s.y Lamington- to talk about politics. I don’t care about the politics because we all know the version right now is probably wrong and we’ll get the correct version during some dramatic emo scene involving man pain and posing later on.

End of Chapter 3

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