Second Earth: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Melancholic Love

Rusty abandoned factory. It was in late at night as the place became colder and colder. And suddenly a memory hidden beneath his mask of happiness surge up, girl’s appearance floated out. Sight wrapped by flame. As if mocking the desperate struggle&h.e.l.lip;..


Tightening his fist, Adam punched the abandoned factory’s metal board. The rust peeled off and fell a silent fall. The rain poured more powerful than ever.

“What am I supposed to do&h.e.l.lip;..Eve&h.e.l.lip;.”

Is it the rain. Or is it the emotion that’s flaring up from his insides. He couldn’t understand. However, he noticed that the old door of the abandoned factory opened slowly.

“Adam&h.e.l.lip;.you were back?”

“&h.e.l.lip;.Miana you too, at this time”

“Dinner. I don’t want it to be cold”

“I don’t need it”

Adam pushed through Miana and entered inside. Throwing his jacket to the side after confirming that the one sleeping in the sofa was Boom and Yakudo twins.

“You really don’t want it? Your body will break at this rate ”

Ignoring Miana who was washing the dishes in the kitchen, Adam took out a single picture from his breast pocket. Miana suppressed her ugly emotion welling up from her as she watched the back of Adam’s lonely back.

Caressing the picture’s frame in the most care as if holding onto the most fragile Soon the feeling of regret left a print inside his depressed mind. I want to return back. And Save you. I really want to meet you. I just want to feel that you are alive. His soul was filled with so many selfish wishes, it felt as though he lost something very important.
“You still haven’t&h.e.l.lip;.forgotten about Eva?”

“&h.e.l.lip;Are you saying you did?”

“That’s not true! It’s just&h.e.l.lip;.”

“&h.e.l.lip;.I’m going to sleep”

Miana desperately clung onto the Adam who stood up after spitting the words out of his mouth. It was done subconsciously. My heart started beating furiously as I looked at his ever closing black eyes.


“&h.e.l.lip; seems&h.e.l.lip;.I actually feel that this was for the best&h.e.l.lip;.”

“&h.e.l.lip;Ha?” (in a most irritated f.u.c.ked up anger swelled voice)

“A, I! Just feel that Eve’s disappearance was for the best!”

My voice started trembling as if my heart stopped my body stopped listening to me. It felt as though the mouth that kept the secret for four years unleashed it with no strength, and destroyed everything.

“ could you&h.e.l.lip;Eve&h.e.l.lip;”

“I&h.e.l.lip;I just love you, Adam”

The memory from thereafter remained unknown to her.
However, it was only his back that she used to see every time remained.

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