School Flower Versatile Security Guard: Chapter 82

For those who wore Hermes in everyday life, had more than hundreds of millions as family property, and regarding them, five million was indeed not anything significant in comparison. However, not anything significant was one thing and spending that much amount on luxury goods was a different thing. And spending such a big amount in one-go was something on a different level even for them.

Even if a person was from a big financial background had more than few millions in his hand, even then, it would be extremely rare for him to spend that much in one go and if those five million was to be spent on purchasing luxury goods, that would be almost next to impossible.

Over many years, some people could spend that type of money at Hermes, maybe over three years or four years. Take the example of Zhao Yongliang, he might have already spent around three-four hundred million yuan since his first purchase at Hermes. And for spending such amount he shopped for himself and many of his sweethearts over time and then only he could become Hermes VIP customer and get a 9.5% discount. Actually, this discount was emphatically not important, important was the VIP status. The organization branches of Hermes was spread over the whole world and had an exclusive club for its customers. Such one club was called Rongyao Tianzun club (lit: esteemed customer club) and to enter such club one had to be a VIP customer of Hermes.

This club was founded by the hegemony of the Hermes organization. And every member of the club belonged to the upper echelon of the society. Moreover, the membership was invitations based. In China, this club had only tree branches. One was in the national capital, another was in Jiangyuan City and the last one was in Shanghai.

Although it wasn't some top of the world club, however, the status of this club was very high. To be able to receive an invitation to enter such club, the person must have a big ident.i.ty and acknowledgment among society. That's why many people gave a lot of weight to such an ident.i.ty. But even among such people, only few might have heard of something called SVIP.

SVIP was SUPER-VIP. Naturally, the requisite was much higher than the VIP. and since the VIP members were members of Rongyao Tianzun club, then one could only guess about the membership of an SVIP person.

Zhao Yongliang squinted his eyes and looked at Xu Taiping. His intuition always told him that Xu Taiping was not simple and after today he was even more sure of this. Zhao Yongliang could also pay five million in one-go, however, that would be to buy a car or a house. But spending five million to buy something like Hermes brand clothes, it would have bled his heart and he would only bite such bullet if he was to provoke some enemy of his.

As for Xia Jinxuan, the shock was much bigger. She didn't have much understanding of Xu Taiping's past. She only knew that Xu Taiping is good at fighting. However, she didn't know that Xu Taiping had such money. As per her understanding, Xu Taiping somehow got a job as a security guard due to some unfortunate situation and that's why he couldn't have such an amount of money. And also why she somehow managed to take some time off and drag Xu Taiping to such place to buy clothes to not let him spend his hard-earned money. She didn't even imagine that Xu Taiping would be SVIP member of Hermes. Moreover, since this ident.i.ty of his was higher than hers, she was stupefied.

"S, SVIp, so what? So should I be afraid of him?" Xia Jinxuan sternly asked.

"Regarding us workers at Hermes, an SVIP member is very important. Young lady Xia, if this guest has made an error, then I in his place want to apologize to you." that manager said.

"This is out of the question!" Xia Jinxuan shook her head.

"If you don't take money, then I am going." Xu Taiping said in irritation.

"Good, XiaoLi, settle the bill of Mr. Xu." that manager ordered.

"You dare!!' Xia Jinxuan angrily said.

"Haven't we sufficiently lost our face?" Xu Taiping glanced at Xia Jinxuan and said, "get out from here."

'I!!" Xia Jinxuan angrily looked at Xu Taiping and looked like she was again going to scold. However unexpectedly she said, " Good. I am going away."

After saying, Xia Jinxuan walked to Xu Taiping's side and said, "I can't be angry with you, so you should be angry with me!"

"Your are silly but loving." Xu Taiping rolled his eyes and then pulled Xia Jinxuan and walked outside.

"Account that on my name. My person will come to pay latter." while being pulled by Xu Taiping outside, Xia Jinxuan shouted.

"Young lady Xia, put down you hear. It's not urgent!" The manager sees them off at the gate with a smile.

After seeing Xu Taiping and Xia Jinxuan leaving that place like that, everyone inside the shop was again stunned.

'How do you know this Mister Xu?" Zhao Yongliang walked to the manager's side and asked.

"3years back, Mr. Xu came to our shop to buy merchandise. At that time he bought all of our items. Altogether he had spent more than tens of millions." that manager replied.

"Almost ten millions?" Zhuang Yayuan standing beside Zhong Yongliang opened her eyes wide in surprise. For her, she would show off a hand-bag worth ten-thousand yuan for at least for one year. She couldn't even think, how long she would flaunt a bag worth more than ten million, maybe her whole life.

"This person indeed a sage inside the clothing of an ordinary man." Zhong Yongliang in ridicule said, "three years ago, where was Xu Taiping inside the Jiang Yuan City? And why did I never heard about such a person? This is interesting.

"Since he is such a wealthy person, then why does he work as a security guard at our university? It is possible that he suffered a reversal of fortune and become bankrupt? Zhuang Yayuan asked curiously.

"A reversal of fortune? Someone who could pay tens of millions in one-go, his property would be astonishing. Even if we do not consider how can one squander such a large property in three years, and even if he had squandered much money, that it would have been impossible to conceal. There must have been some sort of rumor in society. However, Jiang Yuan never had any rumor about this person." Zhong Yongliang said.

"Then what explanation this all have?" Zhuang Yayuan asked.

"The only explanation is, Xu Taiping is not a native of Jiang Yuan. and there is some sort of purpose for him working as a security guard at Jiang Yuan University. And this purpose might be related to Xia Jinxuan.' Zhong Yongliang said.

"Related to Xia Jinxuan? Don't tell me he is trying to be together with Xia Jinxuan so that he could usurp her family property?" Zhuang Yayuan asked.

"We can't rule out such possibility, however, we still need to investigate his background. What happened? Don't tell me, after seeing his money, your heart skipped a beat?" Zhao Yongliang asked.

"The only person in my heart is you." Zhuang Yayuan bashfully said, "apart from you, my heart would never accept any other man again."

Zhao Yongliang smiled. Then he looked at the back of Xia Jinxuan and Xu Taiping. His eyes had a tint of worry.

He couldn't understand the purpose of the sudden appearance of Xu Taiping. And he couldn't fathom how much influence Xu Taiping would have on his plan?

Zhong Yayuan was tightly leaning on Zhao Yongliang and was looking at distant place Xia Jinxuan with infatuation.

As long as Xia Jinxuan had someone in her heart, Zhao Yongliang couldn't dump her. And using this opportunity she was trying to find everything related to Zhao Yongliang so that after graduation, she could use these things to take advantage of him to buy a car or a house. And later find an honest man who also didn't have any knowledge about her university life to marry. So that later everyone would only know her a successful woman.

Everyone has some sort of ulterior motives. And it is these motives who makes a man do things he shouldn't do.

Xia Jinxuan's anger was like pa.s.sing clouds. The more easily she lost her cool, the quicker she calms down, after all, she had princess illness. She was pursuing Xu Taiping because she was very much fond of him. However, the basic nature of a person didn't just change overnight. It was given that they would have much friction. And since Xu Taiping was also not accustomed to a relationship with a woman, he also didn't know how to handle her. How long would this relationship between them last, even those two didn't know?

Xia Jinxuan was trying her best to accommodate Xu Taiping, however how long it would take Xu Taiping to change himself for Xia Jinxuan, it was hard to tell.

Most of the university romance had a dead end after graduation. Regardless of it being Zhong Yongliang and Zhuang Yayuan or Xu Taiping and Xia Jinxuan. Everyone likes to go on a distinct path. As for how far one could walk, that must depend on their fate.

Liu Yangshi birthday party was at her own home.

He home was not something grand and neither it was inside some posh area. This was just a detached small house inside an ordinary alley.

It was impossible to even imagine such a detached house belonged to someone rich. This place was reasonably far from the city center. Most of the people living their had their own small house. However, as long as the government could abolish this place, many riches will run here to invest. only, the government didn't have any such plan yet. That's why this place dwellings were decades old.

This was the first such moment in Xu Taiping's life when he was going to meet his girlfriend's elder.

Thinking about it, he was very much baffled. With a wrinkled face full of smile, grey-haired Liu Yangshi was looking at Xu Taiping. Xu Taiping didn't know what he should do.

Luckily Liu Yangshi was a very kind-hearted person. When she saw the boyfriend of her beloved granddaughter, she was happy from the bottom of her heart. He drew Xu Taiping to herself and enquired about his wellbeing and also embarra.s.sed Xu Taiping quite a few times.

Liu Yangshi had several daughters and sons. Many decades ago, the fertility rate of women in China was very high, so was their contribution toward their country. Xia Jinxuan's mother was the second daughter of Liu Yangshi. Xia Jinxuan had a big aunt and two more aunts who were smaller than her mother. She also had two uncles.

The whole house was full of laughter. Today was Liu Yangshi's birthday, almost every one of the younger generation was present there to pay their respect. Xia Jinxuan had specially arranged the setup for cooking in the courtyard. She then arranged three tables each on the first and second floor of the house. Altogether there were 6 tables, enough for around sixty people.

"Xiao Xu, although the temperament of this granddaughter is not good, however, she is very filial to us. And she doesn't know bad from the good. She is very pure-hearted. That's why if sometimes she throws a tantrum, please accommodate for her."

'Xiao Xu, you have the gift of heaven. Is very much suited to be together with our little Xia. you have obtained a treasure!"

Many of Xia Jinxuan's aunt and uncle were exchanging pleasantries with Xu Taiping while looking at the gate from time to time.

After a long time, when they saw that Xia Jiang had still not come, Xia Jinxuan's 3rd aunt asked," how come Jinxuan's father not here. When will he come?"

"Aunt, father is not sure if he can come." Xia Jinxuan's 3rd aunt's complexion was somewhat strange.

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