Rylee Adamson: Blind Salvage: Part 21

List Of Characters.

Rylee Adamson: Tracker and Immune who has dedicated her life to finding lost children. Based near Bismarck, North Dakota.

Liam O'Shea: Previously an FBI agent. Now he is a werewolf/Guardian as well as lover to Rylee.

Giselle: Mentored Rylee and Milly; Giselle is a Reader but cannot use her abilities on Rylee due to Rylee's Immunity. She died in "Raising Innocence".

Millicent: AKA Milly; Witch who was best friend to Rylee. Now is actively working against Rylee for reasons not yet clear.

Kyle Jacobs: Rylee's personal teenage hacker-human.

Doran: Daywalker and Shaman that helps Rylee from time to time. Located near Roswell, New Mexico.

Alex: A werewolf trapped in between human and wolf. He is Rylee's unofficial sidekick and loyal companion. Submissive.

Berget: Rylee's little sister who went missing 10 years prior to "Priceless". In "Raising Innocence" Rylee found out that Berget is still alive. In "Shadowed Threads" Rylee discovers Berget is the "Child Empress" and a vampire.

Dox: Large pale blue-skinned ogre. Friend of Rylee. Owns "The Landing Pad" near Roswell, New Mexico.

William Gossard: AKA, Will. Panther shape shifter and officer with SOCA in London. Friend to Rylee.

Louisa: Tribal Shaman located near Roswell, New Mexico.

Eve: Harpy that is now under Rylee's tutelage as per the Harpy rule of conduct.

Faris: Vampire and general pain in the a.s.s to Rylee. He is in contention for the vampire "throne" against Rylee's little sister, Berget.

Jack Feen: Only other Tracker in existence. He lives in London and is dying.

Agent Valley: Senior in command in the Arcane Division of the FBI.

Blaz: Dragon who bonded (reluctantly) with Rylee in "Shadowed Threads".

Pamela: Young, powerful witch that Rylee saved in "Raising Innocence". She is now one of Rylee's wards.

Charlie: Brownie who acts as Rylee's go between when working with parents on all of her salvages. Based in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Dr. Daniels: aka "Daniels" is a child services worker and a druid Rylee met up with in "Raising Innocence". Rylee and Daniels do not like one another.


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