Returning from the Immortal World: 1177 Pulling A Snake From Its Hole

A frosty light flashed in Tang Xiu's eyes as he instantly shot a sharp dagger to Ozawa's throat and accurately pierced it.

It was one shot instakill!

Oshima was horrified. He staggeringly paced back several steps and stared at Tang Xiu in horror. The tens of men Ozawa brought were similarly shocked at this moment, for they never dreamed that their Boss would unexpectedly be killed by the other party in an instant. The culprit didn't even stand up and just threw a dagger.

"What the h.e.l.l are you gawking for? KILL HIM!!!"

Gritting his teeth, Oshima shouted aloud while guarding against Tang Xiu in case he shot him with a dagger as well. He was crystal clear, today's incident would be blown-up out of proportion. It could have been still manageable if it was just the guest who got killed or his men got beaten up, but the death of Ozawa would definitely make this issue bigger and far from over.

Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and apathetically said, "Fulfill their wish to die since they've asked for it. Save that Oshima fella for me. It's rather difficult to find someone who can speak English here. I can make use of him to have some trash talk with some others."

Hei Xiong and Xue Sha drew their pistols from their waists and aimed the dark muzzles at the tens of big men. Sparks of fire ignited as the duo pulled the triggers and each bullet claimed a soul after it hit each man's glabella.

That was literally a ma.s.sacre, a completely one-sided slaughter.

These tens of big men were like wheat getting blown by the north wind. Only less than ten of them were still alive in just a few seconds since Hei Xiong and Xue Sha each brought four pistols and fully emptied their bullets.

"RUN! They are demons!"

One person among these st.u.r.dy men, who suddenly sobered up from the fright due to the ma.s.sacre, quickly ran and tried to escape from this h.e.l.lish place.


Six throwing knives suddenly appeared in Xue Sha's hand. He flicked his hand and threw one of the knives at the man, which pierced the back of his head. He watched as the man's body loudly slammed on the floor and simultaneously threw the other five which stabbed the throats of another five men.

At the same time, Hei Xiong dashed forward like a bolt of lightning toward the remaining men. His figure instantly appeared before their eyes and the Mitsubishi army knife in his hand quickly pierced their hearts and slashed their throats.

All that was happening didn't make any ripples on Tang Xiu's face. He indifferently said, "Well, I hope you're a smart man, Mr. Oshima. Only smart people can live for a long time. Don't even think to run as you can never escape. Come over and kneel before me and we'll wait for the arrival of your reinforcements. I really wanna have a look at your Boss, that Inari Society's Head. I wonder what kind of abilities he has."

Oshima desperately gulped and looked at Tang Xiu as though he was staring at the fearsome Shinigami himself. He wouldn't have opted to stand up had it not been for his tens of subordinates who were lying on the floor, seriously injured and whining. Despite so, he forced himself to suppress his surging fear to walk forward with shaking legs.

"What's up? You refuse to kneel?" Tang Xiu flipped his eyelids and casually asked.


Finally, the man couldn't bear it anymore and knelt in front of Tang Xiu. A pleading look on his face, he tremblingly begged. "Please spare me, Sir. I'm at fault for everything. I shouldn't have meddled in your business and tried to apprehend you. I promise I'll correct myself. I will."

"Man, I thought you got some hard iron bones or something. I was thinking of torturing you, yet you directly knelt and desperately begged for mercy? That was unexpected." Tang Xiu shook his head. "This is so boring. So d.a.m.n boring, you got it? Do you know how I wish to see you tasting the feeling to wish for death but unable to have it?"

"I… I'm just a coward and spineless. I… just wanna live well. But you're a bigshot and you don't need to bother about a n.o.body like me. Just… please just let me off." Oshima desperately knocked his forehead until it was bleeding while kowtowing.

"Let you off, huh? Dream on." Tang Xiu contemptuously said, "I won't let you go before your Boss comes here. Cuss at him that he's a dog when he comes later and maybe I can spare you."

"I'll cuss at him. Please believe me, I will."

The fear in Oshima's heart subsided a lot after hearing Tang Xiu mention his Boss. But he still tried hard to act frightful and beg for mercy.

10 minutes later, a middle-aged man in black casual sportswear and holding a golf club walked through the door along with six st.u.r.dy men. His pupils suddenly shrunk after seeing the scene in the dance room. Disbelief and incredulity were all over his face.

So… many people… died?!!

The middle-aged man looked up at Tang Xiu and easily identified him as the leader. He was never a timid man, and without any sign of anger, he came to Tang Xiu's front in an extremely calm manner. He casually threw the golf club to the side and motioned his subordinate to pull a chair as he sat across Tang Xiu, speaking indifferently, "The entire capital is quite chaotic now, but I never thought that someone isn't afraid of death and run up here to cause trouble. But well, let me introduce myself. The name is Mine Takeno. I'm the Head of the Inari Society and this nightclub is one of my businesses. Who exactly are you, Mister? And why did you come here to cause this scene?"

"So you say I did all these with no reason at all? Aren't you a reasonable man?" asked Tang Xiu.

The man was stunned for a moment and then immediately nodded. "Some facts about my ident.i.ty can't be revealed, but I think I'm a very reasonable man. If you came here to cause trouble, you can expect to meet your maker here today. But if my men were at fault, not only will I not investigate their deaths, I'll also apologize to you."

Tang Xiu gave a thumbs-up and praised. "Truly an exceptional and extraordinary man, aren't you? You can keep your head cool and rational in this situation. That's quite a rare sight! Well, I'll spare some time to chat with you since you're a reasonable man. I brought my woman to spend our time and money here and we should've been the guests of this place, shouldn't we?"

"That's correct!" Mine Takeno nodded.

"You said I'm your guests, but then, another guest who looked at my woman's beauty tried to do untoward things to her. Wasn't it in my rights to act and teach him?"

"Correct!" said Mine Takeno again.

"I taught that b.a.s.t.a.r.d and his goons a lesson and was about to kick them out. But this Mr. Oshima told me that such b.a.s.t.a.r.d who hara.s.sed my woman must be killed. I was always weak to provocation, so I killed him directly. Is this… also the right thing to do?"

Mine Takeno grabbed the kneeling and desperate-looking Oshima at the side, asking in a heavy voice, "Did he speak the truth?"

Oshima wept and replied, "Yes!"

Mine Takeno slapped his face and sent him flying a few meters away. Then, he shifted back to Tang Xiu and nodded. "You were in the right."

"I know that, so I did it according to Mr. Oshima's instruction. The issue could have ended then, but this fella unexpectedly acted unreasonably. He took out his men and tried to apprehend me. What would you do if you were in my shoes? You didn't pick on them, yet they were trying to capture you. Is this the right conduct?"

"It's wrong!"

Gradually understanding the root of the matter, although most of Mine Takeno's killing intent was aimed at Tang Xiu, some of it now shifted to Oshima.

"Your men wanted to apprehend me, it was just natural for me to resist!" Tang Xiu added with a smile. "I thought everything was over after these two men of mine got Mr. Oshima's men beaten up since the person I killed was someone who was not one of you. Yet, did he just let it drop? Nope. He actually summoned tens of hoodlums, and even the leader of these ragtag vagabonds wanted to kill me. Don't you think I must fight back since they wanna kill me?"

Mine Takeno clenched his fists tightly. Although he was sitting on his spot, his right fist still bombarded toward Oshima, an image of a fist hitting the man's chest and directly killing him.

Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes. Oshima himself was a cultivator and quite a strong one at that. Even though he was weaker than Golden Core experts, he was likely able to barely fight on par with experts at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

"You haven't answered me. Should I fight back?"

Mine Takeno drew in a deep breath and nodded. "It's within your rights."

"It's all clear, then!" Tang Xiu raised his thumbs up again and said, "Now I like you a bit. Anyway, I went on to say to those gangsters who wanted to kill me that I and my men were so scared! After all, it's hard to fight so many with so few men, but we just can't let them kill us like that, right? So my two men took their pistols out and kind of pulled the triggers randomly."

"That was just some random shots?"

Mine Takeno had just observed the situation of the dead people in the hall and each and every one of them was shot right on their glabella. It was obvious proof that these men were expert marksmen. How could that be claimed as some random shots?

"And well, things ended up like you just saw here. Do you think we're at fault for the whole incident today? We are not, are we? But since you've come, we had better sit together to sip some tea and chat. We could've stroke a deal to cooperate in some fields. But at the end of the day… we have now inexplicably become enemies because of your subordinate. Quite annoying and exasperating, isn't it?"

Mine Takeno took out a cigarette pack and lit one. Then, he spoke, "You're right. That was annoying and exasperating. But it was you who was at fault, not my men."

Clap, clap, clap…

This time, Tang Xiu didn't raise a thumbs up but clapped and said, "What extraordinary imposing manner. Truly deserving to be a cultivator, huh?"

A chilling light flashed in Mine Takeno's eyes. He didn't expect Tang Xiu to have found out that he was a cultivator. Suddenly, he inquisitively asked in a chilling voice, "Who are you, exactly?"

"Me?" Tang Xiu replied, "I'm nothing but an honest and cautious plain layman."

"You know that I'm a cultivator, and I suppose you also know my other ident.i.ty, don't you?" Mine Takeno sneered. "My guess is, you're from the Joyous Palace!"

Having said that, he stuffed his other hand in his pocket. He thought that Tang Xiu didn't notice it as he texted a short message relying on his senses and then sent it out.

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