Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress: Chapter 265 - Are You Dumb?!

In the afternoon, Wen Xinya went to the hospital's backyard for a walk. When she returned, she actually saw Ning Shuqian. She was wearing conservative casual clothes which covered the skin all over her body and had snow-white bandages on her cheeks, looking like she was injured.

Wen Xinya couldn't help but follow her out of curiosity to a VIP ward, of which Wen Haowen's furious voice could be heard from. "What, there's no registration of an unfamiliar vehicle within the Corporation's vehicle registration? Impossible… otherwise, that car grew wings and flew into the bas.e.m.e.nt?"

Wen Xinya was stunned—she didn't expect that Wen Haowen was actually also in the hospital. She looked towards the slit in the door and saw Wen Haowen's bruised, swollen, and unbearable to watch face—if not for his voice, she almost couldn't recognize him.

His body was covered in bruises and wounds, looking badly injured all over.

Wen Haowen was injured?

Who actually ruthlessly beat him?

Wen Haowen's voice was extremely irritable as he roared to the phone. "How could I know what car it was—I was covered by a black sack, how could I see?"

Hearing this, Wen Xinya understood. He was indeed beaten up violently underhandedly.

At this point, Wen Haowen took the phone away from his ear and barked to the phone. "You're speaking nonsense! I didn't even see the other party's car clearly and can see the people who a.s.saulted me? Are you dumb? Idiot! Useless!"

Wen Xinya vaguely understood. Wen Haowen had always been narrow-minded. After being a.s.saulted, how could he let the matter rest—he would definitely get people to investigate it.

Wen Haowen's fury was burning up—whoosh whoosh whoosh—as he wished to destroy the phone in his hand. "Report to the police, when did I say I wanted to report to the police—our Wen Family can't afford to lose face like this. You go investigate, investigate thoroughly. If you can't get any leads, I'll hold you responsible."

Wen Xinya couldn't help but snicker, feeling a sense of satisfaction! Wen Haowen had always been the most concerned about his reputation, how could he report this to the police—his subordinate must have been scared out of his wits by Wen Haowen's fury!

"What, can't investigate? The car park is covered by the surveillance system and there's actually no leads at all—how could it be?"

Wen Haowen's widened eyes in disbelief, coupled with his unbearable pig's head, it was indeed extremely terrifying.

Wen Xinya's heart skipped a beat. To be able to sneak into the Wen Corporation so mysteriously and avoid all the surveillance cameras within the car park—this was not something that a normal ruffian could accomplish. Unless it was…

A spark arose in Wen Xinya's head!

Si Yiyan!

How could there be such a coincidence in the world—she was just hospitalized after being hit by Wen Haowen, and Wen Haowen was also badly beaten up by others the following day!

Thinking of which, Wen Xinya couldn't help but be amused. A high, mighty, arrogant, and cool person like Si Yiyan was actually capable of such a pointless and childish act—it made her feel astonished and yet not know whether to laugh or cry.

Such an act of Si Yiyan didn't interfere with her life but made her extremely touched. There was actually a man who already cared enough about her to stop at nothing to avenge her smallest grievance—how could she be unmoved?

"A bunch of useless idiots, can't even take care of a small thing—why should I still keep you guys?" Wen Haowen was so angry that he threw the phone in his hand at the wall.

The business phone proved to be of reliable quality, as it remained standing even after suffering such violence!

Wen Haowen looked at the intact phone on the floor and instantly kicked it to the edge of the wall in a fit of anger.

As the vigorous movement implicated his injuries, his unbearably horrible face became momentarily twisted due to the pain. "Ah ah ah… It hurts so bad. If I were to find out who attacked me, I'll definitely have to skin him alive."

Ning Shuqian was so terrified that she was trembling all over, but she still bore with her fear and went up to help Wen Haowen. "Haowen, how are you—do you want me to get the doctor over to have a look?"

Wen Haowen was still boiling as he pushed Ning Shuqian aside and vented his anger on her. "B*tch, if it were not for you, my injuries wouldn't be this bad."

Ning Shuqian landed on the sofa coincidentally. Although she was not injured, as her body sank and rebounded on the sofa, she still felt giddy and uncomfortable. "Haowen, I'm sorry. I really didn't do it on purpose. I didn't expect you to suddenly come back and treated you as… that's why…" At this point, her eyes were already blurry with tears. "Now, although I can't endure your injuries for you, I can at least share your weal and woe."

Wen Haowen's anger had also been vented for some time. Seeing Ning Shuqian's still red and swollen face, it indeed matched her words—to share his weal and woe. Thus, his anger simmered down.

Ning Shuqian looked at Wen Haowen with her pair of teary eyes as her pale-tinged lips wanted to speak but hesitated.

She probably forgot that her face was injured. Coming from a face too horrible to look at, such an expression was instead very horrifying. Wen Haowen's anger started steaming up again—poof poof poof. "Are you dumb? Speak your mind if you wish, don't f*cking hesitate like this."

Ning Shuqian was shaking in fear when she said, "Haowen, why would you be violently a.s.saulted out of the blue? Could it be Wen Xinya—you injured her badly yesterday and in turn got beaten up today. How could there be such a coincidence in the world?"

Wen Xinya widened her eyes suddenly as she stood outside the ward. Indeed, Ning Shuqian wouldn't give up any opportunity to incite Wen Haowen.

This just happened to work for Wen Haowen. Chances were that he would believe her words.

Unexpectedly, the extremely hot-tempered Wen Haowen waved his hand impatiently. "It wasn't her. Those people were something—she doesn't have the capability."

Judging from the isolated words and phrases revealed by those people, it seemed to be unrelated to Wen Xinya.

Furthermore, Wen Xinya would never have the guts to act on him at the Wen Corporation.

However, Ning Shuqian was relentless. "Haowen, don't forget that she'd previously roamed the streets and must have her ways. Also, I heard that she's quite close to the young master of the Gu Family which has connections with both the government and the underworld all along. I feel that this was highly likely her doing?"

Wen Haowen became quick-tempered again. "I said it wasn't her and that's it. Why are you so full of nonsense—shut up."

Wen Haowen mind was filled with a phrase that one of the men said to him as he kicked him. "Our boss' possession isn't something that you can touch."

Recently, he had heard that the government wanted to develop an east-west train line. Once he had gotten wind, he immediately got ready to secure a piece of land at the western district. However, unexpectedly, it was stopped by a mysterious person who managed to do the same before him. Naturally, he was unwilling to accept it. He understood that the contract had yet to be signed and got people to negotiate with the property owners in private. However, some owners had rejected the negotiations, shown great fear of that mysterious person, and even reminded the people that he sent to beware of attracting trouble. He vaguely felt that this was the reason.

He was also actively investigating this matter to find out that mysterious person's ident.i.ty through the grapevine.

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