Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal: Chapter 349 - Coming To Create Havoc

Chapter 349: Coming to Create Havoc

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Very soon, three guys and two girls, a total of five young people, briskly walked up to the stage. The two girls wore white bandanas and wore pants with bottoms almost as wide as the waist. Once they went on stage, they stood in position both left and right respectively and made a very cool pose. The three guys also started to carry out street dance movements along with the music. The screams of the girls below the stage instantly overpowered the music. Just then, the ceiling lights also started to gradually turn faster from the slower speed just now, and eventually, it was spinning insanely like a football that had been kicked, making the faces of everyone below change along with the lights, carrying a ghostly feeling.

"It's just so-so." Young master Bin was not very satisfied. "These movements are too simple. When will they put their heads against the floor and start spinning?"

The pretty girl was a little disappointed as well. "Isn't there any Popping?"

Just then, suddenly, five more young people dressed in street dance clothing hopped onto the stage. Once they went onto the stage, they pointed and gestured at those three guys and two girls. Young master Bin instantly smiled and said, "En, there are actually people here to have a 'dance battle.' Now, this is truly quite interesting."

Very soon, the previous five people lost. They weren't to be blamed actually, as on the clothes of those five people that came later "Tianjing Dance Academy" was written. One look at it and it was obvious that this was a truly professional team. Their dance moves were truly very outstanding, as they placed their heads against the floor and spun around, doing a Thomas Flare and so on. Lastly, a girl started performing the Popping…

After the dance battle had ended, the five people that came later took the lead, s.n.a.t.c.hed the microphone at the side of the stage and loudly asked, "Have we danced well?"

Everyone below the stage loudly replied, "Yes!"

That person continued, "We are students from Tianjing Dance Academy. We will be performing at three nightclubs in West Fourth Loop, and they will be free of charge for a month as well. If everyone would like to go and take a look, we welcome you all!"

After this lad had spoken, he craftily glanced around and said, "I know that this place will definitely not welcome us anymore, and there may even be people from the triads trying to find trouble with us. But we're not scared of this."

By then, young master Bin had already understood. "He's here to create havoc. There are probably quite a number of people from the triads within the crowd below. Once they start to fight, it'll definitely become chaotic. Someone actually dares to make trouble at Young Master's territory, it's really rare!"

That pretty girl asked, "They aren't just making trouble here, are they?"

Young master Bin said, "If not, what can they do? If they really start a fight and wreck the place, the losses here will be even worse. Most importantly, the other party has already said that it will be free of charge for a month. It's definitely impossible to stop the customers from going over if they want to."

As expected, once they heard that the other three nightclubs would be free of charge for a month, everyone present instantly left. Those five dance academy students c.o.c.kily waved at the security guards at the bar and strode away.

"Young master Bin, do we go and take a look too?" Currently, there were not many people left in the nightclub already. That pretty girl whispered, "I wonder how things are like over there. I'm a little curious."

"Hehe, of course, many people would go to places that are free of charge," Young master Bin smiled and said, "But let's not get involved in this. It's too unbecoming of our status to join them in a place free of charge."

"That's true, hehe."

Tianjing City, West Fourth Loop.

Ever since the other three nightclubs had announced that they were free of charge, Ye Lai Xiang's sales volume had decreased, and within just a short two days, it had almost plunged to the bottom. Though there were still many old customers who came to support them, since they had chosen to come here to spend money instead of going to the free of charge one, it wouldn't be nice to charge their services and products at the original price, right? Thus, eventually, though they still charged money, everything was already at the original cost. They could definitely not think about earning money from this.

Not only had Ye Lai Xiang suffered from such a mad trend, the few other large scale internet cafes, billiard parlors, and other entertainment places, as well as the pubs and cafes, had also decreased their price tremendously. Even the motels had advertised a 70% discount.

In the blink of an eye, all the places of entertainment that Hong Dali had previously purchased went into an emergency situation, and the situation was already quite critical.

After all, Toyoda Conglomerate was filthy rich. This time, Ko Gohon had invested a huge amount. Not only did he make everything free of charge, he even spent huge sums of money to hire a few second-grade celebrities to perform there. The popularity in West Fourth Loop reached a peak again, and all the properties under Hong Dali that had all along enjoyed great business had a low level of popularity now.

Hong Family estate, Forest Capital, in the small conference room.

"This time, Ko Gohon is really playing it big." Hong Tu rubbed his temples and mumbled, "He actually dares to do something like that. In the entire West Fourth Loop, as long as Dali's properties are there, there would be his free of charge places as well. Now, once people mention about where to go, they'd all choose his places at their first choice."

"Yes, though all these are only small properties to Dali, if it continues like this…" Hong Wei was rather despondent as well. "I'm just afraid that Dali's psych will be too greatly affected by this."

"Dali's side hadn't had any reaction about this?" Hong Ying asked. "Previously he'd won the bet against Ko Gohon and got 10 Toyoda top grade limousines. Isn't he worried about such a big matter?"

"I don't know how Dali thinks either." Hong Tu dispiritedly said, "Now, he only knows how to either stay in Chenhui Building the entire day to play around or else he's off to play whatever he likes to and doesn't seem to care about this the least bit. He's so carefree that it makes people angry! But recently, I've heard that he looked for quite a number of children of celebrities. I don't know what he's up to."

"Sigh…" Hong Wei shook his head. "Forget it, let's see how he plans to deal with it first. I just feel that this matter isn't as simple as it seems. But I still think that Dali won't treat this as if he doesn't know about it. He definitely has some plans in mind, but it's just that he hasn't carried them out yet."

"Mm, it should be the case." Hong Tu stroked his mustache. "This child has always had good ideas. Honestly, I would really quite like to see what he plans to do now, hehe."

Sangle building, in the CEO office.

"CEO Hong," Secretary Xiao Liu stood in front of Hong Weiguo and reported, "The results of Young Master Dali's start-ups have been tabulated. This time, it's really too shocking."

"En, say it." Hong Weiguo grinned and sat on the sofa, as he relaxedly held a cup of tea. "This brat's start-ups are always interesting. Hatsune Tianyi, a virtual young girl displayed by Holographic Projection. This is really quite surprising."

"Yes, hehe." Secretary Xiao Liu took out a doc.u.ment and started to report one by one. "Previously, the scion of Toyoda Conglomerate, Ko Gohon, had waged a bet with Young Master Dali. The details of the bet are to see which of the download count is higher between Min Feiyao's concert and stage nine of 'I Am a Singer.' According to internal investigations, Ko Gohon used the Internet Water Army to inflate the download count. He'd allegedly spent 5 to 6 million to do so, but alas, he still failed and lost five Toyoda Emperor Grade limousines and five Toyoda Prime Minister Grade limousines to Young Master Dali. The market price of these cars is 15 million."

"Hahaha, this little prodigal is quite capable." Hong Weiguo roared with laughter. Though he already knew the results of the bet this time, he was still very excited as he heard of it now. "I've heard about this, but that little rascal didn't say what he's going to use these cars for?"

"CEO Hong," Secretary Xiao Liu started to sweat. "Young Master Dali says he plans to use these cars as taxis in the sci-fi town."

"En." Hong Weiguo calmly drank his tea. "This little rascal can do such a thing. He's always been generous with his money."

"Yes." Xiao Liu held his laughter in. "But the reason why Young Master Dali did this is quite interesting."

"Mm? What did he say?" Hong Weiguo curiously asked, "I know that he's always spent a lot of money at once, but this time there's even a reason? What reason?"

"Young Master Dali says…" Secretary Xiao Liu violently swallowed in his saliva. "Young Master Dali says that in that case, with just 5 yuan, you can get onto the Emperor— car however you want to!" He deliberately separately read out the Emperor and car, this lad was actually quite mean…

PU—!!! As expected, upon hearing what Xiao Liu said, Hong Weiguo instantly spat out his tea. "Cough, cough, where did this little rascal get his idea from, but I like it, hahahaha!"

The Hong Family and the Toyoda Conglomerate were enemies for tens of years. Now that Hong Dali had vented out their anger for them, Hong Weiguo was thus understandably very happy. Back then, during that war, the Hong Family had suffered from many casualties and deaths.

"Alright, then, are there any other matters?" After laughing for a while more, Hong Weiguo asked. "This little rascal also does these funny kinds of stuff every time."

"Young Master Dali won very clearly in the first bet," Xiao Liu continued. "But Ko Gohon didn't let things go like that and initiated a second bet."

"Mm, this is reasonable." Hong Weiguo smiled. "Of course he plans to win back the most high-end cars that have been lost to Dali and are going to be rented as taxis. Then, what did Dali say?"

"Young Master Dali agreed, but this time…" Xiao Liu looked at the information. "This time, the two of them are competing on the viewership ratings of two programs of theirs. Young Master Dali is filming a drama, the 'iPartment,' and there's another program called 'Where Are We Going, Dad'."

" 'iPartment', 'Where Are We Going, Dad'?" Hong Weiguo mumbled. "Will this work?"

"It should… work…" Xiao Liu thought for a while and said, "Young Master Dali always has many ideas, I think that it will work out."

"Mm, are there any others?" Hong Weiguo felt that this should still be feasible. After all, Hong Dali seemed rather knowledgeable regarding the entertainment aspect.

"There's still another thing." Xiao Liu said, "A few nightclubs around Ye Lai Xiang have announced at the same time that they would be free of charge for a month. This had a great impact on Ye Lai Xiang's business, and currently, Ye Lai Xiang can only survive on a few old customers and at least ensure that it doesn't suffer losses."

"It's fine to suffer that bit of losses." Hong Weiguo was entirely unconcerned about it. "Those are just small businesses that are worth a few millions, it doesn't matter. Go and transfer some funds to that side to ensure that they can continue operating. As for the rest, we can just wait for Dali to think of ways to deal with them."

"OK." Xiao Liu looked at the doc.u.ment again. "At the moment, there isn't anything else. Then I'll go back first, CEO Hong."

"OK, go."

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