Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi: Chapter 77

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–Aegir POV–

The city of Rafen was wrapped in an uneasy and unsettling atmosphere. The cause is the large army of returning cavalry and the tremendous amount of spoils of war that was brought back.

「It's almost like a migration of an entire nation. Aren't there like 100 carriages?」

「There are 15 of the large type and 75 that are medium type and under, but 20 out of those contain water and fodder.」

Celia does well to remember minute details such as this. It's impressive, but she might be paying too much attention unnecessarily. If you get distracted by the little things and you miss seeing the big picture, that won't be good.

「Haau-! Don't stretch my cheeks when I'm telling you something serious!」

「You did well to come back unharmed, there has not been any particular changes within the territory. ……Although, you've once again brought back such a large amount.」

Adolph, who came galloping on a small donkey-like horse, also seems to be dumbfounded. Well, that's because we brought back thousands of swords, spears and anything worth their weight. Besides that, there are also expensive-looking armors and bows which could help us reform a whole army.

「Well this is……as expected, there's no place for you to leave this.」

「We will be selling most of these. There are few valuables, so just store the spears and regular armors in some empty s.p.a.ce and cover it with a cloak or something, and we'll bring the jewellery and gold back to the mansion.」

「What on earth have you been doing? Don't tell me……」

Adolph has a doubtful tone in his voice. I've done almost exactly what he has imagined probably.

「I just took the things the n.o.bles and businessmen have left behind. Don't worry, since I didn't take anything from the regular citizens.」

「Please do things more moderately, I beg you……」

Adolph lets out a worrisome voice as he brings several people with him to count the spoils of war. He probably wants to create an accurate inventory list. He wants to create a summary of the people, the land, the a.s.sets and doc.u.ment them altogether.

Celia is doing something similar, but she leaves out some crucial steps. On the other hand, Adolph makes absolutely no mistake and doesn't leave anything out. He is very talented but it's more impressive that he doesn't get depressed by doing such detailed and troublesome tasks. Maybe I should bring him with me to have fun with some women.

While thinking about what kind of woman he would like, I leave Leopolt to deal with the general affairs of the returning squad, and bring Celia and Irijina back to the mansion. Pipi is sticking by my side too.

It wasn't that long of an expedition, but I want to embrace the women I've left at the mansion with reckless abandon. I want to be wrapped by the monstrous t.i.ts of Nonna, have Carla service me, and it would be nice if Mel can still squirt breast milk……. While I'm at it, I'll slap Rita's a.s.s too. My chest and crotch are both throbbing in antic.i.p.ation as I open the door, witnessing a strange scene in front of me.

「「Welcome back!」」

Carla and Mel jump forward and kiss me. If I look carefully, they are wearing matching loose one piece dresses. The length is long, but if I roll it up, it looks like I can penetrate them easily. Rita, as well as the sisters Kuu and Ruu, came later to greet me too. This much is fine but…….

Nonna is slumped over on her knees and her shoulders are drooped.

「What's wrong?」

「……uuuuu, please ask the two of them.」

When I went to the two of them, Carla and Mel were full of smiles, holding each other's hands and speaking in unison.

「「The two of us, got pregnant!」」


The only one who let out such a surprised voice was Celia. I let out so much s.e.m.e.n inside them when I embraced the two of them that it knocked them up. It would be stranger if they didn't get pregnant.

「Is that so? That's good. Come here.」

I hug the two of them close to me and stroke their heads. Both of them are older than me, especially Mel, who is 17 years above me in age, but she's still my cute girl.

「Ehehe, I suddenly didn't feel too good. I thought it was some sort of illness, but Mel was also feeling the same way.」

「We had a doctor look at it as well, so there is no mistaking it.」

Carla is begging me to praise her, while Mel takes my hand and places it on her belly to stroke. It might still be too soon so I can't tell when I touch her, but knowing that my kid is in there makes me feel a strange sensation.

「I don't know what I should do……should I let you rest?」

In any case, I have no clue about parenting.

「Ufufu, you don't have to worry, since bearing the child is a woman's job. It's fine if you treat us as you have always done before. I'm not bragging, but I have already bore three children, so I can also give some advice to Carla-san. Please be at ease.」

Having a veteran pregnant woman like Mel around rea.s.sures me. If it was just Carla, then it would cause me to worry.

「I won't be climbing up any roofs anymore. It'll freeze my belly if I go outside to pee, so I'll refrain from doing that too.」

You shouldn't be doing those things in the beginning. So she's been doing that kind of stuff outside all this time……?

「Mel, if Carla does anything strange, don't be afraid to scold her. Carla should also listen to what Mel says.」

「Yees~. It's Aegir's child after all. I will cherish it.」

「I understand. It should take around the same time, so we should bear strong children together.」

Rita, Kuu, Ruu, and Sue, who started to walk, appeared and are having fun excitedly, surrounding the two of them. Celia, who recovered from the shock, is now carefully touching the belly, as if touching something fragile. Irijina was told to definitely not be too forceful, so just in case, she is using just a fingertip to tap repeatedly. The two's stomachs aren't that different in terms of appearance, but Celia and Irijina are extremely interested in the life existing inside. Within this harmonious atmosphere, there is one woman who is carrying a gloomy aura.

「Don't worry too much about it. This is a long awaited time, why not celebrate?」

「Of course, I'll give them my blessings. But it's not that – maybe my own womb is telling me that it hates me that it can't get pregnant, and it's such a pathetic feeling……」

In actuality, Nonna, having claimed that she herself is the legal wife, is a little conscious of the fact that even after I have embraced her so much, she is the only one who didn't get pregnant.

「That kind of thing happens too. You're only 19 now, right? From now on, I will continue to embrace you without hesitation and you'll get pregnant somewhere during that time.」

「But if a boy is born first!! …………well, one has already been born, right? I guess it might not make sense that I'm in such a hurry.」

Nonna buries her face into my chest and whispers a soft thank you. I don't know what she's thanking me for, but I guess I'll hug her for now.

「Aaah–!! Nonna is doing it!」

Carla's loud voice broke our quiet time together.

「I am not! Aren't we just hugging each other?」

「Then what about that hand?!」

Before I knew it, Nonna's hand was rubbing my crotch.

「That is, well his precious thing has gotten excited, so I thought……you know.」

Having Nonna hug me is equivalent to her pressing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s against me. My c.o.c.k that came back from the battlefield is basically declaring that it is already l.u.s.ting for women.

「We're going to be doing it for real now, so it should be fine.」

But I can't f.u.c.k the pregnant girls.

「I don't think I could penetrate you, but you could use your mouth and hands. Your bellies don't really stand out yet either, so that shouldn't dampen your moods, right?」

Mel and Carla haven't done it in a while so they may be craving for it.

「Then let's go take a bath. Rita, you come too, I'll make love to you.」

「Thank you very much.」

I'll have to be affectionate with all the women in the house who had to wait. Having rich s.e.x is the secret to maintaining good relations.h.i.+ps with women.

「Well then, Irijina-san. Shall we wash our bodies in a separate place?」

「I guess. We can't get in the way, oh wait! But can the two of us fool around and comfort each other!?」

「No, we won't!! Let's at least go somewhere Aegir-sama is not!!」

They seem to be having their own fun over there.

The bathroom in the feudal lord's mansion in Rafen was hastily made, and was narrower and more poor-looking than the one we initially in the capital, but it has been gradually renovated and has gotten bigger. It might already be better than the one in the capital now. In any case, this is my territory so I can do as I like.

「It got bigger again, didn't it.」

「Yes, the one at the capital was big too, but as expected, it couldn't fit everyone together in the water.」

As soon as we entered the bathroom, Mel, Carla, Nonna, Rita and I poured water on ourselves and washed our bodies. Nonna and Rita washed their own bodies by using a soapy cloth to thoroughly wipe themselves, then used their bodies full of bubbles to press against me and wash me as well. It's not good for Carla and Mel to press against their stomachs, so Mel sucked on my lips while Carla sucked on my d.i.c.k.

「Hardlett-sama doesn't have to do anything. We will do everything for you after all.」

「When it has been awhile, it really feels thick, it doesn't fit in my mouth. Uwaa, your b.a.l.l.s are heavy-! You've acc.u.mulated a lot, haven't you?」

「Aegir-sama, you better not c.u.m yet. You'll save up lots and then release that thick juice inside me.……」

After the women finished was.h.i.+ng my body, even going as far as cleaning my a.s.shole, they lead me to the bathtub. With the temperature of summer in mind, even bathing a long time in the warm water won't cause the temperature to rise that much.

As I enter the bathtub, I hug Nonna from behind as we sink together into the water.

「I'll have to first pound you with all of my acc.u.mulated sperm.」

「I'm happy.」

Nonna sits on top of me while I am crossed-legged and wiggles around, trying to adjust her own position to match that of my d.i.c.k. Once she was satisfied, she grabs my c.o.c.k and inserts it inside her by herself.

「Aaah……it's been so long since I've had Aegir-sama inside me…………」

Once it entered her deepest part, I waited ten seconds to fully taste the pleasure, then slowly started to move. Along with our movements, the water sloshed around and made splas.h.i.+ng sounds.

「It feels quite slippery. Have you been longing for it?」

「Yes, I have been longing for this sinful c.o.c.k…… you probably l.u.s.ted for several women on the battlefield, right?」

Just a few people.

「Right now, this meat rod is yours. Savor it as much as you want.」

「I will! You can touch my b.r.e.a.s.t.s too……」

「We will do it.」

Carla cuts into the conversation and sucks on Nonna's breast. Mel also smiles as she sucks on the other breast.

「Hey wait! What are you two-!? Aa~ don't! Don't suck on my nipples!!」

I can also clearly hear the sucking sounds coming from them. They weren't just putting their mouths on them, but were genuinely trying to suck something out. Nonna is trying to separate them from her nipples so I restrain both her hands.

「Aegir-sama! Whyy?! Aaah, Carla don't bite meee!!!」

It would be a waste to let an interesting moment like this end.

「They're really big, aren't they……? If something this monstrous exists, then it makes us look flat! We'll have to get rid of the monsters!」

Carla grabs the nipple and pulls on it. Nonna throws her head backwards and screams. I would reproach them for being too violent, but they weren't being too forceful, and the tightening sensation is quite nice.

「Even though the b.r.e.a.s.t.s are so big, the nipples are this cute……. But their color is a little dark though. Take this-♪」

「Don't talk about the color! I really……aaaaaaaah-!! Mel-san bit me! Stop it!!」

Mel grazes her nipple with her teeth. It made Nonna raise her hips and moan loudly.

「Mel, don't hurt her too much.」

「Sorry about that.♪」

I didn't think they were being serious, but teeth marks were left on Nonna's nipple. Mel appears to be gentle on the outside but she has a rather merciless manner of doing things.

After that, Carla and Mel, the pregnant concubines, continued their thorough group attack on the defenseless Nonna, making her completely exhausted.

「Nonna? You two really overdid it. She's dead-tired now.」


I don't hear any feeling of remorse from these two. However, now that her body is completely relaxed, the mouth deep inside her body might open up easier. If I'm lucky, I might be able to grant her wish. I grab the large b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the continuously teased woman and thrust my hips up into her.

「Nonna! Get pregnant!!」

I thrust up into Nonna, lifting her exhausted body above the water surface and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e. Maybe soaking in the warm water made things better, but I can tell that a thick, almost solid, stream of s.e.m.e.n flowed into her from my d.i.c.k.

「Aah-……it's coming out.」

The force of the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n brought Nonna to her senses and she places her hand on her stomach happily.

「Mel, go on and feel it. You can tell that it's shooting out.」

「Ara, you're right. I wonder how long it'll continue.」

The two concubines are making a fuss around the area where I'm connected with Nonna, the part that couldn't fit inside and was above the water surface. With such a stimulus, a large amount of s.e.m.e.n was further sprayed out.

「Nonna~ can you tell? It's making squirting sounds as it flows into you. You'll be like us quite soon, I'm sure.」

「With such a huge amount of seeds, the egg inside Nonna-san must currently be getting scrambled.」

While staring at the part we are connected and listening to the dirty talk, Nonna trembles.

Eventually the long e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n finished as I lowered my waist and let Nonna sink back into the water.

「Fuu, that felt good. How about you?」

「It was the best……. I received a lot too.」

My d.i.c.k is pulled out from her, but it would be a waste for the s.e.m.e.n to flow back out, so Nonna holds it in as she gets up from the water. Well, time for the next person.

「Rita, you want some too, right? I'll embrace you now, so come over here.」

Outside the bathtub, Rita was desperately rubbing herself, as she waddles over and shakes her prided a.s.s towards me while lowering it on top of my waist. With such a large a.s.s on top of it, my c.o.c.k once again regained its strength.

「Which do you prefer, alcohol or fruit juice?」

「There's meat as well.」

After getting out of the bath, me and the wives are relaxing on the sofa, while enjoying the drinks that Kuu and Ruu prepared. Normally, Sebastian and Rita would do that, but the butler is busy preparing for tonight's triumphant celebration and Rita was groaning in the bathroom while waving her a.s.s. Maybe I overdid it a little.

「Hardlett-sama, is it a good time?」

Adolph came when I was enjoying my drinks with my wives in both arms. Adolph places a sheet of paper on the desk while dripping cold sweat in the face of Nonna, who's rolling her eyes, Carla who clicked her tongue, and Mel's smile.

「And this is?」

「It's the list of the spoils of war that I made earlier. I don't know the value of the armor, weapons and jewels so just the amount is listed, while the amount of gold is accurately counted.」

「Hooh, you did well to count it in such a short time.」

「Even though it was just a short period……we returned just before noon and now the sun has already set.」

So we've been doing it that long, no wonder Rita, who's supposed to be resilient, was turned into that state.

「The weapons can be used to some degree by the private army, but I plan to sell all the jewels and valuables of that sort and turn it into gold. Do you know of any merchants who would buy it from us?」

「With this amount, it would be impossible for the merchants in Rafen, comparable to miscellaneous goods shops, to buy it. There are many capable wealthy merchants in the capital of Goldonia though……. Would that be alright with you?」

「Hm? If you think about it normally, I think that there is no choice but to sell it at the capital though.」

「I wouldn't recommend it. It goes without saying that the wealthy merchants in the capital have an intimate relations.h.i.+p with the royalty. The items we have were plundered, right? So if the royalty found out about that detail from the merchants, it would only place an unwanted burden on us.」

I see, it is certainly the case that they won't praise us for stealing from Treia, a nation of friendly relations, no matter how negligible that may be. Besides, if it happens to be worth lots of money, there may be some sort of tax. The civil officials in the capital are constantly aiming for the opportunity to tax the n.o.ble feudal lords after all.

「It won't be blamed publicly and it isn't widely talked about, don't we have such an option?」

Adolph mulls it over in his heart. When the war is over and it becomes peaceful, his existence suddenly increases in importance.

「Maybe Magrado or Stura……? Preferably the latter. That country right now is developing commercially, and there are also many big merchants of which we are seeking. In addition, many of their merchants are not under influence of the nation, so that is convenient.」

「Stura? ……That's across the river, isn't it? Are they going to take the trouble of coming over?」

「The merchants will go wherever they smell gold. Moreover, selling off our items to a third-party country, they will even take things which belonged to the Treia kingdom, so we can sell them confidently.」

「It's fine if you say so. If we can sell them for a lot of money, then it doesn't matter where we sell it.」

「That will depend on the negotiating. Unfortunately, jewels and works of art are outside my specialty so I can't a.s.sess their value. It would be nice if we can somehow hide that weakness during the negotiation.」

Nonna's eyes sparkle.

「Nonna, you can't go.」

The proof that her eyes can't really be trusted lies in the several counterfeit items scattered in our house. Even if you puff your cheeks, you can't.

「If we don't have an address, then it doesn't matter what we say. Let's just do as much as we can. I'll leave the choice of merchant to you.」

「I understand. Then I will give you just the list of gold.」

The record shows various details of the currency and totals of 4000 gold is written.

「I see……」

It wasn't as much as I thought. It is a large amount, but it took close to 3000 gold in expenses to mobilize the army in the first place. The merchants properly took their cash and ran away with their fortunes. We can expect the n.o.bles to bring expensive-looking armor and jewels from their families.

「This conflict has become a valuable experience for us. I came up with some new tactics too, and we didn't have any deficits so it is quite the successful result.」

Leopolt came by and spoke up before I noticed. Seeing as how mercantilism and stuff were outside his field of expertise, he didn't speak up. It is helpful that my subordinates understand their own areas of specialty. Their personalities are strong to begin with, so if their sphere of subjects overlapped, then there would be constant conflicts everyday.

「I guess. There are more soldiers among the citizens too. Please tell Irijina to incorporate them into the private army. The size of the private army will increase and cooperation will improve too.」

「Yes, the eastern army will eventually be returned to the king. The main focus of the new tactics will be to combine the private army with the bow cavalry.」

「I'm counting on you.」

After saying that, Leopolt left.

Now that there are no distractions, I can hold women left and right.

「Will you service me? I want to enjoy myself while I can.」

I'll have to head over to the capital as soon as I rest my body. The king has not particularly called me, but a letter from Erich told me to come quickly, and it was written in a strong tone.

I sighed as he probably just has something to complain about. I hold down Mel's head as she sucks my meat rod and I shoot my s.e.m.e.n in her mouth.

「Aegir-sama's seed is in my womb and in my stomach……」

She brings both hands to her stomach in ecstasy and as soon as Mel removes her mouth, Carla opens hers. Nonna also looks like she wants to service me with her mouth, so I had her use my finger. I'll have to embrace these women as much as I can now.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 20 years old. Summer

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Eastern Independent Army Commander. Troop Count 1950

a.s.sets: 6000 gold (5000 gold Debt )

Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (pregnant concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Sue (daughter), Kuu, Ruu, Rita (imitation maid), Sebastian (butler), Yoguri (house guest)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)
s.e.xual Partners: 49, children who have been born: 7

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