Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi: Chapter 208

Translator: Nat

-Aegir POV-

「It gets cold so quickly after the harvest is over.」

It is still easier to live in the Central Plains compared to the harsh winters of the Federation and the scorching summers in the Empire, but cold is cold.

「Well, it feels that much better when getting into a warm bath though. That reminds me, the new mansion is almost finished. It has an even larger bath than this mansion.」

The water will flow directly from the aqueduct so there is no ha.s.sle from having to acc.u.mulate water from a well, it really helps when the bath is larger in size too.

「Oh right, this is a gift to you. I know you told me you didn't want anything fancy, so it doesn't have a jewel on it, but I think it's still a pretty piece of gold handiwork, do you mind if I see how it looks on you?」

I grab her hand and slip the ring on her finger.

「Umu, its elegance really suits you.」

I hug her and kiss her sweaty shoulder and back.

「I have wine, would you like to drink some?」

Since there was no response, I pour a gla.s.s just for myself and instantly gulp it down.

「It's almost lunch time…… would you like to eat together?」

I was told the main dish for today is pasta with cheese.

I tried calling out to her in different ways, but I don't get any reply.

「Maybe I overdid it……」

Laying face down beside me while breathing hard is the female secretary from Libatis.
Her eyes are open, but it doesn't look like she can see anything right now.

「If you don't eat anything soon, your body won't last.」

Last night, I pounced on her when she was getting in the bath and various things happened.
While she was resisting at first, she started moaning and feeling turned on from around the third round.
It made me happy and I ended up embracing her all through the night, but that might have been too much for her.
I had s.e.x with her for more than half a day while listening to her sleep talk after all.

「Auu…… no more……please. Need water……」

The woman finally opened her mouth to speak, though it was only a weak request for water.

「Here you go.」

I hold her up and bring the cup to her lips.
It seems she doesn't even have the energy to lift her hand.

Her sweat-dampened b.r.e.a.s.t.s are covered with marks from my kisses…… and are quite big now that I give them a second look.
Her nipples are tiny from not being sucked too much and somewhat faint in color.
As for the bottom part, her a.s.s is meaty and doesn't look like it's been fondled much, yet it was able to swallow 70% of my d.i.c.k.

My rod gets hard when I look at it again.
I'm feeling h.o.r.n.y again.

「Can I do it for just a bit more?」

「Eeh!? S-spare me already…… I'll really die.」

「I'll be slow and gentle…… look. It's already inside.」

「Kuuuuh…… something thick is once again-……」

Her womb has already become a wet mess from our juices, but I'm sure we can do it for at least one more time.

One Hour Later

「Sorry for being late. I'll head to the dining hall now.」

「Yes, Master.」

The maid who informed me that the food was ready glanced over at the bed.
The secretary who lay there was in a more horrible state than before…… she's lying unconscious on her back with her legs were spread apart.

「I don't think she'll be able to move for a while. Make something for her when she wakes up.」

「As you wish. Um, let me do the cleaning.」

While wiping down the sweat off my body and putting on my clothes again, the maid comes over.
She takes the towel from my hand and carefully wipes my body.
I thought I could do it myself, though having it done by a woman's soft hand isn't bad.

「Uu! Hey now.」

I feel a jolt of pleasure from my crotch area.
She's using her mouth instead of the towel to clean the important parts.
Looking closer, she's one of the maids I embraced with Marceline.


After using her mouth to polish the entirety of my d.i.c.k, she finishes by sucking intensely, pulling out any seed leftover in my urethra.

「Puhaah, so much…… because master's tool is so large, the amount of seed left inside is almost as much as what a regular man e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.es.」

The maid swallows all of it, not wasting a single drop…… she's definitely tempting me.
Then there should be no problem if I strip her and f.u.c.k her right here and now.

「Pull down your panties and stick your b.u.t.t out.」

「Sorry to say, I can't do that. I'm not wearing any panties, you see.」

This naughty maid, I'll make her faint…….



Casie's head suddenly appears through the door.
Unfortunately, this maid is one of the people who can see her, and she flips out when she does.
Although her genitals are fully exposed because she wasn't wearing any underwear, this isn't the right mood to have s.e.x.

「……don't bother us, Casie.」

At least open the door before coming in.
If you show up so suddenly through the door like that, I'll be surprised too.

(The food is getting cold. I want to eat quickly.)

She's making clinking sounds by hitting the soup plate with a spoon and pouting.
She shouldn't be alive anymore but Casie's attachment to food is strong.
Apparently she didn't eat in the first house she lived in, but now she properly eats three meals a day plus a snack, and if the timing is ever off, she goes to the check the dining room countless times to see if food is ready.

Because the cowardly kitchen maid was afraid of that happening, she made it a point to have food ready at precise times.

(If I don't eat properly, I won't have the strength to live anymore.)

I don't want to hear that from you, you're a ghost.
And stop banging the plate, it's fine since I can see you, but those who can't will only see a floating plate making noise and it will only terrify them.

「Tonight, come when I'm taking a bath. I'll embrace you until you go crazy.」

I cup the ear of the collapsed maid and whisper to her softly.
She nods with a feverish look on her face.

「I thought you would restrain yourself for at least a week.」

「It's not in my nature to leave such a nice woman alone.」

I dodge Celia's criticism while enjoying the after-meal tea.

「……hearing you say that in front of six wives, it's actually quite refres.h.i.+ng and I can't get mad at that.」

Nonna and Carla sigh while smiling bitterly.
At this point, none of the women here make a fuss when I cheat with another woman.
Me sleeping with a woman is as normal as breathing after all.

「Don't brag about having such a disturbing trait!」

The only one angry is Myla, who values discipline and order.
Don't be so grumpy and use the cheerful Celestina as an example.

I pick up the girl who approaches me with a beaming smile.
However, the small sun said something unbelievable next.

「I want brother to embrace me too, I want to be a meat toilet~」

「Your Majesty! Where did you learn such a disgusting word!?」

Monica shouts and rushes over.
Are you going to jump over this two meter long table?

「The maids said it. They were saying how the high cla.s.s royalty were embraced by brother and became a 'meat toilet'. I'm royalty too, so I'll also become that! By the way, what is a meat toilet?」

She heard about what happened to Marceline, huh…….
Don't worry, after five more years, I'll mount you and swing my hips whether you like it or not.
Until then, you can remain innocent.

「So, how was the outcome?」

The absolutely not innocent Leopolt comes over.
What does he mean 'outcome', I just woke up and finished eating.

「I was wondering if there was any new information.」

「According to my personal information, Libatis doesn't trust Goldonia one bit.」

「Of course not. Arkland, Treia, Magrado…… it would be abnormal for them to trust a country who successively destroyed those nations.」

「By the way, what do you mean by personal information?」
「Isn't it the woman he attacked with his d.i.c.k and made her spit out what she knew?」

Nonna and Carla are exchanging comments.
But my information source is a secret.

「If they don't trust Goldonia, then why did they approach us to discuss such important things?」

Celia tilts her head.
That gesture is irresistable.
As I thought, Celia is the best, let me rub her a.s.s.

「I can roughly see what they are thinking. There are probably three powers fighting amongst themselves instead of two. There should be some sort of trick.」

「I'll leave the lie detection to you. If they're trying to fool us, we just have to outsmart them.」

I don't have a grudge against Libatis and I don't have any intentions of fighting them, but they're not exactly my allies either.
The secretary was tasty so I'd like if they were friendly though.

Leopolt quietly lowers his head.
Celia nods with a serious expression, though the other nearby women are giggling.
My hand is freely feeling up her a.s.s so it's quite the comical sight even though she has such a serious look on her face.

「Geez! I was talking about something serious!」

I dodge Celia as she tries to pound my chest and continue speaking.

「According to another piece of information from my personal source, that diplomat called Juno also went to the capital of Goldonia. Apparently, he spoke with the King and Kenneth, but there was no concrete result besides the confirmation of their friendly relations.h.i.+p. The details were all decided by Juno himself so I can't be sure, but…… why did he come to me?」

Is it because I'm close?

「Distance is of course one of the factors. The feudal lords located away from the center also have a higher sense of independence, so he might have come to negotiate because he could do so without worrying too much about what the capital thinks? Our nation has a pretty different political system to theirs, so he must have done his research. This Vice Minister might be a rather formidable opponent.」

It's rare for Leopolt to acknowledge someone.
All these interesting aspects to the situation makes me grin.

「Or he might have thought Lord Hardlett was the easiest to team up with? After all, there are no rumors about his intelligence.」

This guy is definitely making a fool out of me.
One day, I'll have this guy prostrate himself before my ingenuity.

「That reminds me, what happened to Adolph?」

Tristan isn't here either because he's away on a trip.

「It seems Adolph isn't feeling well so he returned to his own room right before noon.」

Well he was up really early in the morning, handling things like planning the distribution of water throughout the city from the aqueduct, checking on the planting of vegetables for the winter harvest for our territory, and after that conducting a heated discussion with Claire regarding the trade with Libatis.
Furthermore, he had to gather the students and give them a lecture before finally collapsing.

「He works too hard. He can take it easier.」

Leopolt and Celia are staring strangely.
Why are they looking at me like that?

「Which means he'll need some healing. I'll arrange two or three prost.i.tutes-……」

「Please don't. I think it's best just to let him sleep.」

Celia unusually interrupts me.

「Sleeping with women makes my fatigue fly away though.」

「It is meaningless to use Lord Hardlett's standard to gauge other humans.」

I was about to reward him for his loyal service too.
There aren't many people who can replace him.
Polte is more skilled than the training students, but…… I think she'll lose in an instant if she argued with Claire.

「I'm here too!!」

Celia is knowledgeable but she has a tendency to fight tooth and nail when appealing, which makes it difficult for others.
If I have to say, it's because her thinking is leaning more towards the military side of things.
Leopolt is out of the question, no one can match him when it comes to getting under a person's skin.
In the near future, I need to think of a way to help Adolph.

「Oh right, one more thing. I believe I will get an invitation to go to the capital city of Libatis soon. If I remember correctly, its name was Tortoent.」

Since pa.s.sing through the Democratic Nation of Libatis a long time ago, I don't remember looking around the capital city, so I'm slightly looking forward to it.

When I lean back against the sofa and drink my tea, I feel something soft beside me.
I take a look and see Nonna's b.r.e.a.s.t.s pressing against me.

「For this trip outside, naturally I, as the legal wife, will be accompanying you.」

「I want to travel with Aegir too! You left me behind last time.」

Carla is also on my knee.
Miti, Maria and Catherine all look at me as if trying to appeal to me as well.
They mutter something about a honeymoon…… just loud enough for me to hear.

「Well, I'll protect this mansion.」

Mel hugs Kuu and Ruu.
She was whispering but I could still hear it without having sharp ears.

「You two should go with him and get pregnant. If you don't do it soon, Miti-san will overtake you. The two of you are my daughters so it should be easy for you to get pregnant…… and when you do it in the missionary position, clamp your legs tightly during the final moment!」

「I would like to go too…… if I get to see different things, I might make some progress with this script of mine.」

「I don't want to be separated from master either.」

「I wanna go too. It feels like my presence is getting weaker lately.」

Yoguri, Leah and Mireille wan to come along too.
It seems like this will become a big problem.

「W-won't you be surrounded in women!? The opposing party will think you're a preposterous fool!」

Myla raises her voice in disapproval but Leopolt unexpectedly comes to support me.

「No, it's better to walk around with many girls and make them think he's an idiot. The other side should be inviting Lord Hardlett to get a feel for him in the first place. At this point, it's more convenient to make them believe he's a s.e.x beast controlled by the urges of his lower half.」

I can see the reasoning behind his words, but it annoys the c.r.a.p out of me.
Nevertheless, this will be a nice little excursion in the days to come.

When everyone was making a fuss, the female secretary walks in unsteadily.
Oops, what we said just now is a secret from her.

「Uuu…… good morning.」

「Good morning. Are you feeling better?」

Nonna swiftly puts on the mask as the legal wife and greets her elegantly.
It actually caused the secretary to start feeling slightly uneasy.
Nonna already knows about everything and I don't think she cares about it too much.

「Hohoho, you used up quite a bit of stamina, didn't you. How are your hips feeling?」

No, it looks like she cares a little bit.
As expected, it's awkward. I'll walk her to the entrance.

「Uu…… thank you very much.」

「Don't worry. I was the one who approached you after all.」

The secretary rubs the ring on her finger and mumbles as her face turns red.

「Now that our relations.h.i.+p is like 'that', you don't need to be use Keigo anymore. Please address me by name.」

「Then don't mind if I do…… secretary…… it's…… er…… hah, hah, hah.」1

The woman's eyes instantly narrow when I try to deceive her, and the next thing I know, I feel an impact on my cheek.
Well, it's the fall season, so it might not be so bad to walk around with a face that has the same colors as the leaves.

-Third Person POV-

One Month Ago, Federation: Western Region, Imperial Army Invading Group Headquarters

「Your Excellency Zaphnes. General Reuger's army has successfully detoured from the inland side to the enemy's defensive line. He is adding to the flank attack on the Federation army.」

Zaphnes smiles contently while sitting on a disproportionately extravagant chair for the battlefield.

「We have the overwhelming superiority in terms of numbers. If we always try to circ.u.mvent and surround the enemy instead of approaching from the front, they have no way to stop us. They can only withdraw.」

Ever since the large engagement on the western plains, Zaphnes changed strategies completely and has been avoiding a frontal attack on the Federation's defense lines.
His tactics always involved the movement towards the flank, which meant the numerically inferior Federation army had no other option than to retreat.
The defense lines would sometimes stretch out horizontally to prevent being surrounded, and when that happened, Zaphnes would just order the military slaves to violently a.s.sault the thinner ranks head-on and breakthrough the frontlines.

「I have to thank Sekrit. We won't have to starve because of her fleet. I thought we would have to sacrifice more military slaves to reduce the number of mouths to feed.」

「Commander-in-chief Sekrit's fleet and the landing squadron will time their attack with our advance and capture the port city. Currently, there is no problem with supplies.」

「Exactly. Not to mention that sealing the sea route means the Federation would have to rely solely on wagons to resupply.」

The Federation might be fewer in number, but they still have close to 1 million soldiers mobilized.
Having to transport food and water daily will become an enormous burden.

「Though they will probably stop pulling back.」

It can be said that the Imperial Army led by Zaphnes has continued to advance steadily, but they have not acquired any important strategic points on the way here from the western plains.
If the Federation army was prepared to cut ties with farming villages and smaller towns, they could also have retreated without hesitation.

However, there are large cities and fortresses lined up along the North Teries River.
It isn't simple to throw such valuable land away.

「It's about time…… they might come now.」

As if affirming those words, a messenger can be heard shouting.

「Urgent message from General Surres! A severe attack by the enemy squad, centered around cavalry, he is requesting for backup from the main army!」

The staff officers move around in a hurried manner.
But the smile on Zaphnes's face does not disappear.

Battle on the Hargo Plains

「The enemy army does not seem to be alerted. If we're going to do it, now is the time.」

On the plains of Hargo where the wind from the sea can be felt, Commander Berov and 15 000 of the Federation's cavalry hide behind the few hills in the area.

「How many of those Imperial pigs are there?」

「20 000 military slaves and 60 000 from the main army behind them.」

The enemy outnumbers him more than five times, yet Berov smiles fearlessly.

「Alright, let's do it. Wait until they get close to the hill, we will use the momentum from running down the hill too.」

「Finally, all we've done so far is retreat…… what is Commander Galchenko thinking?」

Berov doesn't rebuke or agree with his subordinates remark.
Looking at the bigger picture, it is a smarter choice to retreat than to be surrounded.
However, it can't be helped that the soldiers fighting on-site and the captains see it as a cowardly move.
What they need is a victory first and foremost, regardless of plan.

「It doesn't matter that you find fault with His Excellency Galchenko's plan. All we have to do is demolish the enemy in front of us. Let's show our strength to those Imperial pigs.」


The soldiers calm their horses and make sure none of them let out neighs as they hide behind the hill.
They had that much training to be able to do so.
When the Empire's vanguard approached the hill, Berov shouts as loud as he could and then sound of trumpets follow directly after.


The 10 000 cavalry ascend the hill furiously in a single-file line.
A mult.i.tude of hooves trample through the gra.s.sy hill, turning the plants still green from the lingering traces of summer to a light brown.

「Enemy attack—!!! Send out the spears—!!」

The commanders of the Imperial army shout desperately, but were not able to make it in time due to the close distance and their carelessness.
Berov's cavalry use the momentum from rus.h.i.+ng down the hill and charge straight into the Imperial army, still stuck in their marching formation.

「Deflect the enemies in front with the horses' hooves! Cut down the enemies on the right side!」

Everyone draws their light longswords made for mounted combat

「Rebuild the formation! Form a wall with the spe……gyaah!」

The cavalry keep advancing in an all-out sprint without hesitation, closing the distance to the main army of the Empire while routing the military slaves in the vanguard.

「Spear line, ready up!」

However, the main army of the Empire doesn't get perturbed as expected.
As the slave soldiers get routed, the main army soldiers arrange their battle lines and prop up a wall of spears.

「Do it as you trained.」
「Show them our power.」

The Federation cavalry don't falter even after seeing the densely-packed line of spears.
They put away their swords and switch to loaded bowguns while charging on their horses.
Those bowguns were smaller than normal, focusing on ease of carry more than range and power.


The bolts fly all at once and the spearmen fall one after the other.
The supposedly impregnable formation starts coming apart at the seams.

「Charge in!!」

After loosing the bolts on their bowguns, the cavalry abandon the weapons and re-equip their swords as they charge in.
The Empire did not have enough time to rearrange their formation.
A few cavalry were pierced by spears and fell to the ground, but far more broke through the defense lines.

「Don't break rank! Eeei, do anything! Just fight, fight until you die!」

The orders of the Imperial army commanders gradually become meaningless shouting.
Their battle ranks collapse, all order is lost, and the soldiers fall into a state of panic.
Casualties emerge unilaterally from the Empire's side.

「Eeeei, what are you doing!? First, regroup here and send a messenger to request backup from the main army.」

One soldier appeared after getting tired of waiting, adorned in a splendorous outfit completely different from the other troops around him. That person was General Surres, the commander who would unify the army.

「Calm down! They don't have a large force. We can stop them as long as we rebuild our ranks. When they are stopped……」

A new battle cry resounds before Surres could finish speaking.

The number of cavalry under Berov total 15 000, split up into the 10 000 that partic.i.p.ated in the attack just now and 5000 that made a detour around the hill.

「T-they have circled around to our flank! General, your instructions!!」

It started with a sudden ambush, and when the army was just about to reconfigure its formation to deal with the attack, another attack came from the flank.
This should have been enough of a situation to cause the entire army to collapse.

「This is really unfortunate for us! We'll have to retreat slowly in a box formation while waiting for backup to arrive!」

Surres somehow tries to support his collapsing army by raising his voice.
However, the fancily-dressed figure who took command looked too much like a hero and stood out too much.

「If we retreat to the sea, we can also get support from the fleet……guggh!」

The sharp sound of something making an impact could be heard.
One cavalry from the Federation army, which has already made its way to the headquarters, pa.s.ses by and lops off Surres's head.

「General, Your Excellency-!!」「General Surres has been taken out!」「It's all over. Run awayyyyy—!!」

The fight was over at this point.
What would follow next is the transition from a battle to a chase, and then a one-sided slaughter.

On the sea, Imperial Fleet Flags.h.i.+p: Leviathan

The Imperial Fleet led by Sekrit heads north on the clear seas. On the Leviathan, the flags.h.i.+p of that fleet, is the Fleet Admiral's room, a room prepared for her which takes up a large amount of the already limited s.p.a.ce inside a s.h.i.+p, making it incomparable to any ordinary captain's room.

The size of the Leviathan is also detached from common sense.
With a length exceeding 100 m, the enormous s.h.i.+p sets itself apart as the largest of all the other vessels in the Imperial Fleet.
Aside from the 10 special main batteries exclusive to this s.h.i.+p, there are 150 small and large cannons lining the multi-layered decks of the s.h.i.+p.

The s.h.i.+p has armor and various defences even on the waterline, and is a super large cla.s.s s.h.i.+p with no equal. No one would object to calling it a fortress on the sea.

This monster of a s.h.i.+p that the woman is presently aboard just went wild and sent five s.h.i.+ps to the seafloor in the earlier naval battle.

「Your Excellency Sekrit, the city of Syuble has rejected our recommendation to surrender.」

「I see.」

Sekrit's expression remains unchanged as she answers robotically.
The messenger averts his eyes awkwardly.

The source of his expression was the young man crouching on the floor at her feet, wholeheartedly licking the woman from her toned dark-skinned thighs to her genitals.

「Your Excellency…… my beloved Excellency……」

Sekrit looks down coldly at the man who mutters while continuing his caresses.
She then pulls her foot away and kicks the man in the face without any hesitation.


The man was sent flying head-first into the wall with an unimaginable amount of strength packed into her slender body, and then he collapsed to the floor upside down.

「Do you not have eyes or ears? Let go of me already, you fool.」

The man, whose head is now bleeding, doesn't even glance at Sekrit and rushes to the deck after putting his jacket on.
As the woman climbs the stairs, she casually but curtly tells her subordinate.

「I don't need him either. Throw him in the sea.」

「Understood, Your Excellency.」

The woman's subordinates gather on the deck and gaze at the city of Syuble.
All of them are without a doubt waiting for her decision.

「If they're not going to surrender, then burn it all down. As long as the port is untouched, we can transport supplies.」

「They have several cannons lined up on the port. It looks like they intend to fight us.」

Sekrit glares at the man who said the obvious with those characteristic eyes of hers.
The man's shoulder quivers and he shrinks away in fear.

「It'll be fine if we use the turtle like always.」

Several sluggish-looking s.h.i.+ps pa.s.s beside the Leviathan.
The flat turtle-like s.h.i.+ps had no sails and moved unattractively like it was using oars to wriggle around.
It contrasted greatly with the polished outer appearance and gigantic size of the fortress of the sea, Leviathan.

「They're as unshapely as always.」

「Looks don't matter if they kill the enemies. They're much more useful than you incompetent fools.」

When Sekrit glares at the subordinate who tried to lighten the mood, his teeth start to chatter.
Everyone knew that she didn't hold deep affection for any of her subordinates and that it would only take one slip-up for her to hang you from the decks.

The slowly advancing turtle s.h.i.+ps did not have cannons on the side of its hulls like the other s.h.i.+ps in the fleet.
With that said, there is not much excess s.p.a.ce inside the s.h.i.+p so it can't be used as a transport s.h.i.+p either.

The one and only feature of the s.h.i.+p is the towering cannon located in the center of the vessel.
That single cannon riding on top of the s.h.i.+ps was much larger than the main armaments of the Leviathan.

The bombardment s.h.i.+p approached the city of Syuble and waves a red flag.
Preparations are complete.

「The targets are those cannons, mow them down.」

At Sekrit's command, thunderous sounds vibrate the air.
The cannonb.a.l.l.s soar high in the air but don't make impact immediately.

After enough time to take many deep breaths, several dust clouds can be seen rising from the city.
The destruction of buildings and the crumbling of towers was visible to those on the water some distance away as well.
A few moments later, flames from what appeared to be a conflagration and black smoke start to decorate the scene.

「Ooh, what terrifying power!」「As expected of the s.h.i.+p designed by Her Excellency Sekrit!」

The woman's face does not loosen up from the flattery of her subordinates.

「Any idiot could bombard such a vast city. I ordered you to aim at the cannons on the port. If they aren't hit in the next three volleys, call the captain out here.」

Sekrit ignores the silence that surrounded her and looks at the soon-to-be-destroyed city with her icy eyes.

「All the Federation cities should be burned down for all I care.」

Despite the weather being calm, the wind was strong, though no one could hear the murmurings of the woman.

The city's defences were quickly broken down and the cannons mounted on the port were also quickly destroyed from the one-sided bombing outside their firing range.

Seeing that, the fleet closed the distance and the landing army's merciless attacks, supported by the thorough bombardment of close to 100 s.h.i.+ps, reduced the city of Syuble to nothing along with its citizens.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 162,000. Major Cities - Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Family: Nonna (the beautiful Nonna), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (presence), Leah (lover), Casie (starving ghost), Rita (head maid)
Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover), Alice (magical girl)
Marceline (lover), Daughters - Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, leaving for the capital), Alma (leaving for the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort unit), Kroll ( ), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (security officer), Polte (training supervisor), Gretel (learning domestic affairs)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (overworked), Tristan (Long-term business trip)
Claire & Laurie (Official merchant), Schwartz (lewd horse), Lilian (actress)

Army: 5500 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 500
Cannons: 19, Large Cannons: 10
Reserve: 3000
Security Unit: 150

a.s.sets: 10 880 gold (Ring -20) (Security Unit Personnel Increase -100)

s.e.xual Partners: 223, children who have been born: 48

Federation VS. Empire - Comparison of Military Forces (Personnel will increase depending on drafting)

Olga Federation
Military Strength - Current: 900 000, Max Mobilization: 2 650 000, Losses: 350 000, Civilian Victims: 200 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength - Current: 2 700 000, Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 400 000 (Military slaves not included)

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