Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi: Chapter 184

Chapter 184

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The sun rises in the morning as I stretch in bed.
Only the lewd Catherine and Melissa are crowding around my crotch right now.
All the other girls are here in the bedroom too, but everyone is pretty much sleeping like a log.

I can embrace just the two of them right now, but I have something I must do this morning.

「That was good. I have some business to attend to, so have fun with each other.」

「‘Kaaay.」「Here I go Catherine.」

Melissa quickly pulls her d.i.l.d.o out, connects with Catherine, and then I start hearing moans.
Now, I wonder how that woman is doing?

Of course, the place I am heading to is the stables.
I call out to the sentry I left in front of the stables just in case.

「Anything out of the ordinary?」

「N-no sir…… she was making noise during the entire night but didn’t escape.」

I don’t hear anything from the stables right now though.
When I got closer, the only thing left in the area where I bound the woman was the rope.

「Tch, she ran away?」

I thought she fled under the cover of night, but I can hear the faint sound of a voice coming from the back of the stables.
I take a peek, checking if Schwartz was the one who did something.

「Nnbbohn, Schwartz-samaa~ ……you’re so big…… you’re so lovely, my beloved Schwartz-sama……」

The naked woman had crawled under Schwartz’s torso and is now servicing that horse’s thing which possibly exceeds 1 m in length.
She’s using her entire body to rub against the long shaft and obsessively licking it all over, praising the animal with sweet words all the while.
Schwartz shakes his head slightly as if urging her to do more.

「……what happened here ?」

The woman’s genitals, which she is shamelessly exposing, most definitely accepted Schwartz inside, seeing as how red, swollen and gaping it has become.

「Hey, you.」

I call out to the woman and she glares back at me.

「Oh be quiet! I’m servicing Schwartz-sama right now, so don’t get in the way!」

It doesn’t look like she’s gone insane.
Schwartz neighs proudly.
I didn’t think a horse like him could make a woman fall in just one night.

「Schwartz-samaa…… I’ll do anything to gain your affection…… I’m your meat slave.」

The woman lovingly caresses Schwartz’s hind legs and rubs her cheek against them.
I never planned to make the woman into a horse’s meat slave though.

「……what is the name and location of the person who sent you?」

「Who’s going to tell you!? I would rather die than help someone like you.」

It doesn’t look like she wants to talk to me.

「Hey Schwartz.」

Schwartz snorts as if saying ‘good grief’ and pounds the ground with one of his legs.
He must be telling her to answer me.

「Eh! I-I’m sorry Schwartz-sama, I understand, I’ll tell that man everything…… so please, I beg you to not hate me. I won’t be able to live on if you hate me.」

The woman kisses Schwartz’s meat rod repeatedly before turning towards me.
Does she understand what he’s saying?

「Here, I’ll answer anything so hurry up and ask.」

Why did it become like this?

Afterwards, I called on Leopolt to interrogate her, but the woman unhesitatingly told us everything she knew as if the resistance she put up yesterday was a lie.

「The leader’s name is a man named Maximilian who acted as the deputy corps commander during the war, where when he saw his army would suffer an inevitable defeat, collected his a.s.sets from the nearby city and fled from Stura to the city states…… to be precise, he garrisoned in Atoroapolis.」

Leopolt makes a sour expression.

「He is close with the mayor of Atoroapolis. Using his large pool of a.s.sets, he holds influence over the remnants from various areas and places them under his command. Apparently he named them Orthodox Magrado.」

The woman turns her eyes away, trailing off by saying she doesn’t know any more details than that.

「Fumu…… I get it.」

I’m sure the woman isn’t lying.

「Can I go now? I can’t keep Schwartz-sama waiting.」

「…… do as you please.」

The woman quickly throws her clothes off and runs to the stables.
I said I didn’t feel like embracing her, but she still has a nice pair

of b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a nice a.s.s.
So all of that belongs to Schwartz now, huh.

Once the woman entered the fence of the stables, she put her hands on the fence and wiggles her a.s.s.
Schwartz didn’t hesitate to push up against the woman…… what incredible moans.
I can tell even from far away that her stomach is bulging out from his p.e.n.i.s, I’m impressed it hasn’t broken.

「A lot of strange things happened, but I guess we did get the information.」

I’ll let the woman be in charge of Schwartz’s breeding because of convenience.
I can’t let her only be a horse’s meat slave.

「However, this is quite troublesome. Atoroa is located right in the middle of the city states. We can’t just a.s.sault them and press them to hand over who we want.」

The city states are all independent of each other and they sometimes fight amongst themselves, however even if they don’t come together too often, they’re all extremely alert to outside threats.
If we were to lead an army and attack one of them, they’ll instantly unite and oppose me.

「All of their cities are st.u.r.dy fortress cities and the citizens often remain loyal to their cities, so it would be hard to bring them on our side.」

「True…… the Kingdom is also splitting their forces with Magrado’s rule. They’re probably reluctant to mobilize a large military force.」

「We can’t brute force our way through by ourselves. It might be possible if we only make Atoroa our enemy though.」

It’s unthinkable to easily allow the other city states to come through.
For now, I’ll tell the King……no, I’ll make Rebecca owe me by telling her.

「I also need some more time to think about this. Until then, we should increase the number of guards in Rafen.」

「You’re right, fortunately I have gold to spare. I’ll establish a vigilante corps with the people who were living here before the war. If I include some compensation, I’m sure there will be more candidates to join. 」

「Good idea. Let’s make preparations immediately.」

Adolph doesn’t hesitate on this either.
I wonder if I can secretly squeeze the pool Nonna wants in his list of tasks.
Probably not, it’ll heavily influence his other work.

「Regardless, we have to sever them at the root. There isn’t just a thousand or two thousand people from Magrado who hold a grudge against Goldonia. Even if we crush the ones who come attack us, it won’t put a stop to anything.」

Leopolt stops moving briefly.

「I will give that some consideration as well. I might not be able to do so in a day, but I’ll think of a plan.」

If he says so, it’s better to leave it to him.

「Alright, I’ll entrust that with you. Let me know if you need money or manpower…… and one more condition.」

「And what is that?」

「Make that idiot Tristan think with you. Unless you order him, he really won’t do anything.」

Yoguri was close to being that way for a short period, but she still did something even if it was a totally foolish act.
Tristan just stocks up on books and never comes out of his room.

「Understood. I will relay the order to him. If he doesn’t obey, I will throw him out of the room.」

「That’s fine. I’ll let you handle it.」

Now I just have to trust Leopolt and Rebecca and the others, and then I should fortify the defence around the mansion as well.

Umu, that was a productive conversation.
That was tiring in a lot of ways, and I know it isn’t even afternoon yet but let’s finish today’s work here.

「Ah ……」

「Oh hey.」

I was going to take a walk in the city, but I came across Marceline who was sneaking around.
I wonder what’s wrong, since she usually doesn’t go anywhere besides the room in the east meant for her and her daughters and the rose garden in fear of meeting any servants.

「What’s wrong?」

「We’ve run out of tea…… I was thinking of taking some from the dining room.」

「Fumu…… I’ll get it for you.」

At this time, the maids should be taking a break in the dining room, and most of those girls should have come here after escaping the oppression of Treia.
If Marceline

Marceline went to the dining room, she would be exposed to their hostile stares.

「Thank you very much.」

I look at the woman who lowers her head and hands me the container for the tea leaves, which I take and fill up for her and then hand back.

「Do you feel like letting me embrace you soon?」

「I-I’m always ready.」

Her eyes are darting around wildly.
Her heart hasn’t opened up yet.

I hug Marceline and place my lips on hers.


I let her go after keeping my lips there for a while.

「I’ll be waiting for you.」


Marceline turns red and trots back to her room.
It doesn’t look like she hated it though.
I must not be too hasty, I’ll melt her heart slowly and enjoy her body in the end.

The eldest daughter Stephanie is also somewhat anxious but doesn’t dislike me either.
The youngest daughter Felicie who is enthralled by the cat is a scaredy-cat but is the most attached to me, and I can honestly eat her up now.

「The problem is the middle daughter Bridget…… she’s proving to be quite difficult. 」

She really gets angry when I jokingly feel up her a.s.s, and she immediately b.u.t.ts in when she sees her mother show any signs of weakness.

「Maybe I should be a little forceful and rape her, then let her fall to the pleasure…… no, it would cause all the others to lose their trust in me if I fail.」

Besides, it goes against my style.

「Then maybe let her drink some alcohol and put her to sleep, no that won’t work.」

「What suspicious things are you saying?」

The disgusted voice came from Celia, who saw me mumbling about f.u.c.king her in the hallway and making her a prisoner to the pleasure.

「Nothing, just some future plans……」

I look at Celia’s appearance.
She’s wearing short pants but her thighs look larger, and for her top, she’s wearing a thin sleeveless s.h.i.+rt which reveals her armpits.

「I know it’s becoming spring……but aren’t you cold wearing something like that?」

Nevertheless, those are some nice armpits, which I hope she will let me lick.

「I was about to do a little training just now, I’ve lost a lot of stamina during the time my bone was healing after all.」

「Aah, your body has really gotten chubbier too.」

The air around her froze.

「S-since when have you noticed!?」

「Relatively early. It was amusing how you got rounder while we were in the capital, and I fed you sweets too.」

Celia drops to the ground on her knees in shock.

「I was trying to hide it too…… rather, did you do that knowing this would happen!?」

Celia closes in on me with teary eyes.
What’s wrong with that, she’s cuter when she’s a little chubby anyways.

「Of course it’s nothing like that! Being able to pinch the skin on your stomach is the symbol of an older lady……」

Mel appears around the corner of the hallway and pa.s.ses by with a sinister-looking smile.

「……Ahem, that’s why I wanted to do harsh training until my stamina and appearance returns to normal.」

Fumu, joining Celia might be a nice idea.

「I’ll accompany you, where are you doing it?」

「Eh!? This isn’t important enough for Aegir-sama to spend time on!」

「It’s fine, I think it’ll be enjoyable for the two of us to train our bodies together.」

Celia felt extremely grateful and smiled exuberantly.
Just seeing that expression on her face is more than enough value for me.

Celia and I walk to the southeast part of Rafen, and reach an open field…… one of the many remaining places which are vacant even with all the development the city has gone through.

「Still, this place is no different than the fields outside the walls. I thought there has been considerable development.」

「The city has an unusually large area after all. According to Adolph, setting the expected limits of a city is one of the main reasons that inhibit development.」

I see, this open area is useful for gathering merchant caravans or allowing the army to make preparations for training exercises.
If the enemy comes, it will also serve as extra s.p.a.ce to store supplies or soldiers.

「I think we should use this place.」

Celia wants to do her training in the corner of an area where the surface of the ground is covered in

covered in dry gra.s.s.
It’ll put less burden on our legs than if we were to use an area with a rough and uneven surface.
Most importantly, n.o.body can see us here.

「First……I want to lose the flab on my stomach.」

Celia pinches her own stomach miserably.
Originally, Celia’s body was toned and there was elastic muscles under her skin.
I secretly felt her stomach when I embraced her yesterday and it felt squishy.

「I’ll hold it down for you.」

Celia rolls on her back and I hold her legs still.

「Let’s warm up by doing 100 sit ups……」

Celia nimbly raises the upper half of her body.
The girl was trained as a soldier so 100 or 200 sit ups is simple …….

「Fuun-! Huh? Fuungh…….」

She can’t even do one.
I thought she would make it part way through, but after struggling for a while, she lifelessly laid back down.

「I-I didn’t think I would be dulled to this extent……」

「I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry.」

She lost stamina just by being injured but getting carried away and letting her eat all that sugary stuff made it so the excess fat on her stomach got in the way.
I need to take responsibility somehow.

I release her legs and climb on top of Celia’s legs without putting all my weight on them.

「If you can reach this spot, I’ll give you a kiss.」

「Eh, alright. Ngghgghh…… Eeei!」

Tensing her stomach, Celia manages to raise her head, despite her face turning red, to where I indicated.
I give her a light peck on the lips before she lies down again with a look of relief.

「So you can do it after all. I’ll give you a kiss every time you do one, so do your best.」

「Y-yes! I will!」

As promised, our lips touch every time she completes one sit up, and for every 10 times, I hold her head for a deeper kiss with tongue.
Desperate to attain my lips, Celia does her sit ups over and over.

「Two……two hundred and thirty! Haah, haah…… I can do more!」

「No…… I think it’s about time to stop. This is just supposed to be a warmup.」

Besides, I don’t want to see Celia’s abs get all hard and bulging.
I have my fair share of bulging muscles from feeling up Irijina.

「Next I think I’ll do some running to lose the fat.」

「I haven’t been doing any running lately either, so I’ll join you.」

Celia has a surprising amount of toughness.
Her body is already that of an adult’s and she definitely won’t be outdone by a typical male soldier……

「Hiiiii…… fuuuuu…… it- it shouldn’t be like this……」

Celia runs around in a circle inside the open grounds, but her breathing gets rough after a few minutes and she starts slowing down.
Since she hasn’t moved her body around much, her physical strength has deteriorated, but I guess that much was obvious from seeing how much fat she put on.

「That just shows how important daily exercise is.」

「Hiii, fuuu, hiii, fuuu, I can’t go on……」

Now that I think about it, she quickly exhausted herself last night when swinging her hips on top of me.
I’ll help her out here too.

「Celia, there is a stone block over there.」

It must have been surplus material from building something and was left here.
Conveniently, the surrounding area is covered in dry gra.s.s.

「Haahhi ……haaahhiii…… and what about it?」

「If you can catch up to me as I run, I’ll make love to you there. It’ll be your favorite, one-on-one time.」

「Eh…… b-but if someone sees-」

「There isn’t anyone around here and no buildings around either. If we lay low on the ground, n.o.body will find out.」

After a brief moment of silence from Celia, she suddenly increases her speed.
I smile, increasing my own speed and keeping myself ahead of her just enough so she can’t catch up.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was the one chasing Lucy.
Right now, a woman is chasing me for my body.

「You’ve grown up a lot too.」

「C-caught up!」

I was too busy talking to my d.i.c.k and let her catch up.
It can’t be helped, I’ll uphold my end of the deal.

I pick up the heavily breathing Celia.

「I’ll do 20 thrusts. Once I’m finished, we’ll race again.」

It won’t race again.」

It won’t be good if I do it too much and her hips give out after all.

「I-I’ll show you I can catch up every time!」

We repeat the cycle of running, making love, and then running all the way until evening.
It was only the first day of training, but it felt like Celia looked a little slimmer.

「Eat proper meals too. It won’t mean a thing if you don’t have the energy.」

「Yes! And um…… I’ll be training from tomorrow onwards too……」

「Of course I’ll accompany you. I’ll do it with you until you’re satisfied.」

Celia was all smiles as she wolfed plenty of dinner into her stomach.
At this rate, I can see her returning to being the energetic, toned Celia.

「……you were really training, right?」
「Celisan is all s.h.i.+ny…… is that really sweat?」
「It kind of smells like a woman.」


–Third Person POV–

Some time later, In the City States, A Certain City

Several men wrapped in black mantles whisper in a back alley.

「After you guys finish your part, meet back at the spot we agreed on…… and on the off chance that isn’t possible?」

「When there is a risk of being captured, and when the chance to escape has disappeared……」

The men take out short knives from inside their cloak.
The knives were dripping with a poisonous-looking liquid and a single drop ominously trickles down the tip of the blade.

「Even if you guys commit suicide, your family will be well-protected and can live lives of luxury. However, if you guys get captured and you leak information, everything will be denied from your family and they will be thrown to the roadside. Keep that in mind.」


With the exception of the man in the middle, everyone scatters.
The man secretly mutters to himself.

「Such dirty methods are fitting for such dirty remnants of Magrado.」

「Hahaha! I’ve gotten pretty drunk today, what a pleasant feeling!」

「Oh my, Lunteik-sama, getting your face all red.」
「You’re still handsome when you’re drunk.」

The man walks unsteadily, supported by one woman on each side.

「I’m feeling so good~. The three of us should have fun together when we get back~ I’ll give you the bonus too~」

「Kya~ how lovely~!」
「As expected of one of the great merchants in the Polis, Lunteik-sama!」


A man cloaked in a black mantle stands in front of the merry trio.

「What’s this~? You~ Who do you think I am~」

「You’re the merchant, President Lunteik right?」

「……if you know, then get out of the way. If I use my power against someone like you……」

The man takes out a sword from inside his mantle.

「We are Orthodox Magrado, and you refused our request to sponsor us with your funds. The sin of spitting on justice by drowning in money is deserving of certain death.」

「W-what did you say!? You’re just mere survivors……turning Goldonia into your enemy in exchange is-……」

The man ignores Lunteik’s words and swings his sword at him.

「Divine punishment!」


The man’s blade runs down Lunteik’s shoulder, and then the man stabs Lunteik’s neck to finish him off once he fell to the ground.
A large amount of blood starts pooling around his body.

「M-murderer!」「Someone, someoneee! Gyaah!」

The man slices the back of one of the women who started to run and scream for help, then tosses away the sword before fleeing the scene.

Several similar attacks occurred simultaneously within the city, and the once peaceful city became enveloped in chaos.
In each of these incidents, the targets were the individuals and acquaintances who refused to cooperate with the group Maximilian self-proclaimed as Orthodox Magrado.

In one night, five cases of murder occurred and the total number of casualties numbered 12 people.
Out of the 8 perpetrators, 3 committed suicide while the other 5 managed to flee.
From the skillful execution of the attacks, it was clear that they made scrupulous preparations and had other people aiding in their escape.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 158,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 7000 men
Infantry: 4000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 1000
Cannons: 15
Reserve Army: 3000 men

a.s.sets: 62,300 gold (New Mansion: Planning, Surveying, Researching, Testing -100)

s.e.xual Partners: 198, children who have been born: 43

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