Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi: Chapter 157

Translator: Nat

-Third Person/Malt POV-

Near the GoldoniMalt Border

「Hah ha! The enemy has absolutely no clue of our presence! It's a straight line towards Rafen!」

「……there are no signs of any sentries. Doesn't this mean they have realized our advance?」

「Quiet! If brother is just spectating, then stay in the back, you're distracting.」

The Malt Kingdom army of 10,000 soldiers advanced slowly past the borders without facing the slightest resistance. There are crude watchtowers for surveillance purposes and small tents on the Goldonian side of the border but it seems the entire area has been confirmed to be uninhabited.

「Since there are no enemies, can't we speed things up!? If we don't hurry, and that guy comes back……」

「If that Lord Hardlett comes back, then you'll be slaughtered in no time at all.」

「I don't need your bad jokes, stay in the back!!」

Pablo and Hilario yell at each other, but because most of the soldiers are militia gathered temporarily, they aren't well trained and no matter how much you try to rush them, they won't be able to increase their speed by much. The Malt Kingdom army crawls forward at a snail's pace.

Eventually, they could see a small village on the way to their destination.

「Oooh, I can see a village! Alright, let's start things off by crus.h.i.+ng that village to liven up our spirits.」

On Pablo's orders, the soldiers draw their swords and head to the village. But no sounds of clas.h.i.+ng or shouting could be heard, and the soldiers returned uneventfully.

「What happened!? Hurry and wreck the village……」

「With all due respect sir, there is not a single person in that village. It's unpopulated.」


Pablo spurs his horse forward into the village, opening door after door of each house, but only comes across a single stray dog sniffing around as he pa.s.ses through the area.

「It's unpopulated ……don't tell me they were alerted about us!?」
「What are you on about now……」

He rummaged around the houses in hopes to at least find some supplies, but there was no food nor fodder for horses anywhere.

「So they took away all their supplies……how underhanded!」

Naturally, the Malt Kingdom army is carrying a certain amount of food. But because of the long march, they were consuming their food reserves rather quickly and were under the a.s.sumption they could resupply themselves by raiding the villages as they advance.

Malt is a small country so they couldn't send out food supplies to the frontlines where their armies are like Goldonia does.

「At least we can get some water then……」

Water is heavy to carry so it's expected to resupply at the site of the battle.

「There are two spots where wells are located in the village - one in the middle of the village and one on the outside.」

「Split up and use them, we're leaving right afterwards.」

The well situated in the middle of a small village isn't enough to support an army of several thousand soldiers. They are fortunate to find another well in a wider area.

「Son of a b.i.t.c.h, once you're done refilling, burn the village down!」

「Nothing will change if you do something so meaningless.」

「Shut up!! There's a dirty beggar over there, so someone ask if there's a shortcut or something around here!」

The Malt Kingdom's army continues their advance.

-Third Person/Tristan POV-

Zan Dora, Defense Headquarters

「The Malt army has arrived at the village of Pipo.」

「Hm, they're later than expected by three days.」

Tristan stares at the map while sipping his tea. The soldiers around him are looking on uneasily but don't voice their complaints out loud. This person was decided by the feudal lord himself so if they get in his way, something scary might happen to them later.

「As planned, the cities along the road have been emptied of people, food and fodder. Did you follow what I said about the wells?」

「Yes, composting liquid has been poured into the wells dug outside the village along their path.」

「It's dirty, but they have 10 times the number of forces, so it can't be helped. Also, did you take care of the markers pointing to Rafen?」

「Yessir, the markers in several dozen places have all been changed to point in a different direction. Spies dressed as beggars have also been positioned in multiple locations to lead them as far off to the remote region as possible……but will just changing a few signs really mislead the enemy?」

「Well, the enemy has to be a real idiot for it to have any decent effect.」

The soldiers slump in disappointment.

「But it's fine. Changing the signs is a five minute job for two people. It doesn't take much effort at all and if it actually works, then it's something we can rejoice in.」

Tristan then slips a bookmark in between the pages of his book.

「It's about time we send some soldiers as well.」

「Finally time for the decisive battle?」

「It's nothing like that at all. Confronting an army of 10,000 head-on with just a measly 1000 is utter madness. We'll act according to plan and divide into groups of 50 each. Their movement is slow so they won't be able to capture us if we choose complicated terrain to fight on.」

「Haah……but splitting up into such small numbers will……」

Acc.u.mulating your forces in one spot has been a basic strategy since ancient times, so scattering an already small army can only be seen as an unbelievably reckless action.

「It'll be fine. I have no intention of defeating the enemy upfront. If we can stop them from moving, their supplies will be exhausted and if we buy enough time, the Count will come back. And then, we can sit back and relax by reading a book.」

Tristan hands over a doc.u.ment with the layout of the area. Written on it is the positions where each squad will be hiding, the direction and route of the enemy's invasion, the direction of retreat after attacking and other detailed information.

「For now, just follow this doc.u.ment. If the situation changes, I'll send out another messenger……aah, it's so nice being able to use a messenger.」

The soldiers were slightly taken aback but later feel relieved when they think about how this person was chosen by the feudal lord.

「So, Tristan-sama will not be moving from this location?」

「Like I said, I can't ride a horse. I can't wield any weapons, and I remember getting badly injured after fighting with a wild rabbit1 when I was young, so I decided I won't fight anymore.」

The soldiers' expressions become gloomy once again.

-Aegir POV-

North Teries River, Eastern Coast, Goldonian Camp

「How far has the Malt Kingdom advanced?」

「According to the last messenger, they were at this point. However, there is a time difference because of their distance so it might not be the most accurate.」


The location indicated by Myla was south of the border, but that was information given four days ago. She can only really go off their marching speed as of now and surmise they probably haven't gone too far past the border.

After receiving the notice of Malt Kingdom's departure, I urgently notified Erich, left Leopolt to deal with matters in Odoros and set out with my army. It might be a half-baked job as a division corps commander, but my territory is also a part of Goldonia's territory, so it isn't strange to prioritize Malt Kingdom's clear act of invasion over dealing with the settlement of the Magrado war.

I lead my private army and a division of 15,000 I borrowed with me back home as quickly as possible, but crossing the river will inevitably take a while.

「I could go back by myself and fly over in a flash……」

「The enemy has 10,000 soldiers. They should be antic.i.p.ating reinforcements in Rafen, so if only Lord Hardlett goes back, their morale will actually go in the opposite direction.」

I left Leopolt in Odoros so Myla was a.s.signed to be the provisional deputy commander by my side. Celia was greatly unhappy about this and got in a huff. She's been getting better recently but there are still many holes she needs to fill. Myla is also definitely more experienced.

「At this pace, it'll take more than two weeks. If only the cavalry gallop ahead, they can reach the destination in a week.」

「Of course, we would proceed with that option when necessary but……the situation doesn't seem too pressing based off the report we heard.」

「The enemy has 10,000 right? We have a little over 1000 and can't even get more than 2000 counting the bow cavalry and kids.」

「Tristan will probably do a good job. He does not seem to show it on the surface, but I'd like us to hurry anyways. There is a small chance they arrived on a tight schedule.」

「I guess that's about all we can do……I told the girls to escape to the north in the worst case scenario, so they should be fine.」

We can rebuild the city if it gets burned down, and we can steal back any a.s.sets if they pillage the place. The women are the only things which can't be recovered. I can't stand the enemy attacking and then killing or impregnating them.

「Nonnsama……it seems she's also conceived a child.」

That's right, the report also listed Nonna's pregnancy. She's finally attained one of her deepest desires of getting pregnant so I want to see to it that she gives birth safely.

「Was it Brutus? He also does stupid things. No, perhaps it's the idiot with him who did it? I'm not sure who it was, but we'll teach them a lesson.」

「Of course. Let's give them a thorough thras.h.i.+ng.」

It wasn't explicitly displayed on her face but Myla was also quite upset. Celia and the others nod in agreement behind her, Irijina specifically shouts how she'll skewer the enemy.

「Nevertheless, Tristan is quite impressive. As expected of Lord Hardlett to see this in him.」
「It would be wonderful if he cured that lazy att.i.tude of his.」

Myla and Celia compliments Tristan but also sigh at some points which annoy them.
That's just how his personality is.

「The land and my wife are in danger……yet look how pathetic I am……」

In the corner of the carriage, a voice comes out from under a blanket.
Gido is also riding in our carriage, lying on his side while wrapped in multiple layers of blankets. The doctor saw the decaying hole in his stomach and said 90% couldn't be saved, but he somehow managed to dodge the G.o.d of death. There's no doubt the injury is a serious one and he won't be able to get up for some time but his life is no longer in danger and as long as he manages to keep himself flat, he should be fine, thus we brought him along with us to Rafen.

「You protected Celia, so you did well enough. Just leave the rest to me and let your wife nurse you back to health.」

Celia once again deeply lowers her head to thank him. If Gido didn't protect her, Celia would have been pierced by that shard of iron and being such a small girl, she would have surely died.
If that happened, I don't know what I would have done. Perhaps I would have charged into Odoros by myself and ma.s.sacred everyone from the royalty to the beggars.

「Regardless, you did well. Once the war is over, I'll give you a reward as a thanks for surviving.」

「T-that's too generous of you……thank you very much.」

Gido tries to lift his body up, but Luna lays him back down and pats his head. Having the girl he admired all this time treat him so gently, Gido lays down obediently.

「This is based off my own experience, but when you get injured in the stomach, the man in between your legs goes out of control. So much so that your wife will have a hard time satisfying you by herself.」

「Is that how it is!?」

「Yeah, to prove it, I injured my side and shoulder and…… it got like this.」

My d.i.c.k is making a tent in my pants. It's exceptionally hard right now. I had Celia relieve me the first thing in the morning, but it practically didn't change anything.

「What a strong and manly spear as usual……」

Gido secretly takes a peek under the futon at his own thing and sighs.

「So I guess I'll be moving to another carriage for a while. Luna, sorry but look after him.」

「Of course. Being from the same village, I'll do my best to tend to him.」

「Gido, Luna's my woman, but……if you get her permission, I'll allow you to feel her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.」


I add a "Just kidding" and then laugh before exiting the carriage.
Gido took me seriously and actually seemed to be looking forward to it though.
I guess he still has some lingering attachment to her when his wife isn't here.

I put my arm around Myla's shoulders and hug her close as I bring her to a different carriage.


「Yes, my lord!」

「We'll go with a regular march for now, and only when Rafen is in danger will we hurry back with only the cavalry. Make the preparations.」

「I understand.」

「Good, then I'll have you suck me off too. I'll fill your stomach with my seed.」

「Gu……don't say something like that in front of the troops, save it for night time……」

I'm sure Tristan will be fine, but if he gets defeated because they marched quicker, I'll reduce his budget for books.

「Hardlett-dono! This is amazing!!」

The sound of our hips banging against each other resound. I'm pulling Irijina's arms back as I thrust from behind standing up in the unstable carriage.

「You have the perfect height to do it in this position! Take that!」

「Aah! T-thick! Even after stretching me out so much, it still feels so tight……」

Even in the reverse standing position, I don't have to lower my hips much for the tall Irijina, which means I can thrust with even more strength. For the other girls, I have to drop my hips and thrust in an awkward position or do it while they rest on a platform of some kind.

「I'm gonna go even rougher……uooooh!」

「Guuuu!! S-so fierce……ooooooooh-……your hips are incredible!」

It's obvious the carriage is shaking. The slapping of flesh and Irijina's moans are out in the open, all the soldiers around us can tell we're doing it. I got aroused after being on the battlefield and suffering an injury so I'm being pretty rough with her, but the legs and hips of the well-toned Irijina holds up well to the attack.

「Your legs are so st.u.r.dy. Your a.s.s is also nice and big.」

「Uu, don't say that. I'm also……a woman.」

「I know that. That's why you're getting so wet from having a man inside you.」

As I pull my juice-covered d.i.c.k out slowly from her hole, Irijina shakes her head in refusal, then pushes her hips against me to insert my meat rod back into her v.a.g.i.n.a.

「It's been so long since I could enjoy a one-on-one session with you like this. I want to treasure this moment.」

Strictly speaking, Myla and Celia have already been f.u.c.ked and are lying in front of Irijina, but Celia is pa.s.sed out and is asleep in the same carriage as Gido, while Myla is organizing the troops with a flushed face.

「We've only been having orgies recently after all. 」

「It's in front of trustworthy family, so I don't dislike doing it with everyone, but sometimes it's just nice when it's just the two of us!」

Irijina turns her neck back and smiles at me like an embarra.s.sed young girl, but immediately sticks her tongue out when I thrust into her womb.

「Yeah, let's make some more time like this in the future. Anything else you want?」

「……a kiss, please.」

Women just love kisses, don't they.
I contort her body so I can take her lips with mine and she sends me much of her saliva impatiently. The saliva she unyieldingly sends to me mixes with mine as I return the favor and send it back down her throat.


Seeing Irijina swallow so much spit, I suddenly reach my climax and my s.e.m.e.n gushes out. We both don't stop kissing each other so our voices don't leak out but Irijina collapses to the floor with a surprised expression, accepting my continued e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n while switching into the missionary position.

My e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n lasts a long time and a huge load comes out, since in addition to being backed up, I didn't c.u.m with Myla or Celia. While lying on top of her and continuing to c.u.m, we keep kissing pa.s.sionately, causing Irijina's heart to ascend into another dimension and her face to melt. It was an unimaginable look for the woman who rampaged on the battlefield.

My e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n went on for 10 minutes, and Irijina loses consciousness, smiling happily as her lips remain overlapping with mine.

「So Pipi's next, let me do you while I lift you up.」

「I like that too. But right now……」

Pipi was watching as I did it with Irijina and was turned on, pleading me to kiss her. I'll give her a deep kiss that she's never had before.

In the end, Pipi suddenly squirts, climaxing only with an intense kiss and not even having her genitals touched.
A woman's body is so convenient, they can c.u.m just from a kiss.

We advance slowly but surely along the road towards Rafen.

Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter. Wartime.
Commander of Third Army Corps
Subordinate Squad: 22,900

Private Army: 7900
Infantry: 2500, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 3900
Cannons: 7

Kingdom Army - 2 divisions: 15,000

Additional - Rafen Defense Squad: 1000

Military Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Myla (deputy commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander of the bow cavalry), Pipi, Tristan (defense army), Gido (severely injured)
Current Location: Eastern Coast of North Teries River
Achievements: Capitulated Port Randel, Annihilated the Magrado Army, Defeated Radgalf in man-to-man combat, Capitulated the capital Odoros (joint)

Nat: the raw had 'uzaki', so author's mistake maybe?

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