MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks: Chapter 440

Chapter 440: n.o.bles

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Li Yi smiled. He rubbed his hands together and stepped forward to loot the body.

There were four Bosses available, so it would still be okay even if he was unlucky. That was why he was so relaxed when he stepped forward for the loot.


After a crisp jingle, a panel appeared before his eyes with an item on top of it.

It was a purple pearl that was bigger than a basketball.

Light Pearl!

Jiaojiao did not recognize the object. “Is this a good or a bad loot?”

“It's couldn't be said as an excellent, but it's not bad either,” commented Flower Underpants.

The Light Pearl was not a piece of equipment. It was a rare material. If one had found a chance to use it, then this pearl would be invaluable; but if the player could not find a way to use it, it would be worth less than a dime.

Li Yi chuckled bitterly and stepped backward.

He had always been unlucky when he had to loot a dead body. Thankfully, he had already prepared himself mentally before he stepped forward.

The third person to loot was Floral Underpants.


11 Dark n.o.ble's Breastplate, 1 Skill Tome for the Holy Light Sign.

All equipment with the word ‘n.o.ble' etched on it belonged to the Spellcasters Cla.s.s, no matter if it was Light or Dark.

The final candidate chosen to loot the corpses was Confused Fox. His luck was similar to Flower Underpants' as the wave of his hand was accompanied by a series of dings. A list of equipment was displayed on the Virtual Inventory Pane.

9 Dark n.o.ble's Breastplates!

Confused Fox was dumbfounded, and so was the rest of the team.

The Four Roaches' T2 Equipment in Light Conference did not have a specific cla.s.s requirement. Instead, they would give players something similar to an emblem so that the players could go to the Quartermaster of either the Light or Dark faction to exchange anything most suitable for themselves.

For example, the Dark n.o.ble's Breastplates could be used to exchange for a T2 Equipment suitable for a Light Priest if it was exchanged by a Light Priest. If it was exchanged by a Sky Vagabond, the corresponding T2 Equipment will be suitable for a Sky Vagabond. A Wizard would receive a T2 Wizard Equipment, and a Summoner would receive a T2 Summoner Equipment.

The n.o.bles were Spellcasters, the Protectors were the main tanks, while the Winners were all physical DPS

Among the four corpses, only one helmet for the physical DPS had been looted from the Dark Winner…

“Unlucky, this is so unlucky!” The physical DPS players spat in jealousy.

“How is this unlucky? Lady Luck is basically standing with us!” The players of the Spellcaster cla.s.s were overjoyed.

Pretty Good Mood sent a private message to Li Yi. “Guild Master, how should we allocate this?”

“Let's make everyone happy by going all out with the rolling.”

This time around, the equipment allocation did not use the dragon kill points 1 , nor did they refer to the Battle Scoreboard. Instead, it was decided on the simplest mechanism of rolling the dice.

Pretty Good Mood bellowed, “All Spellcasters step forward to roll the n.o.bles!”

All the players of the Spellcaster cla.s.s became excited and started to roll the dice.

Since the Iron Alliance had chosen the Dark Path, no one had any use of the Light Equipment. One of the characteristics of T2 Equipment was that it could only be traded within the partic.i.p.ating members of the current battle. Thus, even though T2 Equipment were expensive, one of the same kind was already enough for the players. Another set of the same type of equipment was of no use to them because they cannot be sold for money.

The players who had successfully rolled and gotten n.o.ble's Breastplate would automatically give up their rights for the upcoming rolls. However, since there was an abundance of n.o.ble equipment, everyone had more than a few chances at rolling the dice. They could always wait and try it the next time if they did not manage to get it this time.

On the other hand, the physical DPS players stared longingly at the joyful Spellcasters. They felt like weeping, but no tears came.

“Motherf*cker, no wonder the Wizards were said to be the true sons of the game. I finally understood what that meant now.”

“It was not only the Wizards, but all Spellcasters are the true sons of the game…”

They heaved a sigh as a response.

The 20 n.o.ble's Breastplates had been distributed. Both Little Elf from the Magical Realm and Fire Ice had gotten themselves one. The remaining pieces were equally distributed between the Spellcaster DPS and Healers.

Although 20 n.o.ble's Breastplates could be considered a lot already, most of the Spellcaster cla.s.s players still did not manage to roll themselves one.

After that, it was time to allocate the Protector's Breastplate. This was a piece of specific defense equipment. There were only ten main tanks in the team, Jiaojiao included. Thus, the rolling process was very quick this time around.

After the ten players have completed their rolls, Miss Jiao was found to have rolled a 100 points. However, she was eliminated, and Golden Gun Cannot Fail finally obtained the Protector's Breastplate with 87 points.

Jiaojiao would have killed the rest of her compet.i.tors with the 100 points, but sadly there were no corresponding T2 Equipment Sets for a Dark Paladin 2 to exchange for it. This thing would be of no use for Jiaojiao at all. It would be an utter waste to give it to her.

“Unfair. This is unfair, so unfair…” Jiaojiao was so angry. She flailed her little fists around in frustration.

Now, it was time for the highlight of the show. It was the Winner's Helmet, a very rare T2 Helmet part.

Pretty Good Mood raised the Winner's Helmet up high. “All physical DPS, roll!”

21 points!

1 point!

3 points!

53 points!

Everyone was only given one chance to roll the dice, and those who made multiple rolls would be disqualified from rolling.

85 points!

After everyone had rolled their points, and the highest point had surfaced. It had come from that Thief that had died the fastest, with the lowest DPS and had zero expectation that he would get any equipment from rolling.

Pretty Good Mood went and checked the number of people who had rolled for this. Then, he turned to ask Li Yi, “Guild Master, why didn't you roll too?”

All of the physical DPS players have rolled except for Li Yi.

Li Yi shook his head. He had given up his opportunity.

“Everyone has the right to go for it, Guild Master. You should roll for it too.”

“You've misunderstood. I'm not interested in a T2 Helmet.” Li Yi laughed and waved the protests of the players off.

Light n.o.ble was basically useless for him. The only thing he could do with it was to bring it back to One Big Bun for it to be broken down into materials.

Almost all of the equipment had been given out at this point. Light Pearl was the only thing left.

“This stupid material could only be used by the lifestyle Since it was of no use to me, I'll give up!”

“I give up too.”

“Giving up as well…”

Many people had raised their hands to give up their chance. It was obvious that they were not interested in items that were not some kind of equipment.

“Light Pearl, rare material, usage unknown…” Pretty Good Mood proclaimed. Although many were not interested in the item, a lot of the other players who did not get anything previously still partic.i.p.ated in this roll.

32 points, 37 points, 87 points, 96 points, 97 points!

” D*mn it, the milk only arrived after the child has died 3 . If the 97 points arrived when I was rolling for n.o.ble's Breastplate, I could be wearing a T2 Equipment Set now.” The player who had rolled 97 points huffed in anger.

At that moment, Li Yi had rolled the dice too. He got 99 points!

He had given up on the T2 Helmet just for this Light Pearl. One of the rules for equipment allocation in all dungeons was that those who had gotten an item could not roll for another. They must give up and pa.s.s the opportunity to other less fortunate players.

Although he was unlucky when it came to looting corpses, his luck in rolling the dice had always been fiercely positive.

Now, only Miss Jiao had yet to roll the dice. She tried to roll in defiance but ended up with a whopping 0 points. Everyone erupted in laughter.

The probability of rolling a 0 was the same as getting 100 points. Both were extremely rare circ.u.mstances…

The Light Pearl belonged to Li Yi now.

“Guild Master, what is this thing for?” Pretty Good Mood was curious.

“Engineering material. I still need another two material to engineer my superjet, and this Light Pearl was one of the two materials that I needed.”

When Li Yi and Jiao Jiao were going through the Trampoline dungeon, they had gotten a rare plane blueprint. The superjet was not yet made until now because he was still lacking some required materials for its creation.

The clearing of the Light Conference Instance Dungeon has ended. Li Yi shook his head when Pretty Good Mood has asked Li Yi whether he wanted to disband the team.

“Brothers, are you exhausted?”

“No, I'm not even satisfied with the fight yet.”

“Same. Ah, my n.o.ble's Breastplate…”

“I'm not satisfied by the battle yet, we've only progressed so little!”

Li Yi suddenly roared, “Those who had gotten the equipment, go to the Quartermaster to exchange a T2 immediately. The rest will follow me to enter the Dark Paladin dungeon!”

“Are we going to go on to beat another dungeon?” Many were stunned by Li Yi's declaration.

Li Yi swung his fist with vigor. “Yes!”

He was more frustrated than anyone else when the first kill was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Defiantly Tyrannical. All of his prior plans were disrupted because of it.

One had to know that all the guilds had been stuck at the last 2% of the segment for more than one month. Li Yi never expected Defiantly Tyrannical would suddenly emerge as the black horse in the race after Amber Sword Heart had been stuck at the last 2% of the segment for only a mere few days.

“The words of our Guild Master are the law!”

All of the group members became excited by the prospect.

“Go, we shall march to the Dark Paladin!”

The team of 200 players left the Light Conference dungeon and marched on to the Dark Paladin dungeon.

The Light Conference was a 200 people group dungeon while the Dark Paladin was a 500 people group dungeon!

The Dark Paladin was also the last conventional group dungeon of the Light and Darkness Instances. The three other group dungeons that would come after this was called the Epic-level large-sized Instance Dungeons. They had a totally different gameplay than other conventional dungeons.

Even though the limit of the Dark Paladin dungeon was 500 people, the group that Li Yi led did not even add one player for this. They had 200 people when they were clearing the Light Conference, and the same 200 people have stayed for this dungeon!

Flower Underpants asked Li Yi, “Should we get Team 2 and 3 of the Elite Party here? They're still stuck at 50% of the segment.”

Team 2 of the Iron Alliance's Elite Party was led by Royal Blue Sky, and Team 3 was led by Shangguan Bailu.

“Have you sent the video of our battle to them?”

“I've sent it to them, yes.”

“Mm, let them continue their fight then. They will be qualified to join the fight in Dark Paladin when they had successfully cleared the Light Conference.”

“Alright, I'll inform them.”

The gates of the Dark Paladin dungeon were overflowing with people. Dead bodies were strewn around the place and piled into mountains. This group dungeon had just opened, but it had already attracted countless players from the three major factions. They were the Invincible, Western and the Southern Continent. Everyone wanted to challenge the dungeon at the first possible moment. With all of these people gathered in one place, the resulting amount of bloodshed would definitely be enough to form rivers.

Li Yi used Violent Bear's Protection and Charge to worm his way to the front of the dungeon gates. He then bore numerous attacks and went into the dungeon.

Then, he took out the friend summoning tool to summon a few Summoner players to him.

Once players of the Summoner cla.s.s reached Level 85, they could learn a support skill named Summoning Door. Its effect was similar to the friend summoning tool with no upper limit. However, it needed more than one Summoner's help to successfully activate it.

There was an uncountable number of Level 85 Summoners in the Iron Alliance. It was almost too easy to open a Summoning Door.

More and more members of the group were directly summoned into the dungeon. After 20 minutes, all of the 200 members in the group were present.

This was the first time that they had continuously gone to s.n.a.t.c.h the first kill of multiple dungeons. Everyone was visibly excited especially with Li Yi being their leader this time around. This made them had certain expectations in their hearts.

Gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop…

A tall Dark Paladin was riding a Deathcharger with its four hooves on fire right ahead, leisurely strolling under the moonlight. That was the only Boss in the Dark Paladin dungeon—Tyrone the Bloodseeker Paladin.

The Dark Paladin dungeon was quite eerie. It was set in the night, and there were no other minions around. There was only one Boss here, and the dungeon could be cleared once this Boss was defeated.

The Dark Paladin dungeon sounded like a simple dungeon, but it was very difficult to actually defeat.


Li Yi summoned the Holy Light Warhorse and barked, “Everyone, get on a mount!”

Yes, the players were allowed to use their mounts to battle in the Dark Paladin dungeon!

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