MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks: Chapter 410

Chapter 412: Protective Bracelet of Holy Light

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“Undying Body!”

This time, Jiaojiao’s reaction was the quickest. When she saw the flames coming her way, she quickly activated the 15-second special effect of invincibility from Lord of Disaster.

Li Yi’s reaction was not slow either. The Violent Bear King was summoned out to spread its arms in a Protection stance and wrapped them around Jiaojiao like how a monkey would. Once the Bear King had latched onto Jiaojiao, it was tightly locked around her.

The one aspect that Archers were weak in was not in Damage but the lack of skills akin to Invincibility. Thus, if they were to meet a Boss that uses large and unavoidable AoE Attacks, they would normally get the worst of it.

Thankfully, the AoE Attacks used by Boss monsters would mostly have one similar characteristic that was they usually would allow the damage sustained to be shared. As long as the victim was somewhere close to their teammates, the damage inflicted on them would be suffered equally. The more teammates one had, the less damage they had to sustain after an attack.

Coincidentally, the Wicked Flaming Dragon’s Breath had this characteristic.

Surrounded by flames, Jiaojiao opened her mouth to scream, but Li Yi decided to cover her mouth with his right then and there.



After the flames have subsided, the word ‘Immune’ appeared above Jiaojiao’s head. Li Yi also suffered half of the initial damage.

“…Mmmph mmmph.”

Jiaojiao attempted to comminicate with Li Yi through the intensity of her gaze. Her message was easily understood: ‘When will you lean away from me?’

“Mmmph.” Li Yi responded by gazing into her eyes with the same intensity. His message was also easily understood: ‘I haven’t had enough of kissing you.’

In contrast with Li Yi and Jiaojiao, the damage Caitley had suffered after the attack was much more severe. The blazing flames of the Wicked Flaming Dragon would inflict only 6000 damage onto the players, but when it hit Caitley, she had suffered went over a million damage.

Li Yi leapt off Jiaojiao’s body, drew his bow, and started to attack the Wicked Flaming Dragon.

“Be careful and control your Aggro. Make sure it’s lower than Caitley’s.”

Jiaojiao wiped her lips before charging forward with her greatsword in hand.

When battling a gigantic Boss like the Wicked Flaming Dragon, the closer each party was with each other, the greater the damage the player would most likely suffer. Long-ranged attacks allowed the players to dodge the Boss’s attacks based on its actions, but melee battles were too close to the Boss for the player to avoid the attack in time.

Jiaojiao stood at the side of the Wicked Flaming Dragon to attack it. The scorching heat of the fire caused the HP bar above her head to drop continuously, taking over 1000 HP every second. Even Mortal Strike would not adequately compensate the loss. She held on for about 10 seconds before she had to retreat immediately.

Li Yi, on the other hand, did not stop drawing his bow. He alternated between each of his skill in his attack. His DPS had alrready went over 15 thousand.

The melee cla.s.s’s performance was greatly limited.

“You just focus on maintaining the double Curses on it. Leave the rest to me.”

Li Yi tossed a set of Fire Resistance Potion to Jiaojiao while keeping a close eye on the Aggro he was taking out on Wicked Flaming Dragon.

Caitley’s major skills were indeed powerful, but it was still not as threatening when compared to Wicked Flaming Dragon’s attacks. With both parties being attacked directly, the damage it suffered was the greatest among all. Its HP had already dropped to ten million after a few rounds of attack. On the other hand, Wicked Flaming Dragon still had seventy million HP left.

“Disciples of Augustus, why are you in here? Wicked Flaming Dragon is terrifyingly powerful. Quick, leave this place!”

Caitley yelled nonsense as it continued to attack Wicked Flaming Dragon. Li Yi and Jiaojiao were very frustrated by what they were hearing.

You were the one who had posted the quest to slay the dragon. Great, now you were also the one who refused to let us slay the dragon.

Li Yi turned to look for Jiaojiao. He then said, “Ignore it and continue to attack!”

“I’ll obey your instructions.”

They had no other choice but to fight. The magical gate at the opening of the Flaming Dragon Lair has closed once more. There was no way for them to escape even if they wanted to.

The Searing Debuff was a violent debuff. The HP bar above their heads continued to drop even though they had consumed Fire Resistance Potion. Jiaojiao wasfaring better than Li Yi as the upper limit of her HP was higher than the archer. On top of that, she also knew how to use Mortal Strike. Li Yi, however, got the shorter end of the stick. His HP had been dropping lower and lower as they continued fighting. It did not matter whether or not he was determined to hold on to himself. He would surely be roasted to death either way before Wicked Flaming Dragon could even be killed.

Li Yi took a step back and tried to use Camouflage. He was relieved to find that he was able to leave the battlefield almost instantly.

He then tried to use the friend summoning tool. The result made him feel entirely helpless. The System Notification had reminded him that the usage of this type of features was prohibited here.

Li Yi crossed his legs and sat on the ground. The Transcendence Regen Skill came into effect automatically, and Li Yi’s HP started to rise.

The Searing Debuff happened once again. A [-1000] damage notification appeared above Li Yi’s head. His Transcendence Regen Skill was cut off abruptly, and Li Yi was forced to go into Battle Mode.

The continuous bleeding debuff was so irritating!

Li Yi turned around to access his surroundings. After searching for some time, he finally found a great place to where he could avoid the Searing Debuff.

The Flaming Dragon Lair had two openings. One was at the top and the other was situated at the bottom of it. Li Yi and Jiaojiao came in from the entrance below. That opening had been sealed close once again, but the other opening was still open.

Li Yi sprinted towards the pa.s.sage to hide. He sat on the ground and continued with his transcendence.

He could not even feel the heat here. He would be able to recover his HP uninterrupted.

Soon, Li Yi’s HP was full. He ran into the lair and resumed his attacks.

Ssst ssst…

Li Yi managed to stay alive by repeating this process over the course of the fight. Due to the Armor Strip special effect, his DPS has shot up to thirty thousand per second!

Without needing Li Yi’s instruction, Jiaojiao ran over and attempted to regenerate her HP with transcendence just like how Li Yi did.

Sadly, she failed. The weakness of all Black Paladins was that they did not have any skills that could allow them to leave a battle. The Transcendence Regen Skill cannot be activated if she could not leave the battle.

Jiaojiao yelled in frustration as she watched Li Yi alternated between attacking and sitting aside whenever he liked. She ran with all her might into the pa.s.sage in hopes to leave the battle.

Li Yi was so fully immersed in his battle that he did not even notice what Jiaojiao did. He actually thought that she was just hiding inside because her HP was too low.

With the greatsword in tow, Jiaojiao ran further and further away. She had seen this pa.s.sage before in the Vengeful Flames Instance Dungeon. This was the pa.s.sage where Emperor Lan chased Wicked Flaming Dragon away.

Wicked Flaming Dragon roared into the sky before opening its mouth for a Breath. Li Yi turned and ran into the pa.s.sage, but he never expected that the area of effect of the Breath attack was so big that even the pa.s.sage cannot shelter him. The skill burnt off 8565 HP from him just like that.

Li Yi finally remembered Jiaojiao at this moment. “Jiaojiao?”

“I’m coming over!”

Jiaojiao ran over with the greatsword on her back and a shiny bracelet in her hand. She was left with 1213 HP and would die at the slightest contact from Wicked Flaming Dragon.

This pa.s.sage was a dead end. They would be unable to protect themselves from the Wicked Familng Dragon’s Breath even when they were to run to the very end of it. However, it was right there that Jiaojiao had discovered a skeleton wearing this shiny bracelet.

This shiny bracelet looked exactly the same as the one on Caitley’s wrist. It was a perfect fit with the description of the ‘ancestor’s relic’ mentioned by Caitley in the Instance Dungeon.


Right when the Wicked Flaming Dragon’s Breath has ended, the dragon roared again at the sky and went for another attack.

The frequency of its attacks increased as its HP decreased!

“Come, hug me tight!”

Jiaojiao took the initiative to hug Li Yi when she saw Li Yi’s low HP.


The flames rolled fiercely into the pa.s.sage. Suddenly, the shiny bracelet in Jiaojiao’s hand shone brightly and expanded into a protection barrier that had enveloped the two of them.



The words ‘Immune!’ appeared on top of their heads at the same time.

Li Yi grabbed the bracelet to study it. His face was filled with delight.

[Protective Bracelet of Holy Light: An item blessed by Holy Light. Grants immunity against 10 enemy attacks. Note: Cannot be used repeatedly. Item will cease to exist once the power of Holy Light in the bracelet is depleted. (Remaining usage: 8)]

“This is great!”

Li Yi hugged Jiaojiao and kissed her before taking the Protective Bracelet of Holy Light and sprinting to Caitley.

Caitley was going to die very soon. There was no need for Li Yi and Jiaojiao to continue fighting anymore if such a powerful ally were to die. There was no way they could withstand the attacks of the Wicked Flaming Dragon.

Protection Bracelet of the Holy Light!

With this item, there would be endless possibilities ti what they could do!

Wicked Flaming Dragon attempted to smack Caitley with its claws. Li Yi made it right on time to stand together with Caitey. The Protective Bracelet of Holy Light’s brilliant white glow immediately enveloped the both of them.



The Protective Bracelet of Holy Light came into effect. Caitley, who only had 1 million HP left, managed to escape its fatal blow.

The remaining usage count on the Protective Bracelet of Holy Light dropped to 7.

“This is a relic from my ancestors…”

Caitley mumbled something under its breath before waving its staff around to chant a tediously long spell.

“Disciples of Augustus, please protect me…”

Wicked Flaming Dragon was furious. It swept its burning tail to attack the duo, but it was blocked once again by Li Yi’s Protective Bracelet of Holy Light.

“Fire-path Forbidden Curse: Song of Flames!”

Caitley pointed at Wicked Flaming Dragon with its staff. Consequently, dozens of Fire Elementals shot out of the staff to pounce at the dragon.

It was impossible to harm Wicked Flaming Dragon with ordinary flames. However, this Flaming Skeleton that was controlled by Caitley was special. Any ordinary person would immediately turn into ashes if they were burnt by the flames of Wicked Flaming Dragon. That was what happened to Caitley’s flesh.

However, this Flaming Skeleton that Caitley was controlling was different. This skeleton possessed the purest blood of the royals in Fetched Moon Country. Not only could it withstand most of the damage the flame would cause, it could also act as a counter against Wicked Flaming Dragon.

The Fire Elementals surrounded Wicked Flaming Dragon and began attacking it. Even though their individual damage was not high, but when a dozens and hundreds of Fire Elementals decided to attack simultaneously, the damage value would still proved to be terrifying.

Wicked Flaming Dragon roared in anger and raised its head, preparing itself for another Breath attack.

Jiaojiao noticed that things were about to go very wrong, so she immediately chugged a bottle of Divine Essence before running over to stand beside Li Yi. Then, she continue to hacked ferociously at Wicked Flaming Dragon.

Overwhelming flames engulfed the sky and the land. All of the Fire Elementals died as a consequence.

Caitley was not harmed. She continued to release more and more Fire Elementals.

The remaining usage of the Protective Bracelet of Holy Light had become 5!

The second round of Breath started right after the last one has ended. Wicked Flaming Dragon raised its head to release five Breath attacks in a row before collapsing into a panting mess on the ground.

Without the Protective Bracelet of Holy Light, there was no doubt that they would have died even if they were to hug each other to share the damage. This was because the damage of Breath would multiply after every use!

The remaining usage left on the Protective Bracelet of Holy Light was 1!

The Fire Elementals continued to appear. Li Yi and Jiaojiao both activated their major skills and began using them fervently.

The Undead Army was released. A total of 61 ghouls were summoned. They shrieked and rushed towards Wicked Flaming Dragon…

After activating G.o.d Mode, Li Yi immediately chugged down Mana Recovery Potions and used Eliminate as much as he could. His DPS immediately shot up to more than 5 million!

A DPS of 5 million per second meant half a million damage value in ten seconds! Li Yi’s DPS could be much higher if he was not limited by the supply of his mana.

The Fire Elementals poured out of the front of Caitley’s staff continuously. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of them…

The Song of Flames was considered to be a Forbidden Curse Skill. Any players that used it would suffer great punishments. Even if Caitley was a Boss-level monster, it still had to pay a price for using a Forbidden Curse.

The bones on its skeletons shattered and broke, cracking everywhere. In just a short period of time, one of its femurs had melted entirely.

Wicked Flaming Dragon’s HP dropped drastically. 30 million… 28.7 million… 15.64 million… 5.43 million!


Right at the moment when Wicked Flaming Dragon was about to perish, it struggled to stand up from the ground and sliced open a s.p.a.ce rift with its claws.

“Oh no, it’s planning to escape!” Li Yi shouted and quickly raised his bow to shoot at the s.p.a.ce rift.

“Meteor Arrow Skill!”

Thwish thwish thwish thwish!

With the quick depletion of mana, Li Yi’s arrows shot at the s.p.a.ce rift and immediately caused a ripple. With a loud thwack, the s.p.a.ce rift disappeared.

Wicked Flaming Dragon emitted a cry of despair as its HP dropped to zero. Its heavy, flaming head finally fell onto the ground…

It was finally done!

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