MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks: Chapter 247

Chapter 248: Truly Fated

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In the Auction House, Fire Ice raised her staff and pointed it at a corpse on the floor, the anger still evident on her face.

She may be a pure healer, but she was Level 53 now. With the overwhelming advantage in level and equipment, she could instantly kill most players below Level 30.

The Human Summoner who lay on the floor was Level 26, and he had been one-shotted by Fire Ice.

“The Little Drunk Cat Guild is being ridiculous. They even dare to kill other players in a place like this. Don’t you agree, everyone…?”

The Human Summoner on the ground just kept cursing at her, infuriating Fire Ice so much that she nearly wanted to kill him again.

“Ice, what happened here?” Li Yi walked up to them.

“Guild Master Dark Wing is here. Sir, your chief secretary here has crossed the line. My friend just asked her a question and she immediately killed him without hesitation. If it weren’t out of respect for you, we’d have attacked her already.”

A Human Paladin called Old Master Q walked up to them and told Li Yi about the situation.

Li Yi glanced at them. There were more than ten players with approximately the same name behind Old Master Q. They were clearly friends.

“Guild Master Dark Wing, you’re just in time…” The Human Summoner who Fire Ice had killed resurrected himself and stood up. Just then, the staff in Fire Ice’s hand glowed again.

“Holy Light Punishment!”

The Human Summoner was knocked to the ground again, dead.

“Ice, what are you doing?” Li Yi was stunned.

“Yo, lookie that! That’s what you call showing off. Killing him one time isn’t enough for her, she’s gotta kill him twice,” Old Master Q yelled loudly in a strange tone.

He was making a show of Li Yi so that the players around them would take his side.

“If he gets up again, I’ll kill him again!” Fire Ice was still furious at him.

“What’s the matter?” Li Yi sent Fire Ice a private message.

Fire Ice was known in the guild for being a gentle soul. This was Li Yi’s first time seeing her lose her temper like that.

“He was the one who insulted me first.”

“What did he say?”

“He… He said that I…” Fire Ice’s face turned red and she could not continue.

Li Yi looked at Old Master Q.

Old Master Q looked back helplessly. “My friend didn’t say anything at all. He just asked her if she was selling her Sterling, and she flew off the handle just like that.”

Li Yi stared. “Selling her Sterling?”

Fire Ice’s whole body was trembling in rage.

“By Sterling, you mean Silver Coins, right?” Li Yi thought it over and immediately understood the gist of it.

“Yeah.” Old Master Q nodded.

Li Yi was slightly exasperated as he sent Fire Ice another private message, “Ice, he’s asking if you sell Silver Coins, it’s not what you’re thinking…”

“Of course I understand that he’s asking for Silver Coins, but as he said that, he kept staring at… me. It’s that look in his eyes.” Fire Ice held her staff tightly, refusing to accept that explanation.

“Forget it, it’s just a joke. He didn’t really do anything to you either.”

After Li Yi advised her over and over again, Fire Ice’s anger finally subsided. However, she did not forgive the unlucky fellow on the floor. Instead, she just walked away and left Li Yi to deal with the aftermath.”

“Forget it, it’s fine even if she did kill him twice. After all, she is Guild Master Dark Wing’s… haha, good friend, right?” Old Master Q chuckled as he offered an olive branch.

Thanks to Li Yi’s interference, Old Master Q did not continue harping on it. He just led his guys away.

“Anyone selling yer Sterling? I’ll take as many as you got, PM me if you have any!”

“New stock just in, brand new Sterling! Bring your conversion rate, and PM me if you want some!”

Around the Auction House, countless players were yelling at the top of their voices.

Due to the sudden shortage of Gold Coins, Silver Coins had become the new popular currency…

It was just a game, so the players who yelled for their wares all tried to sound a little dirty doing it. Take that unlucky soul who Fire Ice had killed twice, for example. If he could just be a little more straight-laced, he probably would not have ended up in that situation.

Just imagine a hooligan asking a young lady on the street, “Hey, you selling that?” No matter who it was, they probably would not feel very pleased to hear that. Fire Ice seemed gentle, but she had a limit to what she could tolerate as well. If others tried to cross that limit, she would definitely retaliate in turn.

The readjustment of market prices meant that something that cost over ten Gold Coins in the past could now be bought for only several dozen Silver Coins. Li Yi spent 500 Gold Coins on a huge pile of materials that could not be obtained for any fewer than 10,000 Gold Coins in the past.

Li Yi went home and refined a bunch of potions, making sure he was completely ready before he finally embarked on his journey.

Right now, players were generally at Level 50, and confrontation quests among the major camps were appearing more frequently. There were constantly players camping around the Abyssal Canyon, all so they could earn some Honor.

Li Yi rode the Crimson Tiger King to the Abyssal Canyon and realized that the players from the two main camps were in the middle of duking it out. They unleashed powerful moves across the Crevice, a Meteor here and an Ice Howl there, and they even cursed each other as they fought, as though their targets had killed their fathers or taken their wives.

“B*stards from the Eastern Continent, your mama’s sleeping with me and your dad’s gay with you! All the girls in your family are s.e.x slaves!”

“You Eastern Continent mother-f*cking idiots, you’re all sons of b*tches, your mamas taught you jack-sh*t! I hope your whole family ends up selling your *ssholes, and you sell em for a hundred years…”

Voices like that had long since echoed all the way to the Abyssal Canyon. Who knew what they were thinking? It was just a game, did they have to go this far?

The Ice Toad King made a super powered-up jump and propelled Li Yi to the other side.

“Someone’s coming, I think it’s the Archer G.o.d! Call for reinforcements, we can’t let him pa.s.s.” Several thousand Western Continent players discovered Li Yi, and they instantly surrounded him.

Fire Projectiles, Blizzard Spells, h.e.l.lfire, Holy Light Forgiveness… Countless AoE magic spells flew at him. Even if Li Yi used an Invisibility Potion, he was still beaten into becoming visible once more. Thankfully, he was prepared for this. Using his special skills, Violent Bear’s Protection and Acceleration, he quickly escaped from their clutches.

“Go after him—”

“I think Guild Master Dark Wing has gone over there! Everyone, don’t let those b*stards catch up to him. Let’s all fight together and give Guild Master Dark Wing some cover!”

The Eastern Continent players on the defending side all grew more motivated as they sent their powerful moves crashing into the opposite edge.

Li Yi did not need their cover, however. He had already broken past the barricade. As long as he had his Ultimate Move, Camouflage, crossing the border was nothing to him.

This time, Li Yi was headed toward the Silver Moon Canyon. This was a place that caused Eastern Continent players a great deal of headache for a very simple reason. The Silver Moon Canyon was located at the very heart of the Western Continent. It was surrounded by the Western Continent players’ major cities. If one was not careful, they could easily be sp.a.w.n-camped and relegated to lying on the ground.

The fact that Li Yi had infiltrated the Western Continent was immediately spread far and wide. The Windcloud Clan was the first to set an ultimatum: They would reward anyone who managed to kill Dark Wing with 50,000 Gold Coins.

Not Gray Wolf also began to make his move. Ever since he got the short end of the deal the last time they met, that punk had always been looking for an opportunity to get revenge. Now, he finally had one in his hands, so he was not going to let it pa.s.s so easily.

As Li Yi had caused the Western Continent players too much trouble, all of the Western Continent players united against him. Not long after Li Yi infiltrated the Western Continent, they began to form their own groups. Instead of farming monsters or beating dungeons, these groups just patrolled the grounds and searched for any traces of Li Yi’s tracks.

“I’ll buy his coordinates for 10,000 Gold Coins.” Brother Windcloud Nine made another announcement.

That just escalated things further. The Windcloud Clan already put a 50,000 Gold Coin bounty on Li Yi’s head, and now Brother Windcloud Nine was offering 10,000 on his own for Li Yi’s coordinates…

The Western Continent was around the same size as the Eastern Continent. Looking for one person in such a large area was like finding a needle in a haystack, but when all the players on the continent mobilized at once, even an ant would be found easily, much less a person like Li Yi.

“Brokeback Mountain, coordinates 2327777,1123544. We discovered traces of the thief Dark Wing!”

“Discovered Li Yi underneath Vicious Tiger Ridge!”

“Discovered Li Yi outside the east gate of Skypierce City!”

There was a constant flow of people reporting Dark Wing’s coordinates on the Western Continent’s channel. Of course, some of these were real and others were false. Some were just causing chaos for the sake of it, but others had well and truly found Li Yi.

Brother Windcloud Nine never checked the World Channel. He only looked at his direct messages. However, he had yet to encounter Li Yi up till now.

Using his Invisibility Potions and his Ultimate Move, Camouflage, Li Yi managed to make his way toward Silver Moon Canyon with a great deal of difficulty. Thankfully, no one knew where he was going. If they did and blockaded his path, he would not be able to pa.s.s even if he had divine powers.

He had already been discovered several times, but thankfully he managed to escape each encounter. Using his special skill, Acceleration, Li Yi evaded their traps again and again. Now, he just needed to spend another day on the road and he would arrive at Silver Moon Canyon.

Before a small stream 30 meters outside Skypierce City, Sister Windcloud Nine and Pink Girl were sitting side by side. They held fishing rods in their hands and put all their attention into their fishing.

When they failed to get a bite after a long wait, Pink Girl put her chin in her hands out of boredom and asked, “Nine Sister, I heard that Dark Wing has come to the Western Continent again. Do ya think we’d meet him this time as well?”

“I don’t wanna meet him.” Nine Sister shook her head.

Although Li Yi had given her a ring that could increase EXP last time as compensation, Sister Windcloud Nine still had no affection for Li Yi whatsoever.

Pink Girl narrowed her eyes and looked at Sister Windcloud Nine. “Why? He even gave you a ring last time. Tee-hee, I hear that Brother Nine found out about this, did he get mad at you?”

Sister Windcloud Nine looked wistful. “Don’t mention it again. You know just how jealous Brother Nine can get. When I told him Dark Wing gave me a ring, he asked for it and threw it away without a second thought. It was such a waste. Not only did I lose so much EXP, I even got a scolding.”

“Is that why you don’t wanna meet that Dark Wing?”

Sister Windcloud Nine nodded. “That’s right. I never had anything to do with him anyway, and I don’t want to have anything to do with him. That’s why I’d rather never meet him again if possible.”

Pink Girl sighed. “Sigh, I really wanna go to the Eastern Continent, though…”


“I have a crush on someone, an Eastern Continent player…”

Sister Windcloud Nine’s eyes widened as she looked at Pink Girl in surprise.

Pink Girl’s eyes sparkled with stars and her expression was full of admiration. “He’s wise and capable, and every move he makes is just so cool. I wanna change and become a Traveller just so I can go there and meet him.”

“No way? Pink, what’s gotten into your head? Goodness, an Eastern Continent player? What were you thinking? Don’t tell me none of our many Western Continent players can match up to him? Oh yeah, who is he?”

“No one can match up to him.” Pink Girl shook her head and said, “He’s…”


There was a loud noise from the surface of the water. A person leaped out from the water and elicited a scream of surprise from both Sister Windcloud Nine and Pink Girl.

The person, drenched from head to toe, smiled at the two women with his pearly whites. “Sorry, the Underwater Breathing Potion ran out.”

“Dark Wing!”

Sister Windcloud Nine cried out. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she fainted from the shock…

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