MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks: Chapter 211 - Never To Be In Contact With One Another

Chapter 211: Never to be in Contact with One Another

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“Not gonna yank your b.a.l.l.s, here to share some good news. I’m done taking care of my personal matters and will be online more now,” The friend with her name hidden was none other than invincible Jiaojiao.

Li Yi smiled, “Where are you now?”

“What’s up?”

“Come to the guild map, let me gift you an egg.”

Five minutes later, Li Yi met with Jiaojiao in the guild map. Li Yi handed over a Mysterious Egg to her.

“This egg will hatch into a legendary pet for Archers but the chances are pretty slim though. Try your luck.”

“Wow, you really have your mind set on this,” Invincible Jiaojiao weighed the egg in her hands while smirking at Li Yi.

“What do you mean?”

“Ingratiating an old hag like me, you’re obviously into me.”

“Can I win you over?” Li Yi tried his luck to see how far he’d get.

Jiaojiao gave him the middle finger, “Humph, your sis here is underage. I’m not looking for a relationship.”

Li Yi, “…”

If one was not that acquainted with her, it would be difficult to wrap one’s head around someone who called herself an old hag or sis.

“Here’s the egg back,” Jiaojiao tossed the Mysterious Egg back to Li Yi.

“What? Don’t want it just ’cause I’m after you?”

Jiaojiao snorted, “I want to change my cla.s.s. Playing an Archer is just too exhausting.”

“Start over? That’s more tiring,” Li Yi was dumbfounded.

Jiaojiao had always been an Archer in Li Yi’s past life. Never did she have the notion to switch What happened?

“Have to do it even if it’s tiring. I really don’t want to live in your shadow.”

Oh… It was because of him.

Li Yi asked, “Then what cla.s.s are you intending to play?”

“Warrior, Paladin, Thief. No more ranged, that’s for sure. I fancy some close combat,” Jiaojiao pa.s.sionately gestured.

“And, I don’t want to be a Guild Master. If you turn me down, I will completely cut ties with you and never be in contact.”

“… Erm.”

Li Yi continued, “You can play a new cla.s.s but there’s really no need to delete and reset your account. As long as you level up your current character to 40, there’s a way to switch your cla.s.s.”

“We can switch in King of Pantheon?” Jiaojiao’s eyes were gleaming with hope.

Li Yi smiled, “Accurately speaking, it’s a hidden cla.s.s.”

“What’s a hidden cla.s.s? Is it freakin’ awesome? Is it amazeb.a.l.l.s? Can I beat you up?”

“It’s awesome and amazeb.a.l.l.s but you’re still far from beating me up, unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you come to bed with me. I will definitely let you beat me up.”

“Yeah right! You can dream on getting me in bed with you!”

Off topic again…

Li Yi reeled the conversation back, “There’re two hidden in King of Pantheon, Black Paladin and Dragon Rider.

“Changing cla.s.s to Dragon Rider is simple. It’s possible as long as you’re able to get your hands on the Ancient-level dragon mount. Black Paladin and Dragon Rider are different. You’ll forget all mastered skills once you become a Black Paladin, no matter whether you’re a Warrior, Wizard, and so on. All acquired skills and Skill Points will be gone and you’d only be able to use skills unique to the Black Paladin cla.s.s.”

“Will I lose my level when changing cla.s.s?”

Li Yi nodded, “Yes, if you manage to switch cla.s.s at Level 40, then you’ll be a Level 1 Black Paladin. But it’s not a big deal since the System will reward you a novice equipment set you can wear from level 1 to 80. It’s Pretty good stuff.”

Jiaojiao’s eyes were gleaming, “I’m not interested in Dragon Rider but this Black Paladin sounds cool.

“I want to switch over to a Black Paladin cla.s.s, how do I do it?”

“Focus on leveling up. As long as you’re at Level 40, you can switch.”

“Alright, I’ll go level up then but I’m warning you, don’t ever lie to me. I hate liars. If you cherish our relationship, you’d better remember this!”

“No problem,” Li Yi smiled.

Jiaojiao chuckled, “Don’t be offended if I’m too blunt. You’re my friend, after all. I wouldn’t even bother to talk if it were anyone else.”

Straight-arrow and emotions written all over her face. Now that was Jiaojiao.

Jiaojiao handed over the Guild Master position to Li Yi. When Li Yi wanted to elect her as Deputy Guild Master, she rejected.

“Let me prove myself first. I really don’t want someone talking behind my back saying I’m Dark Wing’s woman. Bah!”

“Hahaha, isn’t it true?”

“My a.s.s. My brilliant reputation is ruined in the hands of a b.i.t.c.h like you.”

Jiaojiao chose to be a regular member, not even an Elite. But to differentiate her from regular members, Li Yi created a t.i.tle specifically for her, A Yellow Flower.

Jiaojiao did not understand and asked Li Yi the meaning to it. To which Li Yi responded, ” Yellow Flower Young Lady 1 .”

“Get out of my sight! Scram!!!!!”

Jiaojiao and her mother officially moved a floor above Li Yi but now that they were close at hand, Li Yi hesitated. He fought in his mind for a long time but decided against meeting Jiaojiao upstairs.

Jiaojiao’s mother was true to her word and invited Li Yi out for a meal. Jiaojiao did not join them so the two were yet to meet.

Li Yi’s original plan was to head to Black Wind Valley to progress further in his quest but the appearance of Jiaojiao had him put this plan on hold.

Black Wind Valley was a long journey ahead. Moreover, Blackbeard Mike’s descendant resp.a.w.ned randomly. If he were to go, it would take at least half a month to complete the quest.

Now Li Yi’s task was to carry Jiaojiao daily. This special honor was only enjoyed by Jiaojiao alone.

“What if your level drops from you carrying me everyday? If you’re beaten, would that look bad on you?”

“I don’t really care about levels when there’s only one Jiaojiao,” Li Yi who had a chance in resetting his life, did not care much for levels nor equipments anymore. He had once kicked a party just to secure a piece of Epic-level equipment all to himself in the past life. Now, even a divine weapon would not stir him away.

“Eww, b.o.l.l.o.c.ks. Can you not be so cheesy? F*ck, I’m almost so touched that I want to give myself to you.”

“It’s the truth. C’mon, be touched. I look forward to it.”

With an expert like Li Yi carrying her, Jiaojiao’s level rose to ranks quickly. In a short span of a few days, she reached Level 30.

Li Yi officially became the Guild Master and immediately applied for jurisdiction to move the guild out of the Mirror map and established it onto an empty lot just outside the Castellan’s residence of Shattered Frost City.

Li Yi announced that the Little Drunk Cat would begin working towards leveling up and requested all members to put in effort, whether it was materials or lending a hand. Apart from funds which were not needed, everything else but the kitchen sink was required.

Initially, Li Yi did not upgrade the guild as Little Drunk Cat was not that powerful. Now that the guild had progressed quite a heap and had garnered a reputation within the King of Pantheon, naturally the next goal would be to prioritize the guild’s development, together with Shattered Frost City as their backing, there was no need for concern. Hence, Li Yi had issued such an order.

Moving the guild map out of the Mirror was a major operation and tied directly to the guild’s development in the later stages of the game. Take Star Fire as an example, they made one wrong move in address and suffered a strike from Li Yi in const.i.tution, they had yet to recover to date.

The guild with the highest level in the Eastern Continent was Dream Guild currently at Level 7. The remaining guilds were around Level 6 and amongst these large-sized guilds, Little Drunk Cat was at the lowest end of the scale.

The Lifestyle cla.s.s of Little Drunk Cat came in handy with their Ironsmiths and carpenters being put to full use. Having these people upgrading the building works of the guild really increased the progress.

Take Snickersnee as an example, if a Master-level Ironsmith were to upgrade his shop, not only would the building funds be lessened by half, there would be an extra welfare buff, Ironsmith Master’s Blessing. It could be used once a day and the effect would last two hours. With this buff, Ironsmith apprentices could double-up their crafting expertise.

Now this was what they call a Master-level!

Little Drunk Cat’s scale was moving at an extreme speed, upgrading one level per day. With preparation well underway, they quickly made it to a Level 6 scale.

With the scale increased, the guild members enjoyed more benefits. 2.5x EXP buff, acceleration buff, guild shops’ random sale of rare items, etc… There were so many benefits.

Little Drunk Cat occupied a tenth of Shattered Frost City’s land. Only a Castellan such as Li Yi could do so. Any other guilds would not be able to execute this.

With the rise of guild scale, so did Little Drunk Cat’s reputation. There were players who wanted to join the guild everyday but Li Yi had issued an order that unless they were cognizant of their character, they were not allowed in, regardless of how strong they were.

The incident with Qing Pingle had taught him that for a guild to develop for the long term, taking in members at a whim would not cut it. As long as they were meticulous in the selection and a.s.sembled a group of loyal players, the guild would remain impenetrable.

Platinum Hand was still active but at least half the members had joined Little Drunk Cat. Li Yi did not push them to do so. It was all on their own accord.

Platinum Hand’s Lil Man was still guildless and a maverick. She maintained good relations with every member of Platinum Hands but at the same time, no one knew her real ident.i.ty.

On the other hand, Chen Yang and Pretty Good Mood’s relationship finally gelled. There were no more squabbles about equipment but they both did not take a liking to One Big Bun. They avoided him like a plague and were even unwilling to greet him.

Truth be told, One Big Bun’s reputation had spread due to the sheer amount of legendary equipment that had been destroyed personally by his hands. This was not just limited to guild members, those who partied with him in clearing dungeons had also become victims to this.

Li Yi carried Jiaojiao in dungeons everyday and both of them grew familiar with each other. That bromance they had from the past life was finally back.

Despite that, Li Yi could not help but feel his stomach churn. Not because of Jiaojiao, but rather with the return of Jiaojiao, that woman, Wind-on-Snow who had caused him to lose his mind was due to arrive too.

Would there be a change from the past life? Would Wind-on-Snow appear in this life?

The more he thought about this, the more Li Yi was driven to carry Jiaojiao. It was a form of escapism. Even in the past life, the Wind-on-Snow incident had pa.s.sed for quite some time now that he no longer harbored ill intentions.

It was for the best that they never meet again and never be in contact with each other.

Li Yi thought to himself.

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