MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks: Chapter 186

Chapter 187: Surprise Visitor

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Fernando’s body instantly swelled up, and he became a giant that was almost ten meters tall. His clothes were torn apart and the scales on his body oozed with blood, the pain so intense that he roared in agony.




Li Yi shot three arrows in a row, and two of them achieved a Critical Hit, but the end result was the same. His damage was limited to 1HP.

‘Wasn’t he weakened yet?’

Li Yi paused slightly and then hurriedly retreated.

“Despicable human, you shall pay for your actions!”

Fernando howled, raising the Curse Ball high above his head.

A bolt of black light shot out and enveloped Li Yi. “Pfft!” The curse took effect, and Li Yi became a frog.

“Croak! Croak!”

Unlike the Wizards’ Transformation Spell, Fernando’s Transformation Curse would change the opponent’s body and gradually reduce the enemy’s HP. Unless a Priest dispelled the effects, the victim would run out of HP and die within a few seconds.

“Dark Devour!”

In these critical moments, the Trickery Ring’s special skill always came in handy. A plume of black smoke rose and enveloped Li Yi’s body, devouring all the status effects, both good and bad.

Li Yi turned back to human form and immediately used the Explosive Propeller.


The knockback sent Li Yu flying more than 200 meters backward. He used both Pseudocide and Camouflage multiple times, but when he saw that they were ineffective, Li Yi turned around and ran.

Back when he saw Fernando the Siren swell in size, he already knew that he had been tricked…

There was something wrong with the elixir the Mermaid Princess had given him. Although Li Yi never attempted this quest before, he had completed many similar quests. When it came to a weakening effect, it was only ever physically expressed one way, and that was via a shrinking.

‘Now that he’s this big, just how much more physically powerful would he be? d.a.m.n you, Mermaid Princess, you set me up.’

Li Yi finally understood.

The Mermaid Princess’ hatred for him had gone below negative 10,000. In real life, that would be an undying grudge that would not dissolve with anything short of killing the other party.

Li Yi summoned the Violent Bear King and sent it ahead to block Fernando. Meanwhile, Li Yi ran for his life.

He did not mind dying once, but Li Yi was worried that Fernando would cast a spell on him that could not be Dispelled, a Weakening Curse that would last for days.

“Maylia’s Wind Shield Protection!”

Upon activating the Wild Shield, Li Yi began to swim a little faster. By now, the Violent Bear King had already completed its mission. As a result of Fernando’s curse, it turned into a small bird and drowned in the sea.

“Despicable human, you shall pay for your actions!”

Fernando gave chase persistently, but since he had grown larger, his SPD had decreased drastically as well. He could keep up with Li Yi, but he could not catch up.

He threw one curse after the other, but since the distance between them was too large, Li Yi could dodge the attacks easily.

When he realized that Fernando could not catch up to him, Li Yi felt a lot safer, and he could even turn around occasionally to observe Fernando.

Fernando was the second-in-command in the Sea G.o.d’s Palace. Other than the Naga Queen, he was the second strongest. One of his AoE curses could have a range of a thousand meters, so how could he be performing so poorly now?

‘Could it be because of the Curse Elixir?’




Li Yi suddenly noticed that HP reduction numbers were flickering above Fernando’s head, and each hit took 100,000HP. His HP was falling extremely fast.

‘So it really is the Curse Elixir taking effect!’

The Curse Elixir dulled Fernando’s wit but increased his ATK power. If Li Yi did not have the Explosive Propeller, he would have pummeled to death for sure. However, even if he had been killed, the effects of the Curse Elixir probably would not have vanished either. It was only a matter of time before Fernando died because his HP dropped to zero.

‘d.a.m.n, that’s killing two birds with one stone!

‘You’re a mean one, Little Mermaid.’

Now that he understood everything, Li Yi ran even faster. He swam until he was at the deepest part of the ocean and began to run, advancing in leaps and bounds in the water.

He must not die, he could not die no matter what. If he did, he would fail this quest.

Fernando had 30,000,000HP, so even if he lost 100,000 at once, it would still be quite some time before he finally died.

In this great escape of his, the engineered products were a great help to Li Yi.

He tossed Functional Dummies out by the handful. That way, not only did he successfully reduce the speed of Fernando’s chase, he even attracted the aggro of the monsterlings along the way.

Only Legendary Master Engineers could accomplish this method because the usage of those Functional Dummies also had a cooldown period. If it were any normal player, they would only be able to throw out one Functional Dummy at a time, and then there would be a cooldown time of 2 minutes. However, it was different when Li Yi used it. He could toss out 20 Functional Dummies at once, and the cooldown time was 20 seconds. This was the difference between the Legendary and the Normal.

Fernando roared constantly as he gave chase. Li Yi carefully dodged the curses flying at him, feeling much more a.s.sured.

The mermaids’ Curse Elixir was impressive indeed. After all, it must be said that Fernando was most renowned for his intellect, not his curses. However, his current actions showed that his mind had clearly regressed to the standard of a normal male Naga. All he did was repeat one line of dialogue as he blindly gave chase. All his strategies had gone out the window.

Li Yi checked the minimap as he ran. He was not running randomly; instead, he kept running toward the direction of dry land.

“The Nagas will forever be your enemy!”

Finally, after an hour of pursuit, Li Yi successfully ran Fernando the ground. Fernando roared once in fury and agony, then he crashed to the ground.

System Notification: [Your affinity with the Nagas has decreased by 1,000 points.]

Fernando’s corpse indicated that it was not obtainable. Li Yi tried to loot it but ended up shaking his head in disappointment. He then opened the Quest Pane for a glance. It stated there that he had completed the Kill Fernando the Siren quest!

‘It’s finally done!’

Li Yi took the Return City Stone from his Backpack and rubbed it. In the end, he rubbed it for a good long while, and yet he did not return to Shattered Frost City.


Li Yi checked carefully and realized that he had a debuff called Eye of the Siren. It prohibited him from using any teleportation devices over the next 5 hours.

He would not let people forget him even after death. Such was Fernando the Siren…

After such a tiring ordeal, Li Yi no longer had the mood to continue on the road, so he logged off as soon as he reached land.

Besides, it did not matter whether he was online or not. As soon as the 5 hours pa.s.sed, the effects of the Eye of the Siren would disappear, and then he would be able to return directly just by using the Return City Stone.

Li Yi logged off and surfed the official site for a while. There, he realized that the post-thread argument over the Archer cla.s.s was still waging on.

“My Opinion on Archer Accuracy, Regarding Accuracy of Moving while Shooting, Jumpshot Edition”

“Re:My Opinion on Archer Accuracy, Regarding Accuracy of Moving while Shooting, Jumpshot Edition. This Author is Full of BS! I Wanna Ask, Have You Really Played as an Archer Before? Have You Seen Archer G.o.d Dark Wing’s Battle Vids? Have You Actually Researched This?”

“Re:Re:My Opinion on Archer Accuracy…”

“Re:Re:Re:My Opinion on Archer Accuracy…”

“Re:Re:Re:Re:My Opinion on Archer Accuracy…”

“Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:My Opinion on Archer Accuracy…”

There was no end to it. Both of the writers were super keyboard warriors on these forums. If one of them argued one thing, the other would argue with that argument, and then the first would come in swinging for another shot. The first few posts still had some reasoning and substance, but by the end of it, it had basically devolved into a war of personal insults.

“They got too much time to spare and nothing good to do!” Li Yi slapped a simple judgment on both sides.

“Ding-dong, ding-dong…”

Just as Li Yi was browsing through the forums, the doorbell rang.

“Coming.” Li Yi got up to open the door.

Looking through the peephole on the door to his room, Li Yi could not see anything.

‘There isn’t anyone there?’

As soon as Li Yi sat back down, the bell rang again.

He ran to the door and looked through the peephole again, but there still was not anyone there.

“Ding-dong! Ding-dong!” The bell was still ringing.

“Which family’s little brat is this? Imma flick you by the b.a.l.l.s!”

Li Yi flew off the handle. He yanked the door open and rushed out, roaring.

“Uncle Yi…”

A little girl with large eyes was standing outside the door, holding a Gra.s.s Mud Horse toy. When she saw Li Yi’s terrible temper, tears instantly welled in her eyes.

“You’re…” Li Yi looked at the little girl and suddenly froze.

Li Yi ventured, “Lil’ Momo?”

The girl’s expression lit up and she nodded, hard.

The little girl before him was Little Elf from the Magical Realm’s daughter, Lil’ Momo.

“How did you get here? Where’s your Mama?” Li Yi picked Lil’ Momo up and looked around him.

“My Mama isn’t here, I came alone.”

Lil’ Momo’s words instantly stupefied Li Yi.

“How did you know I stay here? Your Mama isn’t here, so how did you…”

Li Yi was overflowing questions, and his gaze continued to search around. Lil’ Momo was only five years old, so how could she have found his house all on her own. And besides, forget her, not even her mother knew where Li Yi stayed.

“Uncle Yang…” Lil’ Momo turned around and called out. Rubbing his round head, Chen Yang walked out from the stairwell.

“Fatty, what’s happening?” Li Yi’s head was full of question marks.

“I’ll tell you inside.” Chen Yang chuckled.

The three of them went inside, and Chen Yang told him everything.

It turned out that Lil’ Momo had found Chen Yang from her mother’s call logs.

Lil’ Momo had originally intended to call Li Yi, but she had searched for a long time and still could not find the name Li Yi (he was recorded as Dark Wing in the contacts list). However, the name Tall and Mighty had left a deep impression on her, and she knew that this was Li Yi’s good friend in real life, so she quickly made that call.

“I’m Momo, and I’m now riding the No.107 maglev train. Come get me quick…”

Lil’ Momo had snuck out secretly, and then she had followed behind an old man to secretly board the maglev train. The most absurd part was that she had even boarded the wrong maglev train. If Chen Yang had not called his friend who was outstation to send Lil’ Momo back here, they would not even know where Lil’ Momo would be right now.

Chen Yang looked at Lil’ Momo helplessly. “This kid’s too gutsy. It’s worrying.”

“I got into a fight with Mama so I secretly ran away,” said Lil’ Momo furiously. She was completely unaware of just how dangerous her actions were as she stood there, playing with her Gra.s.s Mud Horse toy.

“I bet you’re starving, huh?”

Li Yi took out a large pile of snacks and gave them to Lil’ Momo. He frowned as he watched her eat.

“Brother Yi, I’m handing her to you. The rest’s got nothing to do with me. Oh G.o.d, I’m still in a dungeon too. Momo, Uncle Yang’s going on ahead.”

“Bye-bye, Uncle Yang.” Her mouth stuffed full of snacks, Lil’ Momo waved Chen Yang good-bye with her little hand.

Li Yi picked up his phone, but just as he was about to call Little Elf from the Magical Realm, Lil’ Momo flew into a rage. Throwing her Gra.s.s Mud Horse toy to the ground, she yelled, “Don’t call my Mama or I’ll sue you for molesting me!”

“Mo… Molesting…”

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