MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks: Chapter 117

Chapter 118: Domineeringly Disengage the Enemy

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Once the guild map was moved out of Mirror and established it in the world map, should there be a need to move the guild map again, one would need to wait for half a year (time in reality) before relocation would be permitted.

Buildings in the guild map would refresh every 24 hours. If there was severe damage, reserve funds from the guild vault would automatically be used for repair costs. Once the reserved funds were exhausted, the guild’s level would drop by 1 level, until it became Level 0.

Star Fire Guild was at Level 6. Establishing buildings was a costly matter, so was researching skills. Yang Xingchen must have at least invested over 5,000,000 from Level 1 to Level 6. If he did not take care of Giant Metal Scorpion, the guild’s level would definitely drop 1 level.

“Inform the guild to get everyone online to dive 1 !”

Once Yang Xingchen saw that Giant Metal Scorpion destroying the guild map, he could not afford to wait any longer.


Over 10,000 Star Fire Guild members gathered and initiated dive on Giant Metal Scorpion.

The way Yang Xingchen saw it, with over 10,000 diving in on Giant Metal Scorpion, even if one person could only take down a small portion of HP, at least 10,000 HP could be deducted at a time. Giant Metal Scorpion’s HP was at 70,000,000. Although it seemed like a lot it was definitely possible to take down.

Here to the bitter end!

The thought of the loot that could be dropped by Giant Metal Scorpion had Yang Xingchen’s blood boiling.

Li Yi watched as Giant Metal Scorpion completed its nest before leaving, perfectly content.

Once Giant Metal Scorpion had built its nest, unless there was an extreme player like him in Star Fire Guild available to kite it away, it was immovable. It was impossible to take it down at the current level, no matter the number of people.

Star Fire Guild members were all gathered in the map with one person overlapping the other. Yang Xingchen commanded with imposing grandeur as they charged towards Giant Metal Scorpion.

“Kill it! Take down Giant Metal Scorpion and everyone gets a reward!”

The statement that ‘brave ones were bound to step forward when there was a reward’ rang true. Star Fire Guild members were on a high, as though the Giant Metal Scorpion before them was a delicious dish. Each of them braved forward, desperate to prove themselves.

“Hiss, hiss!”

Giant Metal Scorpion enraged and its body trembled violently. The poisonous green fog was released, enveloping the entire guild map in an instant.

All the Star Fire Guild members were instantly killed…

There was more. The horrifying poisonous green fog condensed and refused to disperse, shrouding over Star Fire Guild map. It looked like a worldly wonderland from afar.

The moment the Star Fire Guild members stood up, they were killed. They did not even have the chance to attack, let alone kill the boss.

“Everyone, lie low and wait for the poison to disperse,” I Love Beast Beast yelled but there were always that few that were so foolhardy and kept running to their corpses.

“Dark Wing, the Star Fire Guild will always be mortal enemies with you!” Yang Xingchen yelled to the sky.

Li Yi was not about to back down. He immediately returned the favor, “This is just the beginning. You get dirty when you play dirty. Guild master Xingchen, don’t forget about 107.”

Yang Xingchen dared not speak any further.

Truth be told, Yang Xingchen only wanted to fight dirty with G.o.d Creator but he did not account for Little Drunk Cat being dragged into this.

“107, 107, what else do you know?” Yang Xingchen sent Li Yi a PM.

“Don’t you think that I’m afraid of you. Once you p.i.s.s me off, you’ll regret it!”

Yang Xingchen started to threaten him.

“Motel room 107 is a great place. I went there a few times but each time, I could hear some weird noises. Something about Hua, bite me more, something about sweet-smelling…”

Yang Xingchen was quiet for a long time. “So what if you know about Huahua and me? Do you have proof? Who would believe you?”

Li Yi was honest. “I don’t have proof and no one will believe me.”

“Haha, I knew that you’re just blackmailing me.

“I’ll tell you the truth. With the relationship I have with Milk Dipper Solitary, even if… he were to find out, he wouldn’t dare confront me. Humph humph, he would never.”

Li Yi did not respond.

“C’mon, make a quip or something. Don’t you think I can’t find where you live with my contacts? Humph, don’t force me to do it. Taking you down with me is nothing.”

Li Yi chuckled, “Guild master Xingchen, I have recorded your earlier words and sent them to the official website.”

The moment Li Yi said these words, Yang Xingchen received a System Notification.

[Your speech has affected the gaming health of others. The Major G.o.ds have decided to kick you out and have forbidden you from logging on for half a month.]

“F*ck me!” Yang Xingchen’s vision turned black and he was forcefully disconnected.

Any attempt to play mafia in King of Pantheon would result in tragedy. Not only would the System freeze the account, but they would also be monitored in real life with a permanent spot in the blacklist. This was a measure taken by Pantheon to protect players. Otherwise, who would dare play a game that could potentially affect a person’s safety?

It was only the beginning. Once King of Pantheon completely merged into the real life, the protective regulations would be even more thorough.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Yang. Please come with us to record a statement.”

Yang Xingchen was just kicked offline when the cyber police arrived at his home.

Right after the popular talk host, Chen Yang, Yang Xingchen became famous as well.

The Internet mafia, brother Yang, Yang Xingchen became legendary.

The voice recording posted by Li Yi to the official website had the portion regarding the secret affair cropped off and only contained the last threat.

“You’re still far from playing in the same league as me,” Li Yi helplessly sighed.

He cheated a total of eight years in his past life yet not once did the cyber police suspect him as he was skilled in exploiting the loopholes in the rules. He did not steal nor s.n.a.t.c.h, he merely ‘borrowed’ items so no one could legitimately attack him…

Er, his thoughts went too far. He could not bear to look back at his past any longer.

Li Yi forcefully dismissed the awkward memories in his head.

Returning to Pinnacle of the Fire, he searched around but could not find Yu Xuan. He saw Milk Dipper Solitary carrying two large axes, blockading the instance dungeon’s entrance with his people.

In Li Yi’s eyes, this fella himself was a tragedy. He was often exploited by Yang Xingchen and each time Milk Dipper Solitary killed on his behalf, it was the cue for Yang Xingchen’s secret affair with Hua Feihua.

While he was out slaughtering her enemies, Yang Xingchen and Hua Feihua were going at it in the motel…

Once the secret affair was exposed, Milk Dipper Solitary ranked number six in King of Pantheon’s top ten most tragic characters.

Li Yi rode on Crimson Tiger King and faced Milk Dipper Solitary who was not far ahead. His figure was so obvious that Milk Dipper quickly caught sight of him.


Milk Dipper Solitary mounted a wolf and ran over.

‘One on one? Alright then.’

Li Yi smiled as he drew his bow back for a shot.


Milk Dipper Solitary swung his ax to deflect the arrow. He dismissed his mount as he made his way over.

He did not use Charge!

Many Warriors on battle favored to Charge ahead first. Everything was fine once Charge made a direct hit but if it missed then it would be disastrous.

As a melee physical cla.s.s, apart from Charge, Warriors could also utilize far-range weapons such as javelins or bow and arrows but the channeling period was simply too long and the damage was too low. Apart from jabbing it when the other party’s HP was low, there was no practical use for it.

Many a time, a Charge could determine victory and defeat.

“Come out, Violent Bear King!”

Li Yi smiled as he summoned Violent Bear King.

“What is that?

“Golden bear?

“F*ck me, what is that thing?”

“Wh-What the f*ck is this?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. It was a first for them to see a golden bear.

Violent Bear King played no favorites with anyone. Under the command of Li Yi, it Berserk Charged.



A Charge and a Sweep instantly took 1000+ HP from Milk Dipper Solitary. A five-second Dizzy Mode status was added.

Li Yi fired from the back as Violent Bear King clawed in the front. It only took three seconds to take down Milk Dipper Solitary.


Violent Bear King fiercely growled. Its bear claws smacked the ground and the entire surface began to tremble.

Several hundred Savage Tribe members charged forward. Li Yi let out a scream and Violent Bear King cast a golden glow at him.

“Violent Bear’s Protection!”

“Swish swish swish— shh!”

A Penetrating Arrow fired out and penetrated through tens of people. The lowest damage was 2000+. The Critical Hits were daunting.

“Swish swish swish— shh!”

Li Yi only used the Penetrating Arrow technique to prevent Savage Tribe members from closing in. One prevailed against a hundred, easily!

“An Archer that could go against a hundred?”

“F*ck me, this arrow is more powerful than a Wizard.

“Instant kill, man…”

No one dared to advance. Li Yi’s ATK damage was alarming enough and with Violent Bear King blocking the road ahead, their coordination was a match made in Heaven. No one dared to put their life on the line against that.

“Who dares to come forth!”

Arrogance. Just sheer arrogance!

The combo above Li YI’s head was an astounding 587 kills!

What is the meaning found in playing games? Was it not to stand at the top, undefeated? Everyone began at the same starting line but only one could be the best.

“The guild master is freakin’ awesome…” A Little Drunk Cat guild member who died more than thirty times was moved to tears. Finally, vengeance was done.

“Stand up and follow Brother Yi to f*ck*ng counterattack!” Chen Yang raised his voice and all the dead Little Drunk Cat Guild members got up.

These people had horrible equipment to begin with so even if they were dropped, they were not bothered. Dying cost them some EXP but with time, they could level back up again.

Milk Dipper Solitary got up from the ground but Li Yi did not make any move to attack him.

The two gazed at each other for ten minutes. Milk Dipper Solitary’s face tensed up a few times before opening his ferocious-looking mouth and signaling to the back.



With a single word, everyone was stunned.

What the h.e.l.l? They fought for so long and now with one word, the fight has ended? There should be at least a reason, right? Nothing else was said? What the h.e.l.l was going on?

“Guild master, what’s happening?”

“Don’t ask any questions. This mission is aborted!” Milk Dipper Solitary did not add any explanations. He nodded at Li Yi before logging off.

Chen Yang rubbed his eyes in disbelief, “Brother Yi, what happened earlier?

“Did your despotic aura play a part?”

There were over ten thousand members of Savage Tribe and if they were to charge altogether, Li Yi would not be able to hold them off. But who would have thought that Milk Dipper Solitary would withdraw his troops out of the blue.

“Perhaps,” Li Yi chuckled and did not explain.

It has nothing to do with despotic aura. Li Yi had sent the complete voice recording of Yang Xingchen threatening him to Milk Dipper Solitary. Milk Dipper Solitary lay on the ground as he listened and made his decision.

“Ice, account for the guild member numbers.

“We’ll begin a major clean-up of the guild tomorrow!”

Half an hour later, a post with the t.i.tle “Dark Wing drove off the Savage” made headlines in Pantheon’s official website.

In a matter of a day, the hit count was 30,000,000!

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