MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks: 633 Go Big

Chapter 635: Everything is Impermanent

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Just how much did Hua Feihua like mounts?

Once, in order to obtain a Purple-colored Chocobo mount, she took a plane across continents to find the mount’s owner. She then used her a.s.sets and spent a whole month to successfully obtain the Purple-colored 1 Chocobo.

The Purple-colored Chocobo did not have any additional attributes. It was just your average rare land mount, and to apex gamers aiming for the top, it was utterly worthless. The only ones who would go to any lengths to obtain such a thing would probably be mount fanatics like Hua Feihua.

“Lil Brother w.a.n.g’er, give your big sister that White Deer Mount. I’ll give you anything you want in return, alright? My dear, darling little brother…”

When Hua Feihua flirted, it could send all of one’s hairs standing on end, but to certain male creatures, it triggered a hormone overload and all the natural reactions that came with that.

Hua Feihua was not a heroic and authoritative woman like Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut. Instead, she was born to seduce others with her feminine charms.

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g was practically beside himself with glee. He grabbed Hua Feihua’s little hand and yanked her toward him, hugging her and showering her with kisses…

“Lil Brother w.a.n.g’er, there are so many people here! C’mon, don’t do that, just give me the White Deer Mount. Oh, c’mon.”

Hua Feihua resisted the urge to puke and continued to wheedle him for the mount.

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g raised his head and smiled at Hua Feihua. With a rub of his hands, the White Deer Mount in his hands turned into shards and vanished.

Before a mount was activated, it acted like a piece of equipment, so it could be decomposed with the Decomposition Skill as well.

“Sister Huahua, I heard that this mount is worth a million, but in my heart, it can’t even match up to your pinky. Do you understand how I feel about you? Now, let me pinch your big white b.u.t.t…”

“W-why did you decompose the mount?” Hua Feihua’s expressions changed abruptly and she shoved Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g away, falling several steps back.

Hua Feihua did not get it, but Lonely Perfume did. “Leader Sc.u.m is telling you that you’re the most important in his eyes. Mounts or fancy rides are all impermanent to him, worthless!”

“My White Deer Mount…”

Hua Feihua’s eyes reddened and she actually began to cry.

Ever since she saw an ill.u.s.tration of the White Deer Mount on the official site, she had dreamed of owning one. However, it was simply too precious and too rare, so she could not buy one even if she could afford it.

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g brought his face closer to hers, his expression lost in love. “Sister Huahua, did I move you to tears?”

“Get away from me!!!”

Hua Feihua pushed Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g away and ran away, wiping her tears.

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g was confused. “Perfume, what’s up with Sister Huahua?”

“Leader Sc.u.m, you came onto her too hard. She was so moved she lost control of herself.”

“Is that so? Hehe, I think so too.”

While Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g and Lonely Perfume were trying to a.n.a.lyze Hua Feihua’s psychological state, the Thief in black, Fengxi, left quietly.

“Hi, I have a White Deer Mount, and I wanna sell it to you for one Gold Coin. Yeah, my coordinates are…”

Fengxi stood in the wilderness and sent Hua Feihua a mail. Soon enough, Hua Feihua ran over to him joyfully.

“Big brother, so you have a White Deer Mount? Could I please just…”

“Pssh! Pssh! Pssh! Pssh!”

With four strokes of his blade, he took Hua Feihua down.

“My name is Fengxi. If you want revenge, come look for me whenever.”

“W-why did you kill me?” Hua Feihua was infuriated.

Fengxi did not reply. He just stared at the sky and sighed softly.

The finals of the Brawl King Tournament were underway, and the winner would be decided from amongst the Top Three.

The first to take the stage were Ah Ye and Tyrant Sword King the Fifth, with Ah Ye taking the spotlight. He would take on Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and Li Yi in that order, acc.u.mulating points from the matches.

Ah Ye’s attacking style remained the same as before. He flung out a curse, ran, and restored his HP.

This time, however, he felt a lot more pressure than he did throughout the past few matches.

Who was Tyrant Sword King the Fifth? He had high ATK, plenty of HP, and an entire set of uber legendary special skills and equipment. Unlike Windcloud Brother Nine and Unending Unmatched, his instantaneous explosive power was perfectly capable of killing Ah Ye.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and Ah Ye were both from the Southern Continent, and initially, their relationship was like that of Li Yi and Windcloud Brother Nine. Take the recent Soul Gate for example; back then, Amber Sword Heart and Ah Ye had temporarily cooperated with the Fluttering Snow Alliance to defeat the King of Souls together.

However, their partnership failed in the end. After countless losses at the King of Souls’ hand, the two sides called an end to the cooperation, and finally, the Fluttering Snow Alliance defeated the King of Souls alone.

That incident created a rift between the two guilds, and the trigger was none other than Yellow-robed Priest Ah Ye.

While they were fighting the King of Souls, Ah Ye ran forth and died for nothing several times. He was the main healer, and once he died, the party’s healing could not keep up. They should not have wiped out, but they did in the end…

If he only made such a mistake once or twice, that was still forgivable, but he did it eight or ten times, which was just going too far. Not long after that, the truth behind Ah Ye’s suicide missions surfaced. Apparently, he was trying to complete the quest for the Sinful Angel Equipment Set. That was why he kept killing himself.

Once a single member sabotaged the entire party like that, how could they possibly keep up the partnership? Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut blew her top and kicked Ah Ye out of the party before asking Amber Sword Heart to leave.

By now, this incident was no longer a secret. Some even claimed that Ah Ye’s selfishness was a deciding factor in determining who obtained the h.e.l.l-level King of Souls’ first kill.

“Ah Ye, I know you. Our two guilds aren’t working together anymore, but we’re still friends, right?”

Before the match, Tyrant Sword King the Fifth spoke to Ah Ye with a laugh.

Ah Ye did not reply, but he nodded at the former gratefully.

When Li Yi, who was waiting in the wings, heard Tyrant Sword King the Fifth’s words, he immediately snorted. That guy was just too crafty. If he really meant to say that to Ah Ye, why did he wait until now? He could have said it whenever, right? Instead, he chose to say it right at that moment, making it pretty obvious that he was out to earn brownie points.

In fact, in an even more sinister possibility, perhaps he was saying that simply to distract Ah Ye…

Of course, these were all just Li Yi’s conjectures. As for whether or not Tyrant Sword King the Fifth actually thought the same, no one would know.


“Blade Storm!”

The Armored Warrior had extremely high DEF but it was severely lacking in powerful skills. Weapon Warriors, on the other hand, had high ATK and DEF, and their other advantage was that they had more skills than usual.

They could fight with one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, a sword and a shield, or even a rarer fighting style with two shields at once. In other words, this job cla.s.s was very flexible, unlike Armored Defensive Warriors who only had a handful of skills and could not branch out even if they wanted to.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was polite in his words, but his actions were ruthless. After he landed the Charge attack, he immediately moved into Blade Storm, throwing Ah Ye off guard and pushing him back.

“Bang! Smack! Bang! Smack!”

Ah Ye’s. .h.i.t recovery reached 100 points, but he did not have any hint of Abnormality Resistance. As he faced Blade Storm’s consecutive hits, a layer of ice formed around his body before shattering, forming, and shattering again. In an instant, he lost half of his health.

Thankfully he was not staggered, and when the ice shattered for the third time, he managed to retreat, creating a wide berth between him and the Blade Storm’s area of effect.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…”

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth tried his best to spin toward Ah Ye, but at the moment, he was not nearly as quick as Ah Ye. As a result, all of his final attacks missed.

Blade Storm ended, and Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was forced into the Disorient state.

Ah Ye ran far away from him, occasionally tossing him a curse. He specialized in Light so he did not have too many powerful skills to begin with, and all he could do now was whittle Tyrant Sword King the Fifth down with curse spells.

Soon enough, Tyrant Sword King the Fifth recovered. A wave of wind billowed at his feet, and his SPD increased instantly.

This was his special skill — Maylia’s Wind Shield Protection!

Ah Ye ran furiously around a pillar, but he still could not outrun Tyrant Sword King the Fifth. The latter caught up to him in an instant and slashed at him repeatedly with his blade.



Tyrant Sword King the Fifth’s horizontal strikes were not too shabby either, and Ah Ye’s health kept falling. In no time at all, he was left with 40% of his HP.


“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth’s Iceblade spun twice around his body and rained down heavily on Ah Ye’s body.



Ah Ye’s HP hit zero, and he fell to the ground.

“Silver Gleam Falling Blades!”

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth did not stop. Instead, he leaped high up into the air and stabbed down fiercely with his blade.

When a Weapon Warrior used Silver Gleam Falling Blades, it resulted in an extraordinary area of effect. The waves exploded over a ten square yards, sending Ah Ye’s corpse into mid-air.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth swung his sword three times before he pulled back and resumed standing still.

The Sinful Angel Equipment Set had a chance of resurrecting the wearer on the spot with full HP and MP. That was why Tyrant Sword King the Fifth continued to attack, to prevent a surprise resurrection.

As a result of the difference in their ATK, the opponent that Windcloud Brother Nine and Unending Unmatched just could not kill fell easily to Tyrant Sword King the Fifth’s blade.

It was not that Windcloud Brother Nine or Unending Unmatched were unskilled. Their simply did not have a skill that could instantly increase their damage output, so how could they kill a Priest who could heal himself infinitely?

The first match was over. Ah Ye stood up and looked at Tyrant Sword King the Fifth wordlessly.

Ten minutes later, the second match began. Ah Ye retreated quickly and buffed himself with Retribution Thunder and Holy Light Illumination.

In the King of Pantheon backstory, Wizards were merely users of nature’s powers, whereas Light Priests and Paladins were the ones who truly represented the G.o.ds.

The Light Priests’ Level 100 skill, Retribution Thunder, was extremely powerful. Once activated, there was a 30% chance it would hit the opponent with Retribution Thunder, a Light-attribute attack. Its special effect was a certain chance of causing Dizziness.

The Retribution Thunder skill was very formidable. The more the caster was struck, the higher the chances of triggering it.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth used Charge to rush forth as usual and used Blade Storm to slash at Ah Ye.

“Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!”

White lightning struck him repeatedly, to the point where there were arcs of electricity rising from Tyrant Sword King the Fifth’s skin.

His Blade Storm move was interrupted by the lightning, and Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was forced into the Disorient state.

“Curse Spell!”

“Life Sacrificial Spell!”

Ah Ye used his staff to draw a peculiar circle and then he stabbed it at Tyrant Sword King the Fifth, who could not move.

“Fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh…”

Damage figures kept rising from Ah Ye’s head. He had activated the Life Sacrificial Spell, so his HP was gradually decreasing, whereas Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was gradually gaining HP.

“What’s that Ah Ye doing? Is he healing his opponent?”

“Yeah, it’s a Life Sacrifice! D*mn, has he gone mad?”

The spectators were all stunned.

However, as they would soon see, Ah Ye had not gone mad at all.

“Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!”

The white lightning kept striking Tyrant Sword King the Fifth continuously. Since Ah Ye was using Life Sacrifice on him, the Retribution Thunder a.s.sumed that he was continuously dealing damage to Ah Ye. As a result, the skill effect kept on activating!

The HP bar above Tyrant Sword King the Fifth’s head was rapidly reducing. Within the blink of an eye, he was down to less than 20% HP…

Even then, he was still disoriented!

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