Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress: Chapter 45 “Sixty Percent Yuan Iron”

Chapter 45 “Sixty percent Yuan Iron”

Despite living most of his life inside Autumn Maple Town, this was the first time Ye Gu learned of an underground lava pit inside the Seven Star Mountain.

This lava pit, which has a long history, was boiling hot and instantly melted away the rusts covering the black iron ores. Whether it be impurities, rust, or moss, everything cracked like peeling sheets of bark from an old tree.

Shrinking in size by over fifty to sixty percent in size after taking out the finished product, Ye Gu's eye were popping wide after having a look.

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Are my old eyes working right, this is sixty percent! Sixty percent purity rate!

By using the lava as a medium, the time required not only got reduced by half, the composition of the final product also got raised greatly up to sixty percent, which was a harvest Ye Gu never expected.

This time if it weren't for the Song family's plot of using the Ice Freezing Gra.s.ses, they themselves wouldn't have stumbled upon using lava fire.

“Hahaha, the heavens are really blessing our Ye family. Song Mo Shi, you ignorant old fool, this time I bet your intestines itself will go green!” Ye Gu completely wipes away the depressed look he had earlier.

“Ling Yue, you are really my Ye clan's lucky charm.” Ye Gu's eye flickered with approval and emotions as he looked at Ling Yue.

This child who was once regarded as a disgrace by the Ye family has grown up, and she also resolved both crisis very well in these two incidents.

From her body, Ye Gu can see his own third daughter's shadow hovering there.

“Grandfather have wronged you and your mother over the years…”

Going slightly sour in her throat, Ling Yue finally got her grandfather's recognition.

“Grandfather, it's part of my duty to do these things. You took me and my mother in when we had nowhere else to go, its only proper. I won't forget your kindness.” Since the day she regained her sanity, Ling Yue had sworn to herself.

Those who have wronged her she will return it a hundredfold, and those who helped her, she will return the favor all the way.

Ye Gu may have neglected both her and her mother over the years, but if not for the mean servants making trouble, she wouldn't have lacked food or clothes like any young lady of a wealthy household.

“We are all family, why say this. Ling Yue, first don't tell anyone that we can remove the rusts from the ores for now. If Song Mo Shi wants to see our family die, then this time I will make sure he gets a closer look at who will die instead.” Ye Gu's eye glimmered a flash of dangerous light.

Coming up with a plan, Ye Gu tasked Ye Huang Shu to select a group of reliable workers in the forge to transport a cart full of ores into the cliff cave for refinement.

This matter was carried out in extreme secrecy, blinding both the Song family and anyone not part of the Ye family.

“Big cousin, what are you going to do with those Ice Freezing Gra.s.ses?” After Ling Yue separated from her grandfather, she returned to the Seven Slope Mine to find Ye Saint busily ordering the workers to cart the Ice Freezing Gra.s.ses out of the mine.

Earlier Ling Yue had also reminded Ye Huang Yun that as long as they remove the gra.s.ses from within the cave, the situation with the rusts and mosses will slowly stop and disappear with a bit of time.

Therefore, Ye Saint gathered everyone he could to pluck every last strand of these hateful gra.s.ses.

“These weeds almost ruined our Ye family, of course I will burn them all.” Ye Saint angrily stamps at a strand under his feet.

“Big cousin, can you give these gra.s.ses to me?” Seeing all these Ice Freezing Gra.s.ses, Ling Yue felt it would be too much of a pity to let it go to waste.

“You want it? Then you take it. It's not edible anyways, what use are they?” Ye Saint was starting to have trouble making out this young cousin of his.

The stuff she said earlier about Ice Freezing Gra.s.s and lava pit, Ye Saint honestly didn't understand a single word of it.

But it matters not if he can't understand, Ye Saint only knows this little cousin of his was presently the most favored youngster in the family. Forget about some mere weed, even if she asks for a heap of gold he will still give it.

“Then I will thank big cousin. Someone come, have these gra.s.ses sent over to my quarter.” Ling Yue didn't hold back and directly tasked some servants to cart the things back to the Qiaochu quarter.

As soon as Ling Yue returned home, she immediate moved everything into her dimensional s.p.a.ce without disturbing anyone.

Looking at his mistress's excited look towards the Ice Freezing Gra.s.ses, Little Squeak found it very strange. Leisurely running over, this little fur ball didn't mind and promptly bites down at a strand.

But who would've have thought, once the taste hit his tongue, Little Squeak's cute little face wrinkled from top to bottom like a small little dried prune.


It's like eating ice, and its bitter too, so disgusting, WAHH~~

“Little snacker, this is not to eat, these are meant to be my secret weapon to mess with the Song family.” Ling Yue menacingly chuckles like a scheming evildoer.

Again and again the Song clan plotted against her family. If she doesn't strike back then she's not Ye Ling Yue!

In the next ten days or so, the Ye family kept producing large amounts of Yuan Iron using the lava pit in secret. And when the Song family went to spy on the Ye family for news, these evildoers figured the other side was still busy worrying about the rusts in the mine due to the lack of activity.

“Haha, Master Lian, this time it's all thanks to your plan. Who would've thought that a little Ice Freezing Gra.s.s can actually drag down the entire Ye family.” Song Mo Shi and Master Lian was currently sharing a drink.

“Of course, of course. I promised to help you take down the Ye family so of course I will keep my word.” Master Lian seems to have drank a little too much because his eyes were a little hazy from the alcohol. Besides him, two beautiful maidservants were busily servicing him with more cups.

As he caressed one of the girl's b.o.o.bs and the second one's b.u.t.t, Master Lian looked horribly lewd and perverted.

“But, Master Lian, the Ye family's mine may be gone, but when can we remove that old man Ye Gu?” As long as Ye Gu doesn't die then Song Mo Shi wouldn't be able to dominate in this place.

“Soon, soon. We only need the right opportunity and I'll make my move.” As Master Lian says this, he wraps his arms around both maids and leisurely walked towards his own quarter in the manor to do what a pervert like him would do.

Meanwhile in the back, Song Mo Shi could only smile awkwardly, his face full of flattery words.

“Father, how much longer do we need to cater to this guy?” Song Guang Zhi was dark in his face because he's been long dissatisfied with this Master Lian over the greedy nature of this person.

“It won't be long. Once this guy helps us clean out the Ye family then we won't need to keep socializing with him, but before that we need to stay on guard against the Ye clan. Is the situation over at the Seven Slope Mine still the same as before?” Song Mo Shi was also very tired of this Master Lian. Aside from being l.u.s.tfully perverted, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d even secretly hooked up with several of his concubines.

Force to wear a green hat, Song Mo Shi couldn't utter a peep and can only be recognized as a turtle's grandson.

(it's an idiom used a lot in Chinese books about someone being cheated on by their wife.)

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“Rest a.s.sured, I've been personally supervising the task, there's no fault or leaks anywhere.” Song Guang Zhi nodded.

Beyond their expectation, the moment Song Guang Zhi was gloating over his achievement in front of his father, a nightly figure was secretly sneaking into the Song family's mine.

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