Magical Explorer: Chapter 84

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The Academy Dungeon 2

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I don't think the journey between the tenth floor and the twentieth floor will be that hard. The monsters that will appear should have the same level of strength from the Shadow Ruin (Panties Dungeon ) and the one that I hunted the turtle. However, there's something that you can't avoid no matter what you do which requires me to come up with a countermeasure against it. That thing is.

"Finally found it…….I'm glad that I got that ring from the Shadow Ruin."

I jump over the trap in front of me and throw a stone at it. Then when I heard something activating with *Gachi* sound, a log swung sideways pa.s.s my face. It was like there's no wall on the side at all.

It was a paranormal phenomenon that would be unthinkable back on earth. However, from what Nanami said, this kind of trap is normal. Abnormal things happen in the dungeons, that logic applied to its trap as well, it would be bad if I don't keep that in mind.

For those who want ambient sound.

I put my hand on the shabby ring on my finger. 

Well, it is something that I willingly lowered my reputation to acquire. Without this ring, capturing the fortieth floor alone would still be a dream within a dream.

However, this ring will only be effective until the fortieth floor. From the forty-first floor on the traps that will appear are intermediate level so this ring's power will become insufficient. It's fine this time because I will only go down to the fortieth floor but later I will have to rely on Nanami for this kind of thing. The ero traps are fine though………what a contradicting train of thoughts.

The monster that appeared on the eleventh floor has the same level of the monsters from the tenth floor, the change will come after the fifteenth floor. But one among them is difficult to deal with. Moreover, it happened to be in front of me right now.

 Its head appeared to be that of a dog.

Its tongue hung from its open mouth and sharp fangs are visible from below. It is also holding a club like the one that the cavemen carried but judging from its thin body I don't think it will hurt that much even if I am hit by it.

Visual aid?

It's the first time I see one in this world but this guy is probably the monster that you often found in fantasy games, the kobold. They are basically treated like a trash mob, that held true in Magiero as well.

Then what is so troublesome about it? The answer is its speed.

It is quite fast. As the tradeoff for their weak power, its status is specialized in speed. Defeating it is easy. I can block the place that it will try to hit with third hand while counterattack by punching it with fourth-hand or use the Iai technique to defeat it. I might have said that it's fast but when compared to Claris-san or Sempai then it's nothing to write home about.

However, the story is different if it chooses to run away.

Because it's fast on its feet, has sharp ears and a good sense of smell a kobold is a creature that specializes in running away. But going out of my way to hunt it is troublesome……

The kobold in front of me tightens its grip on its club while observing me.

Kobolds are creatures that possessed intelligent so it will not attack indiscriminately. It will observe you for a chance to attack. Moreover, if I engage it first it might just choose to run away too. If it ran away then I will have to look over my shoulder to watch for its attack all the time.

What a nasty monster.

Well, it's the first time I actually met one and I only know about it from sempai so I can't really comment about its habit of attacking people from the back. However, I believe every word that sempai said so it must be true.

With that said though. Just how long is it gonna look at me for?

It's a waste of time just staring at each other. I immediately put my hand inside my pocket, grabbed a battle magic stone I prepared beforehand and channel magic power into it. 

Then I throw it at the kobold.

The kobold easily avoided it. However, since I already channeled magic power into it, the magic stone activated next to the kobold.


High-Pitched sounds echo in the surrounding area.

Then I smash the kobold that was covering its ears and advance through without minding the magic elements or magic stone.

Wonderful. As expected of the sound magic stone. Although it is categorized as a cheap magic stone, it is very effective. Depending on how you use it, I think it is more versatile than the four basic attributes (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind). 

If you asked me how effective it is then it is effective to the extent that I can use it to defeat Claris-san. After that, she beat me to a pulp though.

"Haa, This magic stone sure is convenient."

It is useful and effective but it still has a price attached to it. It may be cheap but normally battle magic stones are quite pricey and I need other attributed magic stones to advance further too. It's a pity that I don't have that much on hand.

If I am not in a family that would buy a foreign car for me to celebrate me getting into school then I would have to give up solo capturing the fortieth floor or put the turtle hunting on hold to make some money. Seriously, as expected of Marino-sama.

From now on more troublesome enemies will keep appearing, and there will be enemies that are simply strong, it would be bad for me to spend too much battle magic stones (Money). However, after I captured this place, I would be receiving more money and items than I could wish for and I would be able to get the three committee events as well. It would be bad if I fail but I won't fall to the extent of a certain teacher (Luigia) though.

I ran through the eleventh floor and get to the next floor. Of course, I am running through this floor as well.

Personally, the battle from the eleventh floor to the twentieth floor should be cut entirely to save time. Rather, I should say that I won't be able to make it if I don't cut down the time here.

Regarding the battle, the most troublesome opponent between these floors is the b.l.o.o.d.y bat that will appear from the thirteenth floor. As the name suggests, they are red bats that suck blood. What is so troublesome about it? On top of the fact that multiple instances of them always appear at once, they can also fly. From what I heard from Sempai, they appear as a pack eighty percent of the time.

If I have Ludi with me then I would have her defeating them using magic or if it's Nanami I can have her knock them down with explosion but all I can do is throwing stones at them like a caveman. Using battle magic stone is also a waste and most important of all it would be a waste of time to hunt them.

The conclusion is to just run away from them. If I have time left I can spare some to hunt them though.

*Uwaa* The moment I turn the corner I involuntarily let out a sound. In front of me are three kobolds. Putting it appropriately, there are three troublesome things in front of me.

I immediately reach into my pocket to activate the sound magic stone. I cover my ears and run pa.s.sed them when they are still covering theirs.

Then it came to me.

Eh. since I entered this dungeon, haven't I ran away from almost everything except the boss battle?


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