I Am A Big Villain: Chapter 28

The Best Brother in the World 2

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“Lad, it's raining, where are you going?”

Yan Chu had been living in the village for three days. In these three days, the rain on the mountain had not stopped. He stayed in the room of Lǎo Gen tóu[1]‘s house on weekdays and only came out to walk when eating.

He was very quiet. After many days of not seeing him in the village, the villagers' vigilance gradually reduced to the lowest level.

But it's raining now, and the sky was gradually darkening. He planned to go out with his umbrella, which made Lǎo Gen tóu feel energetic at once. His pale yellow eyes looked at him, and his voice was deep and low.

“I think it's a little bit drizzled now, and I want to go back to the mountain. The mountain forest in the drizzle has a different beauty, which is a good photographic material.”

Yan Chu pretended not to understand the faint precautions in his words, holding up the camera in his hand, looking like an ordinary college student obsessed with photography.

In addition to a camera hanging on his neck, he also had a small backpack behind him. It was not the big climbing backpack he carried when he went up the mountain. It was estimated to be a spare bag in the climbing bag. It was flat, not like it loaded with too many things.

Besides, he had an umbrella in his hand.

“It's almost dark now, but there are wolves in the back mountain. Lad, do you not to fear for your life?”

Lǎo Gen tóu thought that the city's children were strange. In the past, those climbers were like that too. Apart from trees or trees on the top of the mountain, they thought that the beauty of the mountain was pretty good. They didn't see those abducted girls were the same as them. They took liking the scenery here and willing to stay, ah.

“It's OK, dàyé[2]. My mother gave me a píng ān[3] charm before I came here.”

Yan Chu smiled and took out a yellow triangle charm from his pocket: “My mother said, this píng ān charm can protect me without mishap. Not to mention wolves, even if the villain wants to harm me, they can pay with their life.”

Didn't know if it's Lǎo Gen tóu's hallucination or not, he always thought that the young man's words meant something. After listening to the second half of his speech, his whole person felt the cold wind[4], and there was no strength.

But after a closer look, the boy was still smiling. It seemed that it was just his imagination.

“Then you remember to come back early. When it's really dark, those wolves and bears are coming out.”

Lǎo Gen tóu didn't try to persuade him much. In the beginning, the daughter-in-law of Lǎo Zhang's jiā ran out in the middle of the night and was killed by the wolf. He was not kind, but if the young man was also killed by the wolf just like that girl, who would he look for the accommodation and food expenses in the next few days? That's not a small income.

He was looking forward to this rain for a while. In a few days, he would be able to save enough money to buy his son a wife. If his son, who was forty this year, didn't get himself a wife, their family would really be dead.

Yan Chu nodded and walked into the rain with an umbrella.

“Da Zhu, keep your eyes on him and see whether or not he is going to the back mountain.”

The elderly in this kind of village were not easy to fool. Although there was no doubt about Yan Chu, he still asked his son to follow him and stare quietly to see if he had gone up to the back mountain or taking a random picture in the village with his camera.

Lǎo Gen tóu's son gnawed at raw sweet potatoes and answered in a m.u.f.fled voice. Not long after Yan Chu left, he put on his coir raincoat and followed precisely behind him, keeping a distance of tens of meters behind him.

Yan Chu didn't seem to notice there was someone behind him. He walked unhurriedly towards the other side of the village, which led to the back mountain.

Now the sun was fading, and the continuous rain had added a bit of darkness to this small village. He watched the children on both sides of the mud road who were not afraid to play in the rain, as well as those old men and old ladies, who were sitting under the eaves of their own houses, smoking old-fashioned dry cigarettes.

Joy, satisfaction, everything was shrouded in the shadows.

Yan Chu smiled, and his eyes covered with a shade and blood light[5]. He very wanted to destroy all this, ah.

Lǎo Gen tóu's son was far behind him, watching him went out of the village, head toward the back mountain. He chewed the last mouthful of sweet potato on his hand and sucking clean his fingers. He blamed his father for being too careful. He had been harmed much on this pointless trip on that rainy day.

Not to mention that this young man seemed quite normal. It's just that he had evil plans. How many youths in their village that could have easily removed him?

He looked again, making sure that Yan Chu was far away. He shook his head to sway his mind and went home.


After several days of rain, the path between the mountains was particularly muddy. Yan Chu was wearing a pair of climbing boots, and his toe and heel covered with yellow mud. He seemed to walk aimlessly, but his heart was determined. He turned left and right, not exactly following the path that the predecessors stepped on.

He had been walking who knew long. The sky was completely dark at this time. The full moon in the sky appeared and disappeared under the shelter of clouds and mist. If you looked up at this time, you would be surprised to find that the full moon was red.

The quiet mountain forest, the dark road ahead, was creepy.

Yan Chu stood under a big tree with the wrap four people‘s arm around[6]. He took his backpack behind him and opened it. There was nothing but a folding hoe inside. He crouched down and shoveled up a layer of overgrown weeds on the edge of the tree.

Once, twice, thrice…… The soil had soaked in the rain for many days. It was too soft, and it could be dug up with little effort.

At first, all the excavated soil was muddy. Gradually, there were a few white bones appeared with some rotten flesh.

“This is mèimei[7]‘s hands bones.”

Yan Chu very devoutly wiped the dug out bones and carefully put them into his backpack.

“This is mèimei's sternum.”

He was muttering to himself. His originally clear and meaningful face, looked gloomy and terrifying in the dusky environment, especially those eyes, with devil blood-red, just like a madman from head to tail[8].

“Yinyin, be good[9]. Gēgē[10] came to you. Gēgē takes you back to home. There are father and mother at home. Our family will never be separated.”

He kept digging and bone searching until he dug a deep pit with one or two meters deep and determined that he could not find any bones before he stopped his movements.

Very many of the broken bones were incomplete, eaten by wolves and other beasts. All bones were crushed, swallowed, and digested.

Yan Chu searched for two hours, but the bones that he found were already packed with a small cloth bag.

His Yinyin, her bones hadn't survived.


Yan Chu looked at that tattered paper soaked in rain and blood. He could not see the original trace of a small yellow paper. This paper tightly held in her half gnawed hand's palm. It was originally like the amulet on Yan Chu's body, which she asked her mother before went out to play with her friends.

Yan Yin mèimei had one, and Yan Chu gēgē also had one.

“Yinyin, gēgē will take you home.”

When he cried enough, he wiped away his tears. He stood up on one side of the tree trunk where he was kneeling on the muddy ground. He turned slightly to his side, gently speaking.

A little girl in a white dress, drenched with blood all over, stained with mud and rain, had no normal eyes, two fist-sized blood holes in her eyes. She looked at him and smiled.


“Village head, the young man, who lives in our family, has been climbing the mountain for several hours. It's so dark now. Do you think something's happened?”

Lǎo Gen tóu thought that the young man was going to take photos in the mountain forest near the village. It shouldn't take too long to go back and forth. But who would have thought that after having the meal and waiting left and right[11], his person didn't come?

He found out that he was wrong, and he hurriedly took his son to find Lin Youde, the most authoritative voice in the village.

“It's raining heavily, and he's courting his own death, ah. All the animals in the mountain come out to find food in the evening. I dare not let people go in to find a man.”

Lin Youde was nibbling on the chicken leg. He took chopsticks and patted his wife's hand. His wife pouted and put the chicken wings that have put into her bowl into her little brother-in-law Lin Youcai's bowl, which had a chicken neck to eat.

“But Village head, before that, after coming to our village, he said that words. He said he had told his mother he came to our village to take photos. If something happened to him, what would we do if his mother reported to the police and made a scene? When the moment comes, I'm afraid they will search for the mountain. We can't hide all those child brides to the back hill.”

Lǎo Gen tóu's words made Lin Youde came to the fire[12].

“His mother's[13], you didn't say that earlier. Yet you still let him go into the back mountain.” Lin Youde was angry and didn't eat his chicken. He came down from the kàng[14] and put on his shoes, going to organize his manpower.

“Dad, he's back.”

Lǎo Gen tóu's son was waiting on the road outside. He saw Yan Chu coming back from the mountain with an umbrella and a backpack.

When Lǎo Gen tóu, Lin Youde, and others heard him, they ran out quickly.

“You, this child, why did you go so long? Everyone is ready to go up the mountain to find you. What's the matter with your clothes and shoes?”

Lǎo Gen tóu was a little angry. If he wasn't greedy for money, he was not willing to let this person live in his home again, and he would find trouble for him.

“It's too slippery on rainy days. I just went to the pit to pick mushrooms. This me[15] had to crawl to come up.”

Yan Chu opened his bulging backpack, which was full of small white-brown mushrooms. It was a dense bag, and those many mushrooms were picked.

This stuff was not rare in the eyes of the villagers. Especially in the mountains after the rain, they would pick up a large basket, which was rare for these city people. Every time outsiders were entering the mountains, they always bought something from the village people to take back.

“It's good to be free, lad. You don't need to go to the mountain in the evening later on.”

Lin Youde waved. He didn't care about such trivial matters. He just scolded Yan Chu with a few words, and then turned back to his home.

A gust of wind blew, and both brother Lin Youde's and Lin Youcai's body got gooseb.u.mps.

Strange, how Come it suddenly became colder?

Lin Youde, in particular, felt that his back was unusually sore as if he was carrying dozens of jīns[16] of heavy things.

However, this chill lasted for two or three seconds. The two brothers felt that the temperature was normal, and Lin Youde's shoulder soreness also disappeared.

They did not see anyone. Just then, Yan Chu's hands beckoned to Lin Youde.

That her formerly b.l.o.o.d.y holes from head to toe, leaning forward on Lin Youde's neck. Looking at his little girl with those b.l.o.o.d.y eyes, she hesitated for a long time and followed Yan Chu away.

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[1] 老 [lǎo]: prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity; old (of people); venerable (person)
老头 [lǎo tóu]: old fellow; old man; father; husband

[2] 大爷 [dà ye]: Sir; uncle; uncle (a respectful form of address for an elderly man); father's elder brother

[3] 平安 [píng ān]: peace; safety,

[4] 凉飕飕 [liáng sōu sōu]: (of wind) chilly; chill; describe the wind is very cold

[5] 血光 [xuè guāng]: mortal danger; an omen of being killed; killing intent

[6] 合抱 [hébào]: to wrap one's arm around (used to describe the girth of a tree trunk)

[7] 妹妹 [mèimei]: younger sister, little sister

[8] 彻头彻尾 [chè tóu chè wěi]: lit. from head to tail (idiom); thoroughgoing; through and through; out and out; from top to bottom

[9] 乖 [guāi]: be good; (of a child) obedient, well-behaved; clever

[10] 哥哥 [gēgē]: older brother

[11] 左等右等 [zuǒ děng yòu děng]: waiting left and right; anxiously waiting; always waiting,

[12] 来火 [lái huǒ]: come to the fire; become angry

[13] 他妈的 [tā mā de]: lit. his mother's; f*k; sht; d*mn it

[14] 炕 [kàng]: a heatable brick bed

[15] 不才 [bùcái]: untalented; I; me (humble)

[16] 斤 [jīn]: catty; weight equal to 0.5 kg; (Tw) weight equal to 0.6 kg

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