Gamers Of The Underworld: Chapter 438 - Returning to Specter College

Chapter 438: Returning to Specter College

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Dragonborn was harnessing a group of horses that were obtained from George’s army to the carriages. More than half of the horses were owned by Lilo instead of the gamers.

They were the property of Queen Victoria. These horses would be used in the coming war.

The main function was to pull the carriages.

The gamers produced thousands of carriages with the capacity to carry 5,000 troops.

There was even s.p.a.ce to ferry war materials like food.

That was what Queen Victoria had planned.

The plan met with serious problems.

The first was discipline.

“Line up! All groups are to line up properly!” Big Boss shouted loudly in a bid to control the insane gamers.

It was an impossible task.

The gamers leaped and jumped like bunnies. They chatted happily. Some rolled on the ground, while a few tortured and mutilated themselves. But n.o.body wanted to line up.

After trying for a few hours, Big Boss discovered that the gamers near Victoria Forest dwindled.

Only those gamers who received the mission to carry materials and harness the horses to the carriages were still working. Most of the gamers who completed their missions had left after some time.

Fortunately, a few hundred gamers lined up properly in preparation for the journey.

How were the hundreds of gamers going to set off?

The reason for the disobedience of the gamers was simple.

Which gamer would stand at a spot and look at the NPC shout for a few hours? Had they completed their Daily Missions? Had they challenged the Instance Dungeon? Had they improved their equipment and acc.u.mulated materials?

Why would the gamers waste their time standing and doing nothing? They would wait for the Plot Animation to commence and the journey to start first before gathering.

That was the reason.

As the contingent wasn’t fully a.s.sembled, the Victorian army was unable to set off.

Lancelot didn’t have a solution. A normal army depended on military law for discipline. Troops who flouted the rules were whipped or put to death.

What about these gamers?

They weren’t afraid of death, so why would the whipping be useful?

In the Dungeon Lord Main Hall of Eternal Kingdom.

Eggface squatted in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall while his fat claws typed furiously. The screen showed a female character called Kasha taunting him in front of a defensive tower.

A series of crimson words appeared on the screen:

[The Sheriff of Piltover (computer): Prepare to meet your doom.]

“Tsk, this lady is bragging. Let me check her segment level… humph, not even a single segment!” Eggface muttered to himself as he executed a series of hand movements that reached 750. Then the screen showed:

[You have been killed!]

After that, the screen showed the Sheriff of Piltover surrendering.


Eggface closed his eyes and slammed the keyboard. Then he leaned back.

At this moment, the door of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall opened, and Sherlock came in with Polio and Phoenix. Eggface switched the screen to show the customer service page.

[Noon: Customer service? Where’s the customer service lady? Why did you ignore me for tens of minutes?]

The screen showed the conversation window of a gamer called Noon.

Eggface knocked angrily on his keyboard.

“Eggface, did you find something strange again?” Sherlock asked after walking in and putting the cat puppet into a chest.

“Nope, everything’s normal.”

Sherlock thought for a while and asked, “Master of Dark Flames?”

“Why are you calling me…”

Before Eggface finished speaking, Sherlock knocked on Eggface’s head and said, “Nothing, let’s pack up and go.”

“What about my job?”

“I’ll let you rest for a day.”

Eggface looked reluctantly at his computer and Sherlock. Then he quickly switched to the League of Legends screen and typed a message:

[Master of Dark Flames (Lonely Lady): Apologies, my wife is giving birth!]

He then shut down the computer and followed Sherlock closely.

In the surveillance room of Specter College’s Examination Ground.

Professor Cabbage was in the surveillance room looking at the images in the crystal ball. She saw a team of five Eternal Kingdom gamers fighting an Orc Skeleton.

Though there were five of them, only one was fighting, while four Goblins sat together to chat. Only an Orc fought against the Skeleton Soldier, and he was full of injuries.

After a difficult battle, the Orc managed to defeat the Skeleton Soldier. This was the last Skeleton Soldier in the examination.

The wounded Orc didn’t treat himself. Instead, he joined the group of Goblins in their chatting.

He could have left immediately, but despite the fact that he could lose his life if the wounds worsened, he didn’t. It wasn’t the first time Professor Cabbage witnessed such a thing.

When Professor Cabbage placed her hand on the crystal ball and infused it with her Mana, she heard voices coming from it.

Orc: “Four bosses and the monsters were defeated. Besides the Breastplate, which was booked by the boss of the team, all other pieces of equipment are to be auctioned, starting from a silver coin. Each bid increases by 100 bronze coins.”

Orc: “Anyone bidding for this Helmet?”

Goblin 1: “A silver coin!”

Goblin 2: “1.1 silver coin!”

Orc: “Any further bids? I’ll sell it to you for 1.1 silver coins! Boss, come over for your transaction.”

The equipment bidding continued for ten minutes. When the Orc and the four Goblins completed the equipment auction, the Orc took four items that weren’t sold.

Orc: “Bosses, add me on Wechat if you’re challenging the Instance Dungeon. Message me directly on Wechat. I’ll set up a team for you.”

Goblin 3: “The challenge of the Instance Dungeon went smoothly and efficiently. What’s your Wechat? I’ll add you.”

Goblin 4: “I’ll add you too.”

Goblin 2: “This game should refine the social media system. Though the realism is fantastic, it’s inconvenient to shout for a team at the Instance Dungeon entrance!”

Goblin 1: “Isn’t that good? I don’t find it troublesome!”

The five of them chatted as they walked towards the exit Teleport Portal. The pale Orc looked as though he was dying. In fact, he died as he was stepping into the Teleport Portal. The four Goblins carried him back to Eternal Kingdom.

The Lich graduation examination ended with the death of the Orc gamer.

The two Lich candidates returned dispirited. Professor Cabbage remained silent.

What was wrong with these combatants from Eternal Kingdom? Were they that weird? If Professor Bacon hadn’t gone missing, Professor Cabbage wouldn’t have received such a task. She only invigilated for a few days and saw many strange things. She finally understood why many Lich students failed in their examinations.

These combatants were fearless in combat and had many strange props and weapons. It would be a surprise if the Lich students could defeat them.

She recalled the monthly update of the “Success manual for Specter College’s graduation examination”. At first, she felt that the notes within were hilarious, but on further pondering, they were useful tips!

As Professor Cabbage was invigilating the next examination, she heard footsteps outside. She lifted her head and saw the Black Dragon and Sherlock with his pets standing at the door.

“Good afternoon, Professor Cabbage. It’s late, but you aren’t having lunch yet?”

Sherlock greeted her and walked in as he said, “I heard from the students that you were here, so I came over. I didn’t expect you to be working at this time.”

“Lord Sherlock, if it’s regarding Professor Bacon, don’t worry. He’s probably only helping those poor students,” Professor Cabbage said as she rubbed her forehead to reduce her headache.

“No, I have reason to believe that this isn’t a normal occurrence.”

Sherlock said to Professor Cabbage, “If we don’t make haste, Professor Bacon will die. Even his student Brainiac will be in danger.”

Professor Cabbage looked at Sherlock in disbelief.

“It can’t be…”

“I know that you won’t believe me with just words. I have compiled all of the evidence and images of Professor Bacon’s leads in here. Once you’ve viewed them, I’m sure that you’ll believe my words,” Sherlock said as he handed over an Adamantine rock to Professor Cabbage.

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