Fifty Famous People: Part 29

Who they were, what they were, where they lived,

Aesop Fabulist Greece 550--? B.C.

Alexander King Macedon 356--323 B.C.

Alfred the Great King England 849--901 Al Mansour Caliph Spain 939--1002 Al Mansur Caliph Persia 712--775 Arion Musician Greece 6th Century B.C.

Aristomenes General Greece 685--? B.C.

Bruce, Robert King Sweden 1274--1329 Burritt, Elihu Philanthropist Connecticut 1811--1879 Caedmon Poet England 650--720 (?) Charles XII King Sweden 1682--1718 Coriola.n.u.s General Rome 5th Century B.C.

Cyrus King Persia 6th Century B.C.

Davenport, A. Legislator Connecticut 1715--1780 Everett, Edward Statesman Ma.s.sachusetts 1794--1865 Franklin, Benj. Statesman Pennsylvania 1706--1790 Frederick the Great King Prussia 1712--1786 Fulton, Robert Inventor New York 1765--1815 Gautama Prince India 562--472 B.C.

Giotto, Bondone Painter Italy 1276--1337 Haroun al Raschid Caliph Bagdad 750--809 Henry IV King France 1553--1610 Hogg, James Poet Scotland 1770--1835 Jackson, Andrew President United States 1767--1835 Jefferson, Thos. President United States 1743--1826 Jones, Sir William Scholar England 1746--1794 Lafayette General France 1757--1834 Lee, Robert E. General Virginia 1807--1870 Lincoln, Abraham President United States 1809--1865 Longfellow, H. W. Poet Ma.s.sachusetts 1807--1882 Louis XIV King France 1638--1715 Mamoun Caliph Persia 785--?

Marshall, John Statesman Virginia 1755--1835 Otanes General Persia 6th Century B.C.

Psammeticus King Egypt 7th Century B.C.

Putnam, Israel General Connecticut 1718--1790 Randolph, John Statesman Virginia 1773--1833 Revere, Paul Patriot Ma.s.sachusetts 1735--1818 Richard III King England 1452--1485 St. Francis Saint Italy 1182--1226 Selkirk, Alexander Sailor Scotland 1676--1723 Solomon King Jerusalem 10th Century B.C.

Solon Philosopher Athens 6th Century B.C.

Swift, Jonathan Author Ireland 1667--1745 Tamerlane Conqueror Tartary 1333--1405 Thales Philosopher Miletus 6th Century B.C.

Washington, G. President United States 1732--1799 Webster, Daniel Statesman Ma.s.sachusetts 1782--1852 West, Benjamin Painter Pennsylvania 1738--1820 Zeuxis Painter Greece 5th Century B.C.

A few other famous people mentioned in this volume.

Astyages King Media 6th Century B.C.

Bias Philosopher Priene 6th Century B.C.

Chilon Philosopher Sparta 6th Century B.C.

Cimabue Painter Florence 1240--1302 Cleobulus King Rhodes 6th Century B.C.

Defoe, Daniel Author England 1661--1731 Mazarin Cardinal France 1602--1661 Parrhasius Painter Greece --400 B.C.

Periander King Corinth 6th Century B.C.

Pittacus Philosopher Mitylene 6th Century B.C.

Sheba, The Queen of 10th Century B.C.

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