DIZION: 16 His Elegant Self

Mu Feng heaved a sigh of relief and noticed the sword in Hao Xi's hand. "Whose weapon is that?" Then he threw the sword to the Young Master's direction whose fists were clenched in fury, "There!"

As they stepped down, a young man from the executionees kowtowed to Mu Feng. "Your Highness from DongTian kingdom, thank you for saving my little life!!"

She nonchalantly replied, "I didn't save you... I…"

"No, Your Highness. You saved my life. I owe my life to you." He kept his head low as he expressed his grat.i.tude.

A while ago, she wasn't really thinking of going too far and saving these grown-ups' lives, however, there were children, so she stopped hesitating and proceeded to the platform. She supported the executionee, "Alright, alright. Get up."

As they paced, the young man still followed them. "Your Highness, can I just be your servant?"

Her Highness didn't need a servant, for real. But of course, she couldn't just push this young man away. "You don't want to be here anymore?" The young man only nodded his head.

"What's your name?" she inquired.

The executionee paused for a moment before he answered, "Tan Huang."

She thought this name was familiar, "Wait, you… You used to cultivate in Mt. ZhuXintai right?" Tan Huang felt slightly ashamed, "Yes, Your Highness. I entered the mountain the same year as you."

Mu Feng examined her appearance and aura. Feeling no spiritual energy from him, she wondered. "How did you end up like this?"

Tan Huang admitted, "I underwent Qi Deviation."

When they were in Mt. ZhuXintai, students have always wanted to speed up their cultivation and pushed out of their way for it. Some of the impatient ones had their cultivation destroyed and this young man was one of them.

"I'm sorry." Mu Feng felt bad for asking.

Cheng Qiu and Fan Zhan came back. The former held her arms and examined her, "Your Highness, what happened? Did he hurt you?"

The latter, realizing she had no injuries, sighed in relief. "Mu Gongzhu, I transported them to our shelter."

"I want to see them.." but then she realized Lai Yin couldn't be seen anywhere, "Where's Lai Yin?"

Cheng Qiu pointed at the blue-clad young man fanning on the side, "He hanged out with this Young Master's servant. They were near the river."

Mu Feng glanced at the Young Master, secretly admiring his elegant air. She asked, "What are they doing there?"

Cheng Qiu pulled the young man and presented him, "This young master could explain."

"f.u.c.king let go of my elegant self. You weird-a.s.s group don't even know who I am!!" He shook his sleeve of non-existing specks of dust and was even more infuriated. After hearing the way he spoke, Mu Feng's admiration for the Young Master faded on a spur of the moment.

One moment, he's fabulously elegant. The next second, he's like a spoiled brat enraged because of candy.

The group was honestly curious since they saw him. He was dressed in exquisitely fabricated clothes, had sapphire gemstones everywhere in his sleeve and his belt was glimmering silver. Furthermore, his face was extremely beautiful, skin pale as snow and soft as baby skin. Mu Feng gleefully inquired, "Who are you then?"

The young master has been annoyed by this group ever since they began messing with the execution. First of all, he had planned to show off his fine skills by rescuing innocent fellows on the execution platform but these Fan Zhan and Mu Feng just f.u.c.king stole the show and attention of people from him. Then, this extremely unpredictable Hao Xi took his sword like his own and tried to fight against a boss. Now, he's being pulled like trash by this Cheng Qiu. How could he not be exasperated of this group who came out of nowhere??

The young master gritted his teeth, crossed his arms, placed his fan in his chest and confidently exclaimed, "Don't you ever forget the name of my elegant self fellows. I am the crown prince of the XiDe kingdom… "


"Yu Xiao."

The group fell silent, devoid of what to say. XiDe was a small yet wealthy kingdom ruling the west. And the family ruling that territory is none other than the Yu Clan. Later, Lai Yin and the Young Master's servant came back. "Your Highness!" They called, both at the same time. The former was perplexed, but the latter was even more confused. But most importantly, Yu Xiao felt his face being buried under the mud.

Such a revelation!!!

Mu Feng cleared her throat, "Forgive our rudeness, Your Highness Yu Taizi. I thought there'd be no way another monarch would be here.." But Yu Xiao just lost a ton of face alright? He shamelessly boasted all that with a vile att.i.tude about his status as a crown prince when the other party was the same.

"Your Highness, I.. From which kingdom are you?" Of course, he could only ask to cure his ignorance. Mu Feng gave him a smile and said, "I'm from DongTian kingdom, Mu Feng Gongzhu."

Yu Xiao swallowed his saliva, this crown prince went speechless. DongTian of the east was known to be the most peaceful and prosperous out of the Four Great Kingdoms. His servant walked up to him, "Your Highness, I have prepared a place to stay while we wait for the night." '

Mu Feng got instantly inquisitive, "What's going to happen tonight?" Cheng Qiu elbowed her lightly and whispered, "Your Highness, we shall not meddle in…"

But she's merely curious, "I won't meddle in, I'm just asking."

Yu Xiao explained, "These past few weeks, there had been nights when the river that flows from JingHai to XiDe kingdom had blood mixed in it as if a ma.s.s murder happens on some nights, and my elegant self came here to investigate the matter personally."

Mu Feng was even more intrigued now, "Can we go with you?" He gazed at her in hesitance before downheartedly agreeing, "Fine!"

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