Being Cinderella's Evil Stepsister: 50 Ning Bi Yu's Visit I


Drizella almost kick up a fuss by blabbering her mouth off to Tang LiWei.

Her voice was deep and sounded robotic, "Marry... a... prince..."

If the original Xuehau heard this, she wouldn't hesitant to say 'I would like to marry the crown prince!'

However, she wasn't that Xuehau and didn't have a relationship with the crown prince: "Let's talk about this after the punishment. I don't even know if I would survive through all the punishments or how long it will take. I wouldn't want the princes to wait a lifetime for me when they don't even know anything about me. And I believe marriage is base on an understanding of each other."

Saying what she wants, Drizella give a quick bow and storm of through the door.

Tang LiWei glance to the side where the bookshelve is. He said, "What do you think?"

Thinking the emperor was talking to him, the eunuch voice out his thoughts, "The young miss Bai seemed so respectful in the beginning but who would thought she is two-faced. Addressing herself as 'this one' and then 'I'. She isn't suited to marry one of the princes."

Tang LiWei: "Did we ask for your opinion."

The enunch was scared s.h.i.tless that he crawl back and shut his mouth.

"What that eunuch said isn't wrong. Yun Xuehau is someone who is arrogant and selfish through and through. What do father even see in someone like her."

"We think that she has change from what you said. Before in front of us, she was like a little mouse that can't stop shivering when confronted with its predator. But, now she's a little mouse that have tricks up her sleeves to avoid its predator. She wasn't even afraid of threatening us to get what she wants. To add, she was the one to save your sister."

Tang LiWei's words made the crown Prince Tang Qin crease his brows as he thought about what Bai Xuehau said before 'they have feelings and a heart too like everyone else' and her recent behavior. Bai Xuehau seemed like usual yet at the same time not.


Drizella touches the little kid's forehead and compare it with hers.

Drizella: "He seems to be running a fever. Xiao Lizi bring me a basket of hot water and two towels. Xiao Mimi send a message back to... Yu... Yue Liang Mountain to stay on guard and be cautious. Also get me a change of clothes for him and medicine"

"Young miss, here is the hot water and towels you want," Xiao Lizi said.

Drizella dip the towel in the water and twist the towel as it rain water droplets back into the basket.

She wept down the boy's upper body with the towel and apply medicine onto his back before she was pulled away by Xiao Lizi. She look at Xiao Lizi then at Xiao Mimi.

Xiao Mimi's mouth was wide open and her eyes were popping open with horror written on her face. Xiao Lizi's face was beat red as she tried to hide her face.

"... What?"

"Y..Young miss, it's not courtesy to touch a man's naked body unless you two are wed."

Drizella now understood the two's reactions. She said, "It's fine. We are master and disciple. It is the master's job to care for the disciple."

She hold Shen Yuan in a sitting position to bandage him and put a new shirt on him. She place another wet towel on his forehead and call it done. Drizella was admiring her work (on Shen Yuan) that she didn't notice the redness on Shen Yuan's face.

The other two who were in the room couldn't stop her decision when she have already made up her mind. They could only sigh and shake their head, hoping that Shen Yuan wasn't conscious throughout the whole process.

Drizella instructed Xiao Lizi to stay behind and regularly change the towel on Shen Yuan's forehead before she exist the room with Xiao Mimi.

Standing before her was a group of maid and the girl dressed in white. Her complexion looked deadly pale but there was still a smile on her lip as she greeted Drizella.

Drizella return her greeting, "Does Miss Ning need me for something."

"Aren't you going to invite my young miss in. Don't you see how pale my miss is from waiting for you," the maid next to Ning Bi Yu said arrogantly.

Drizella kept a smile on her face, "Please explain why this is my fault? Miss Ning is known for having a sickly body, why would she want to meet me in this cold weather? Isn't it better for a maid to inform me and I visit her, be better, instead of her waiting? The other way works too, when arriving, inform me so I can welcome everyone inside and no need to wait for trouble to come. Miss Ning knows what is best for her body more than anyone."

The maid was baffled and wanted to shout and accuse more.

"Besides, a maid shouldn't be so arrogant. Learn from your miss. Don't you see the elegence and composure of your miss. Try adopting your miss's manner or others would say that your miss doesn't know how to teach her servants," Drizella finish her sentences and gesture them to enter.
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Ning Bi Yu: "Sorry for my maid's rude behavior. And sorry for waiting out here for Miss Yun to finish. I didn't want to cause trouble at all."

Drizella: "I don't blame Miss Ning but if Miss Ning keep saying that, it looks like I am blaming you. I just want Miss Ning to understand your conditions."

Drizella and Ning Bi Yu both sit down in the courtyard Tang LiWei provided for her as a guest.

Xiao Lizi who was supposed to watch over Shen Yuan came in with a set of tea. She pour two cups of tea before standing to the side with Xiao Mimi.

"What did Miss Ning come for?"

Ning Bi Yu sip the tea in front of her gracefully before smiling and voicing out, "Yun Xuehau doesn't have to be so formal with me. We are of the same age and generation... being so formal give me gooseb.u.mps."

Drizella thought 'No wonder she is the Crown prince's favorite. Beautiful, weak, sweet talker with an innocent smile and appearance. To add, she give this vibe that makes men what to protect.'

Drizella said, "Allow me to correct myself. What did Ning Bi Yu come for?"

Ning Bi Yu: "I heard that you are taking your disciple's punishment for him. Is that true?"

Drizella: "Where did you hear that from?"

Ning Bi Yu: "It... It's just rumors flying around."

Drizella: "How could there be rumors going around when the Heavenly Emperor haven't pa.s.s the decree."

Ning Bi Yu didn't know what to say. She can't say that the sixth prince told her after she coerce him. It would make her seem unfaithful to the crown prince. The Heavenly Emperor haven't made a decree yet and only told the princes so there can't be rumors that haven't reach his ears.

She said with a little shakiness to her voice, "An... Anyway, please be careful of others taking advantage of the situation to make everything worst."

Drizella pour tea into her dry cup before going on, "Speaking of making everything worst. There is an issue we need to solve concerning the maid by your side."

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