Aloof CEO's; Charming Secretary: 596 We Never Had Any Pets.

Sky never liked to ask permission from anybody excluding her family and friends and it would still depend on the matter. So it was always her plan to skip away from shareholder's meeting.

Even if they object, she had her ways to make them agree or she could just toss them away from the board of shareholders which would make them a simple shareholder to attend the anniversary day for dinner.

VP laughed heartily and got up. "You are the boss."

He paused looking at Arlo, "May I ask a personal question to our President?"

"I will try my best to answer." Even though she had a good relationship with him, she would never agree to say everything.

"Are you two dating?" VP asked glancing at Arlo who was on the couch with his laptop.

Arlo who also heard it glanced at Sky. The latter smiled at him as she responded to VP, "He is my husband."

VP was stunned for a few seconds. He knew Arlo's ident.i.ty and due to David, he never spoke about it.

"He will continue to work as my secretary" Sky added.

Arlo spoke looking at his laptop when she finished, "VP knows my ident.i.ty."

"Oh! He will still continue to work as my secretary in Harley corporation." Sky mentioned again.

VP laughed at their childish comments at each other. He knew Sky won't merge companies or publicize their relationship so he didn't continue asking about it.

"Congratulations Madam President Smith. I will keep going then."

VP sounded livelier.

Arlo added, "President Harley is also My Personal secretary in Sigma."

Mr.Sen laughed, "Secretaries of each other. Interesting. So you are working remotely from Sigma."

Sky nodded at VP and glared at Arlo, 'Is that required? And I'm not working as your secretary.'

'am I?'

After some more small talk, VP left.

Sky held Arlo's neck as if she was trying to strangle. There few were laughing off when they were switching between screens and saw them.

Arlo's one move made Sky fall on his lap from where she ran off. She was still level headed to remember about the camera.

She was later taken to the Smith mansion instead of Harley where they would be spending the weekend.

Arlo drove more than two miles from the gate to reach the entrance of the mansion.

She was awestruck after getting a glimpse of the mansion. But next second she thought, 'am I restricting their lifestyle?'

Harley mansion wasn't small but Smith mansion was more than twice to its size. It was more like a contemporary palace.

It was five floored where the entrance to it was on the third floor and ground two-floor had vehicle parking as the wall made of gla.s.s which Sky saw from far.

The extended part of the ground two floors had a Tennis play area with viewers section that picked Sky's interest as she never tried it. Below it had a line of lounges for sunbath. Behind it had gla.s.s walls but before she could get a glimpse of the inside, their car moved ahead.

The left side was the path to go car garage but Arlo took straight towards the entrance. She saw many maids and every worker who had different uniforms according to their work lined up outside the entrance.

A large fountain looked beautiful and it was the biggest that she had seen till the date in country A, the capital city.

Arlo stopped the car and a guard opened the door for Sky. She alighted after glancing at Arlo. He held her hand and proudly introduced her as Young Madam and his wife. Sky looked behind and around with her aloof state.

All greeted her as a Young Madam. Sky merely nodded as she was still confused and she couldn't say anything to nearly seventy plus people who were bowing at her.

Arlo was taking her in, Sky who was completely mute with complex thoughts suddenly screamed and circled Arlo.

All were flabbergasted.

Arlo carried her up easily and saw her breathing a sigh of relief. "Are you that scared of a Dog?" He asked politely.

"I'm scared of most of the animals. So we never had any pets."

That's why she didn't have the guts to learn horse riding.

A guard took the dog away. It was the only dog out of ten which Arlo, personally looked after well for many years. Now, it wouldn't count anymore for him as Sky was scared.

All maids were in awe looking at Arlo gentleman's behavior with Sky. They were envious of Sky who entered the mansion in princess carry by their charming scary owner.

All maids went to their quarters and all guards continued their work as ordered by Arlo.

Arlo put her down after entering the living area and noticed her troubled expression. He cupped her face and asked. "What's wrong?"

"I have changed your, grandmother and Ryan's lifestyle. Do you guys want to live here? I... I..."

Arlo pulled her to embrace. "I didn't bring you here to think all that. Where we are living in is our home."

Sky tightened her hands around him. How much ever lavishly and luxurious Smith mansion looked, she still wanted to be in Harley mansion if she has to stay in the capital. Given an option, she would happily go to the Barton Mansion.

But she didn't want Arlo and others to deteriorate their lifestyle because of her likes and dislikes.

Arlo continued, "Ryan and Grandmother like our home than being here. Do you know why is it?"

Sky looked at him as she didn't have a certain response.

"Our main focuses while constructing this mansion was Safety and other materialistic things."

"We were trying to find a home but it was still a house with maids and us. Everything here was just professionally made which only money mattered. But how you have designed and took care of everything at home isn't just professional, it gives the sense of coziness and feel of the home. A home is where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends."

Sky was very touched hearing him call Harley Mansion as 'our home'. "You aren't just saying it because of me. Are you?" Sky asked uncertainly.

Arlo pressed his lips on her forehead before saying, "You can ask Darling and Ryan, they will tell the same or maybe even better than me. And... we can consider here as a vacation house."

'House? Palace. No No. castle suits better.'

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