Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao: Chapter 920 - Beating

Chapter 920: Beating Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“How dare you!!” Xiang Chengyun reprimanded immediately.

Disturbing the Left Minister would cause all of them to be severely punished.

Yet Ling Han turned a deaf ear to his rebuke. His complete focus was on the Six Techniques Return to One. Even if the other man's voice was as loud as thunder or shook the earth with its reverberation, he would not know, either, what more when Xiang Chengyun was only verbally reprimanding him like now.

The Left Minister only spread out his hand and stopped Xiang Chengyun, though. An expression of surprise appeared on his face.

This was a state of enlightenment!

For cultivators, enlightenment could even be considered their utmost important fated opportunity.

What was enlightenment?

A dilemma that you could not understand no matter how hard you thought about it during normal times would suddenly be resolved and understood. Or, in other words, you would gain some idea of the outline, or a hint, when it was possible that you might understand completely.

The understanding belonged to the individual.

There were indeed alchemical pills or Divine Fruits that could aid one in understanding something, but they would only provide aid. It was not a guarantee of success.

The moment you went into enlightenment, there could be an improvement in your cultivation that had stagnated for a dozen hundred thousand years.

For example, in the case of the Left Minister, he currently was at the peak of the minor levels of the Heavenly Body Tier, but without a special fated opportunity, it was possible that he would not be able to advance into the middle levels in this lifetime.

What he lacked was merely a sliver of enlightenment.

Seeing Ling Han sink into a state of enlightenment, even the Left Minister could not help but feel a hint of jealousy. If he could also experience enlightenment, perhaps he would be in the middle levels of the Heavenly Body Tier ten years or a hundred years later.

Even if it looked like just a gap of a minor cultivation level, breaching this step was no less than crossing the distance from the ground to the clouds, and one's battle prowess would increase by at least tenfold.

He could not help but smile in spite of himself; he actually became jealous of a little cultivator in the Shattering Void Tier.

However, it was actually nothing good to enter enlightenment too early. That was because the G.o.ds would definitely not favor one person too heavily and always allow them to enter into enlightenment. Usually, even a genius would only encounter one or two chances of entering into enlightenment in his lifetime, and one with nature-defying good luck would have this kind of opportunity only four to five times at most.

Hence, the higher the cultivation level when one experienced the time of enlightenment, the more valuable this chance naturally would be.

Xiang Chengyun could not help but look shocked and jealous. The Lord Left Minister actually waited on the sidelines for Ling Han to awaken? What kind of treatment was that?

In the whole world, only one person would be qualified to have the Lord Left Minister wait.

… The Empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire!

Now, a mere Shattering Void Tier cultivator would actually have that kind of special treatment, so how could Xiang Chengyun not feel shocked and jealous?

This moment of enlightenment lasted for about two hours.

Ling Han's eyes suddenly snapped open, and he looked like he wished to continue. He had had great enough improvement on Six Techniques Return to One, but he had awoken slightly too early from enlightenment, and had not reached the level of perfection.

Once he came back to his senses, he realized that he had sat down cross-legged in enlightenment at a really inopportune time. He hurriedly stood, and saw that the Left Minister was presently looking smilingly at him, whereas Xiang Chengyun was wooden and expressionless, exuding an air of coldness that would make others keep a respectful distance.

“I suddenly had a flash of comprehension, and completely forgot everything else. I ask for Lord Left Minister's forgiveness for my disrespect,” Ling Han said politely.

“It's all right!” The Left Minister was still very magnanimous. How could one who could ascend to as high a position as he, and cultivate to this kind of high cultivation level, be anyone ordinary? He cast a look at Xiang Chengyun, and said, “Chengyun, leave us first.”

Xiang Chengyun was initially stunned; then, he practically could not believe his ears.

Lord Left Minister actually had something that he was going to keep hidden from him?

Moreover, he wanted to speak privately with Ling Han!

Xiang Chengyun was already jealous of Ling Han, but now his jealousy naturally reached its peak. But no matter how arrogant he acted due to the Left Minister's favor, he did not dare disobey the Left Minister's words. He merely said a word of a.s.sent, then turned and left.

But the instant his eyes swept over Ling Han, an incredibly cold chill appeared in his gaze.

Ling Han could not help but feel baffled; he had offended him just like that?

After Xiang Chengyun had left, the Left Minister picked up the shears once more and began tr.i.m.m.i.n.g the flower pot.

He did not speak, so Ling Han would naturally not take the initiative to ask. He stood on one side, hands at his sides.

After a good while, the Left Minister finally put down the shears, and asked casually, “Weiwei has been helping you do business recently?”

These words… could either be taken seriously or lightly.

If they were to be taken lightly, the issue would be settled with a smile. But if they were to be taken seriously… You actually had the daughter of the Left Minister do errands for you, who did you think you were?

Ling Han paused for a moment, then answered, “Indeed, I have been doing some business with the Fourth Young Miss and Miss Ji. The two young misses are only interested because of its novelty, and think that it's fun.”

The Left Minister laughed, and said, “Looking at the energy that girl is br.i.m.m.i.n.g with, it does not seem just like playing around. Instead, she seems to be very enthusiastic.”

“No matter what the Fourth Young Miss does, she has always been serious,” Ling Han offered a word of compliment.

The Left Minister could not help but laugh loudly. He certainly knew that these words of Ling Han were not to be believed, but the daughter he doted on the most was this youngest daughter of his, so hearing these words naturally made him greatly pleased. He nodded, and said, “It's rare that this girl would focus on doing something, I feel very gratified.”

Ling Han released a breath of relief internally. This matter was now over and done with; the Left Minister would not look into his fault for “making use” of Li Weiwei.

Ai, he was obviously letting Li Weiwei become rich with him, so why did the situation now seem like it was Li Weiwei that was doing him a favor?

From this, it could see how skilled Ling Han was in handling matters. If it was anyone else, he would definitely be in fear and trepidation, and prostrate himself in front of Li Weiwei in utter grat.i.tude.

The Left Minister once again picked up the shears. As he trimmed, he said carelessly, “Weiwei has just about reached the age suitable for marriage. However, I am very worried, and fear that she would be fooled due to her young age.”

Ling Han could not help his heart throbbing loudly. Although the Left Minister had not clearly pointed fingers, he was obviously talking about him.

It looked like the fact that he had been too close with Li Weiwei these days caused the Left Minister to feel displeased.

No matter how monstrous the talent that Ling Han showed was, his current cultivation level was really too low, so how could he be a suitable match for the princess of the Left Minister's Residence? Even if there was just a sliver of a chance, the Left Minister wanted to nip it in the bud.

“One that can be a suitable match for Fourth Young Miss would have to be one of the n.o.ble young masters of the Seven Generals at the very least,” Ling Han said. This could be considered his expressing his stand on this matter.

The Left Minister was very pleased. This person from a small world was very clever; he merely needed a little hint, and would understand everything. He paused for a while, then said, “Every ten years, the three great Majestic Empires would carry out a compet.i.tion; there are two rounds for the Shattering Void Tier and Mountain River Tier, respectively. This year, the compet.i.tion for the Shattering Void Tier would be conducted. Every empire would send out 10 people, who would take turns to defend their position. The first one to have all 10 defeated would be placed last, whereas the one that can last until the end would be ranked first.”

He looked at Ling Han, and said, “You will battle on behalf of the Left Minister's Residence.”

F*ck, it was obvious he was being asked to work here, so why did the Left Minister still look like it was Ling Han who had been done a favor?

However, he presently had also been labelled with the sign of the Left Minister's Residence. Then, if the Left Minister wanted him to do something, how could it be that it was necessary to still ask his opinion? He was a mere Shattering Void Tier cultivator!

“Yes!” Ling Han nodded.

“However, this matter involves the pride of a whole empire. Even if I nominate you, you may not get through.” The Left Minister then said, “Hence, you have to defeat all other compet.i.tors to obtain the honor of representing the empire in battle.”

“Yes!” Ling Han said, but he thought, ‘If I could help the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire get first place, would I get some kind of reward?'

Since the Left MInister had mentioned that this matter concerned the pride of a whole Empire, then the rewards given for attaining the first place shouldn't be too unpresentable, right?

With such thoughts, Ling Han found his motivation.

“You may leave!” The Left Minister waved him away.

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