Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao: Chapter 1141 - Fly

Chapter 1141: Fly

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Because they were too far away, Ling Han could not hear what the two people were saying. He could only see that the green-robed young man kept bothering Shui Yanyu, and Shui Yanyu was coldly ignoring him.

He had not seen her for two years, and Shui Yanyu was still as beautiful as she had been. However, she now had a coldness to her that would keep others away, like she was a beauty of ice.

But she was the lovely type of woman, so this gave her a feeling of arrogance. She had the bearing of a queen indeed, with a bit of the type of appeal that the Empress Luan Xing possessed.

Ling Han couldn’t help but feel startled. He actually thought of Empress Luan Xing again!

The charm of this empress was really too powerful; he kept thinking of her now and then.

Ling Han shook his head, and chased out the voluptuous, enchanting figure of Empress Luan Xing from his mind. To think of another woman in front of Shui Yanyu was not something good.

He strode over. His wife was being targeted by a detestably fly, so he naturally had to run over to become her knight in shining armor.

Because they were walking towards each other, the distance between the two sides naturally became closer very soon.

“… Junior Sister Shui, why don’t we go to the Northern Goshawk Gorge later? I heard that a G.o.dly medicine has appeared there, and a great many people have already gone there to try their luck!” The green-robed young man’s voice floated over.

“Bi Hua, how many times have I told you? Don’t follow me!” Shui Yanyu uttered coldly. She raised her right hand, and frost formed over her hand. She was really angered now.

The beauty was fierce, but it did not cause any feeling of disgust. Instead, it added some charm to her.

The eyes of the green-robed young man lit up involuntarily. From the moment this beautiful flower had entered into the sect, he had already had his eye on her. And due to his “abuse of authority”, there was naturally no one that would compete with him. She was already his exclusive property to him.

Unfortunately, this seductive beauty would not show a smile to him at all, causing him to be disappointed, but stoking the flames of his fighting spirit at the same time. He was determined to pluck this snowy lotus and have her smile warmly for him.

HIs heart throbbed, and he felt an urge to push this beauty down.

“Hey, hey, hey. Your eyeb.a.l.l.s are about to fall out!” Ling Han walked forward, and placed himself between the two of them without any explanation.

Shui Yanyu immediately looked disgusted, and hurried to take a few steps back. She detested Bi Hua, but this did not mean that she would be close with another man.

Bi Hua, though, was angered. Who did you think you were, to actually dare to interfere in his business?

He coughed, and said, “Junior Brother looks quite unfamiliar. Which Uncle are you under 1 ?”

In the Majestic Heaven Sect, ordinary disciples and key disciples would both be taken in by an elite of the Sun Moon Tier. However, they would address him as “Teacher”, and not “Master”. Of course, if both sides were happy with the other, their relationship could progress further, and develop into a master-disciple relationship.

However, seeded prodigies did not fall under this restriction. These people would get the personal guidance of Heavenly Body Tier elites, and there was no fixed they were under. Whichever Heavenly Body Tier cultivator had free time would come and offer his guidance. Even Venerable Trinity himself would show up occasionally.

Ling Han cracked a grin, and said, “What junior brother, do you have any eyes? I am your senior brother!”

Bi Hua was enraged. He himself was a key disciple. If he was not, he would not be able to intimidate so many disciples and “monopolize” Shui Yanyu. Just looking at Ling Han, he did not have any sign marking him as a seed, and he recognized all the key disciples. Hence, there was only one possibility, and it was that Ling Han was just a normal disciple.

In the Majestic Heaven Sect, the hierarchy was still quite strict.

…No matter how high the cultivation level of an ordinary disciple was, as long as their major tier was the same, they would have to address key disciples and seeded disciples as senior brother or senior sister disciple. Of course, it was the same for key disciples. They would have to be humble in front of seed disciples.

You were both in the Mountain River Tier, and you, an ordinary disciple, actually dared to call yourself a senior brother in front of a key disciple like himself? To put it more seriously, this was practically treason!

“How dare you!!” Bi Hua’s expression darkened.

There were pa.s.sersby in the proximity, and when they saw that there was a free show, they naturally stopped walking. They began to watch the show and even started a commentary, providing a detailed a.n.a.lysis of Bi Hua’s ident.i.ty and battle prowess.

Ling Han asked, “What is it? Are you unconvinced?”

“Convinced your head!” Bi Hua made his move, and delivered an attack at Ling Han.

Hong , his fist punched out, his fist power forming a black wolf, which galloped towards Ling Han.

It was formed from Origin Power, with his martial intent condensed within. Over 30 divine patterns could be seen flickering, which showed that even if he had not used his full effort in this blow, he had at least used 70-80%. After all, he was only a key disciple, so how many divine patterns could he form in any case?

Ling Han pretended to be fl.u.s.tered, and shot out more than 10 punches in a row to disperse this strike.

“Yi, who is this? Though he dispersed this strike with great difficulty, to be able to disperse the strike of a key disciple is proof that his abilities are very strong!”

“That’s right. Bi Hua has already reached the peak stage of the consummate level, and this person could not possibly be at an advantage in terms of cultivation level, so all he has to rely on is his actual abilities.”

“Yi, do we have this kind of disciple on our Black Water Peak?”

They all looked at one another, and shook their heads.

When Bi Hua saw that he had the upper hand with this strike, he had naturally lost his qualms. This was also what he had expected. In a situation where both sides were of the same cultivation level, how could an ordinary disciple be a match for a key disciple? Otherwise, what was the point of splitting them up into ordinary and key disciples?

He continued to release powerful moves, each strike severe.

Ling Han merely defended without attacking. He deliberately made it so he cut a slightly sorry figure to avoid Shui Yanyu being able to infer anything. True enough, this seductive beauty did not recognize him at all. Although she kept watching from the sidelines, she did not reveal any obvious inclination which side she was leaning towards.

In Shui Yanyu’s eyes, he stepped up on his own, most probably because he, too, coveted her beauty.

Abruptly, Ling Han had no interest to continue playing with Bi Hua—comparing playing with a man and playing with his wife, which one was more interesting?


His fist landed on Bi Hua’s face, and the latter was suddenly sent flying.


Seeing this scene, the people in the surrounding area were all dumbstruck, and gaped in shock.

That was Bi Hua, a key disciple!

This had to be a coincidence, everyone thought. Otherwise, how could someone with Bi Hua’s abilities possibly have been struck with this blow?

Even Bi Hua thought so. One punch from the other had suddenly penetrated his defenses, causing him to be unable to parry in time. He could only watch helplessly as he was. .h.i.t. He leaped up from the ground, and charged back over at Ling Han with a loud shout.

Peng, peng, peng, peng . Another several exchanges later, Bi Hua’s lower abdomen was. .h.i.t with a kick, and he was sent flying.

Was it another coincidence?

A muscle twitched in Bi Hua’s cheek. He charged back again, but he was once more sent flying with a slap in just a few moves.

This time, everyone could tell there was something off.

How could there be so many coincidences that would cause Bi Hua to suffer time after time?

“Hehe, what are you all watching?” A newcomer rushed over, and stuck his head out to look over curiously. However, when he saw the two sides that were fighting, he involuntarily choked with laughter.

“What is it?” someone beside him asked.

“Hahaha, Bi Hua is seeking his own humiliation here!” That person laughed loudly. “This senior brother is the super genius that was taken in as a seed as an exception yesterday. He managed to smash even Senior Sister Disciple Gan Shiyun’s G.o.ddess Furnace with brute force!”

Pu , everyone spurted out.

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